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Overcome complex B2B challenges and differentiate your brand through great customer experiences.

B2B buyers expect the visibility, flexibility, speed,
and control that B2C shoppers enjoy. Are you delivering?

Customers of CPG companies expect the same visibility, flexibility, and control with their orders as they experience with omnichannel retailers. They want to quickly see what’s in inventory, select the product they want, and choose how and when they want to obtain it. They want to see the order status, be alerted of issues, and expect timely delivery, as promised.

But many CPG companies have been slower to adopt the online channel and displace their traditional selling and ordering approaches. 

The problem is that the purchase of consumer goods is a complex process that involves multiple sales channels, marketplaces, retailers, business units, and fulfillment methods. It’s fraught with the complexity of configurable product offerings, pricing, and promotions based on individual companies and buyers, as well as sales team structures. 

Change is difficult, and there are very few technology platforms capable of supporting these complexities.


Limited order visibility is a significant challenge

Additionally, many consumer goods companies lack complete visibility into their orders, inventory, and more. 

Some systems only provide a limited view by business unit or channel – not the comprehensive view that’s required for omnichannel success.

Enable compelling B2B and B2B2C order
experiences that reflect the best of B2C

We provide order management solutions and services that help CPG companies overcome these complexities to deliver the seamless, personalized, and efficient experiences customers expect. 

We’ll help you streamline and automate processes, provide greater convenience to your customers, and give your business managers actionable information to make better decisions.  

With our solutions, you can optimize inventory utilization, reduce fulfillment costs, increase revenue, and improve customer relationships – while allowing your sales representatives to allocate more time to acquiring and growing new customers.

We help you overcome omnichannel complexity to deliver great experiences.

  • Make your company easier to do business with.
  • Reduce the cost to serve your customers and improve profitability.
  • Empower your business users to manage and optimize order and fulfillment processes.

Allow customers to easily search online in real-time for your products in inventory and to enter and change orders quickly. Provide them with consistent and accurate delivery timeframes across all channels and expose them to pricing and promotional opportunities that could help them improve their own performance.

Our order management and fulfillment solutions help you provide your customers with the same information they receive through interactions with your sales force and customer service departments. Customers get the speed, personalization, and sophistication they want while also being able to benefit from the convenience of self-service.

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Volume discounts, special pricing and product configurations, SLAs, and other variables create complexity that is difficult to manage. Advanced order management and fulfillment systems enable you to optimize how orders are sourced and promised so that the customer can be assured their orders will be accurate and on-time.

With our order management and fulfillment solutions, you’ll enable fast, efficient, and streamlined processes – from pricing and quoting to sourcing and delivery. We work closely with your teams to understand your needs, integrate your systems, automate your processes, incorporate your business rules, and improve visibility across your orders, inventory, and processes.

We’ll help you leverage these systems to optimize sourcing and fulfillment, drive down costs, improve and deliver the exceptional experiences your customers deserve.

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With so many systems, in so many places, required to manage the order-to-cash process, it’s difficult for anyone to get a comprehensive view.

Our order management and fulfillment solutions deliver visibility, control, and intelligence across your order and fulfillment processes, enabling your managers to make the right decisions and take the right actions to improve performance and profitability.

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We have the solution.

We combine our experience and knowledge with industry-leading solutions to help CPG companies serve their customers better, empower their staff, and enable their managers to make better, more impactful decisions.

Each service and solution we provide is fine-tuned to your requirements and customized specifically to your organization’s needs.

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