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Flexible cloud OMS services and solutions to address the unique needs of your business

Expert guidance and assistance for leveraging order management in the cloud.

Whether you’re in the process of considering an order management solution like IBM Sterling Order Management or have been leveraging it for some time, you may be evaluating the impact of hosting and managing the solution in the cloud. 

It’s not an easy decision, and there are many factors to consider.

Expert guidance and experience are critical to a successful cloud implementation.

With extensive expertise in order management systems, cloud solutions, enterprise architecture, and more – our team can help you design, deploy, or migrate your order management solution to the cloud.

As a result of working with our team for their cloud order management initiative, companies can:

  • Minimize the up-front expenditures and resource investments for software, hardware, and services.
  • Reduce the costs of ongoing management, support, and upgrades.
  • Benefit from the latest order management system (OMS) technology without the need to worry about the impact on your infrastructure, staff, and budget.

Let us work with you to take your cloud initiative from beginning to end – accelerating implementation and helping get the most out of your investment. 

Your team can focus on providing a superior omnichannel ordering experience for your customers and improving your business performance – while we help you take care of the technologies for enabling it.

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OMS on Cloud, OMS SaaS, or Cloud Managed Services?

Each deployment open has its merits. And each one can improve your performance.

  • IBM Sterling OMS on the Cloud provides scalable security and reliability.
  • IBM Sterling OMS as a SaaS solution helps to simplify and reduce costs.
  • OMS Cloud Managed Services provides ease-of-use and ease-of-mind.

Lightwell provides the strategic and technical expertise you need to unleash the power of order management in the cloud. We’ll help you plan and execute the deployment on your preferred cloud (Azure, AWS, Google, or others), while leveraging proven frameworks, accelerators, and best practices throughout the process. You’ll gain innovative capabilities that differentiate your organization to create a distinct competitive advantage:

  • Responsiveness
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Scalability

Lightwell’s experienced OMS and cloud consultants take a holistic approach to implementation to ensure that your order management system is configured to your specific business goals, unique customer needs, and supply chain demands.

We can also provide the level of support you need post-implementation, ensuring you get the most from your OMS and cloud investments.

Our team can run the IBM OMS software for you in the cloud in a multi-tenant environment. With OMS as a SaaS solution, you’ll:

  • Minimize up-front expenditures and resource investments for software, hardware, and services.
  • Reduce the time and costs of ongoing management, support, and upgrades.
For companies that want assistance with all aspects of their OMS cloud solution – we can do it all. We can host the solution in our world-class cloud environment and deliver end-to-end managed services to ensure your order management system operates at peak performance.
  • World-class hosting for IBM Sterling OMS solutions in a highly-redundant facility.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure everything is running smoothly around the clock.
  • Expert, responsive support from system specialists.
  • Comprehensive system setup and onboarding process that includes everything from design and plan to establishing collaboration between your staff and your support team.

Our team can assist you with all aspects of IBM Sterling Order Management in the cloud.

Whether you need assistance with design and implementation, additional resources to augment your team, or you need additional support services, our OMS experts are ready to help. We have supported many successful retailers, logistics providers, consumer goods companies, and B2B companies with their order management solutions – from preliminary exploration of solutions to post-launch management and support.

Comprehensive consulting services to help you determine, develop, and deploy the right OMS capabilities.

Our team has the skills and expertise to support your internal staff —from an initial assessment of your needs and requirements to designing and implementing the right solution—on premise or in the cloud.

We can guide you throughout your journey, even training your users to get the most out of your implementation. Our full spectrum of order management consulting services includes:

Count on us to help you migrate your current OMS to the cloud successfully.

Many companies are evaluating migrating their current OMS to the cloud. Our experienced team can help every step of the way, from helping you determine the right cloud deployment model, to developing your cloud strategy and roadmap, to completing a successful cloud migration, to ensuring seamless connectivity and integration with all of your critical systems.

Let us fully manage IBM Sterling OMS for you while you focus on your strategic imperatives.

Many companies prefer to outsource some or all of the management of their IBM Sterling OMS to us. 

Through our Managed Services for OMS, we can manage your environment 24X7, ensuring continuous, reliable, secure operations.

We’ll help you optimize the value of your Sterling OMS solution.

To achieve your operational goals, you need to approach your IBM Sterling OMS initiative the right way: by accelerating its benefits and optimizing the system to its fullest capabilities. Doing this in the manner most suited to your specific processes is a complicated effort that requires vast knowledge and experience around order management operations, backend processes, and customer behaviors.

Our team has extensive experience, proven processes to guide you, and has built tools, frameworks, and accelerators to ensure an optimized deployment and help you achieve better results faster. These include:

This suite of pre-built capabilities and value-added services accelerates the implementation, reduces cost of ownership, and improves the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution. We leverage this during our cloud deployments and migration to accelerate time to value and ensure best practices are leveraged throughout the process.

Make well-informed decisions that optimize order and supply chain processes, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. Lightwell Illuminate OMS Analytics provides companies with comprehensive, actionable insights across their order, fulfillment, supply chain, and customer data. It reduces the time and cost of researching and compiling reports across multiple systems and brands.

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It helps companies quickly develop new test scenarios and modify existing ones, reducing the time and cost involved in all testing phases while helping to reduce errors across order management and fulfillment processes. Whether you’re managing your OMS in the cloud, or we’re managing it for you, Sterling OMS Test Framework can help ensure faster, more effective changes.

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Let’s Get Started

Our knowledgeable team will take a holistic approach to ensure the cloud OMS solution is optimized for your specific processes and goals. Your cloud OMS initiative will produce impressive results – in your bottom line and your customers’ experiences.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and let’s explore what we can accomplish together.

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