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Streamline and automate the selling process of complex, configurable products and services to minimize errors, increase revenue, and improve satisfaction.

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When you have a lot of options, choose the solution with a proven track record.

Customers want choice – and control – whether they’re purchasing a relatively simple, inexpensive item for personal use or a multi-million dollar, highly specialized piece of equipment for a modern, sophisticated production facility. What’s common in both these purchases is that the desired item is configurable. And with configurability comes complexity and complication.

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a solution that automates virtually every step of the configure, price, and quote process to help you overcome complexity, reduce costs, and generate more revenue. It creates a faster, easier, more accurate, and more consistent buying experience for your customers and partners across all of your touchpoints: web, call center, store, and field sales. It removes the internal complexity of multi-tiered selling within the organization and with external business partners.

With this solution, companies can easily create Web storefronts, offer dynamic catalog and pricing information, and enforce complex pricing strategies. It enables customers to find, configure, and order the right products and services, quickly and easily, via self-service.  It ensures that the pricing they receive is accurate and that quotes can be quickly transformed into orders.

As a result, they’ll reduce selling costs, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance their ability to capture market share. 

Choices for customers become challenges for you.

This is an age of customization. We have choices in everything – which can complicate the sales process and increase the risk of error. But as difficult as it may be, the trend is toward even greater customization…on more things, in more industries. And, to make it even more challenging, customers expect to be instantaneously provided with customized quotes for these options.

How many of these do you grapple with each day as you work diligently to provide personalized services and products to your customers?

  • Configuration can be confounding.
  • Pricing is problematic.
  • Quotes are questionable.
  • It’s hard for customers to change or add options to configured products
  • Manual catalog searches are tedious, error-prone, and frustrating
  • You have poor control over special pricing, promotions, and rebates
  • Updates to products and pricing models are made manually
  • Reseller productivity is negatively impacted by complexity
  • Post-sales service is time-consuming.
  • You struggle with pricing delays and long cycle times
  • Manual order placement by downstream partners (VARs, retailers, distributors) leads to errors.
  • Lack of brand “stickiness” in downstream channels
  • Lack of demand visibility in multi-tiered channels.
  • Inconsistent processes among the various channels lead to the creation of different quotes, causing customer confusion.
  • Delays in quoting result in lost or missed sales
  • Difficulty in getting an accurate quote impacts customer satisfaction
  • Lack of visibility into the configure-price-quote process prevents makes it difficult to address problems and improve performance.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software cannot adequately address many complex selling, configuration, and quoting requirements. Moreover, multi-channel, n-tiered distribution models – which are very common in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, industrial, and electronics – are not easily enabled with ERP.

A more specialized solution is needed, and IBM provides it with IBM Sterling CPQ. The Lightwell team is skilled with this solution and can help you accelerate its benefits.

IBM Sterling CPQ enables companies to transform how they sell complex products and services

  • Streamline and standardize processes across every channel.
  • Provide self-service, visibility, and control to customers, partners, and business users.
  • Simplify the management and maintenance of complex order processes
  • Expand your aftermarket parts and service businesses.
  • Adapt quickly to accelerate time-to-revenue and gain market share.
  • Standardize and automate the order capture, quote, pricing, and approvals process.
  • Eliminate manual pricing processes with a centralized system that enforces pricing consistency and automates pricing changes.
  • Enforce product and service ordering policies across all sales channels.
  • Tailor pricing for specific customers, product lines, and market segments.
  • Monitor processes and initiate alerts when manual intervention is required.


  • Improve efficiencies, reduce delays, and eliminate errors in:
    • Solution configuration
    • Pricing and quoting
    • Order capture and service.
  • Improve the productivity of sales representatives, customer service representatives, and partners by streamlining the creation and negotiation of quotes.
  • Reduce call center volumes to decrease expensive and slow human interaction.
  • Provide personalized workspaces for customers to manage virtually all order, invoice, and return activities.
  • Enable customers and partners to select, configure, price, and order offerings.
  • Tailor service contracts to product lines and market segments.
  • Provide up-to-the-minute order status, history, and activity reports, plus actionable information from embedded analytics.


  • Increase ease for customers and partners to find, select, and order individual parts or entire assemblies.
  • Gain more control of the quote process with visibility into the quoting cycle from opportunity through order placement.
  • Enhanced customer service and strengthened relationships with customers and partners.
  • Acquire insights that enhance decision-making throughout the process.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and capture of market share by becoming easier to do business with.
  • A user-friendly interface makes it easier to configure complex products and services​.
  • Configure the flow of processes from end-to-end using Process Modeling.
  • Monitor business events and exceptions, alerting individuals when manual intervention is required.
  • Define and execute rules and prprocessesor negotiating deals and protecting margin.
  • Define pricing rules, promotions, manual adjustments, and more.
  • Create and manage product catalogs, entitlements, and bundles.
  • Simplify maintenance and usage of configuration rules with a robust configuration engine.
  • Leverage input from a logically structured data source to define the configurator model.
  • Integrate with virtually any ERP or fulfillment system through SOA and out-of-the-box adapters.


  • Save time and money through easier implementation and lower cost to maintain
  • Achieve greater control of processes.
  • Leverage your existing ERP installation.
  • Start small and grow vertically and horizontally​ with a scalable solution.
  • Give more control to business users with a solution that requires no developer skills to use.
  • Streamline management and IT-related costs.
  • Create customer-specific product bundles such as fixed assemblies or kits, accompanied by interactive parts diagrams to support specific aftermarket requirements.
  • Provide comprehensive support for spare parts business from parts search and selection to the partners ordering process, including order status and returns.


  • Enable customers to perform post-order service transactions.
  • Drive the aftermarket business and increase revenue.
  • Quickly introduce new web storefronts for business lines, brands, and channels.
  • Leverage Business Intelligence to predict, capture, and track order metrics across a variety of dimensions, including customer, segment, geography, industry.
  • Quickly add new options, new packages, and new channel introductions.
  • Centralize and accelerate the creation, change, and communication of product pricing data.


  • React faster to changes in the market.
  • Make better decisions that drive your core end-to-end selling and fulfillment processes.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Facilitate innovation and expansion.

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote expedites a complicated process.
Lightwell consultants make it quick and easy to benefit.

IBM Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) executes, automates, and tracks your configure-price-quote process consistently across all your channels. It enables you to transform the way you sell complex products and services – making it faster and easier for customers to buy from you – so you can capture market share and reduce selling costs.

The sheer genius of this solution is that it transforms a highly complex, dynamic, and error-prone configure-price-quote process into a simple, streamlined, and accurate one that optimizes selling through your website, call center, store, field sales, and channels.

Our team has extensive experience with omnichannel order management solutions, including Sterling CPQ. We’ve helped many organizations like your own implement new techniques for succeeding in today’s demanding marketplace. Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll guide you through a fast and effective implementation process, drawing on our extensive experience with IBM Sterling products in virtually every industry – with clients throughout the world.

Our team leverages our industry, business, and technology skills, combined with the strength of IBM, to deliver exceptional value for you. We offer a full range of order management consulting services to help you get the most from your investments. We’re an IBM Platinum Business Partner and were granted the prestigious IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year Award.

Learn more about our comprehensive order management consulting services and innovative order management software and solutions.

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Let us help you achieve the benefits of CPQ.

Find out how we can help you eliminate complexity and errors, improve company and partner performance, and give your customers a far more satisfying experience. 

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote provides the streamlined, accurate processes needed to deliver a consistent and correct experience regardless of channel. This proven, powerful software helps you save time, reduce errors, and lower the cost of doing business. And we can help you get it up-and-running in no time.

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