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What used to be unreasonable demands have become everyday expectations.

In today’s world, where seconds – even milliseconds – can impact a customer’s purchasing decisions, it’s absolutely essential that you fulfill their expectations for visibility and speed, give them a variety of fulfillment options, and provide them with the control they demand over the entire shopping experience. 

If you don’t, somebody else will. And all the loyalty you invested years to acquire will be replaced by abandoned shopping carts and social media snark.

To make the matter even more complicated, you need to satisfy customer expectations for seamless, personalized omnichannel experiences, while also empowering your business users and in-store staff – enabling them to check inventory levels, order status, delivery dates, or whatever else might be required to do their jobs and better serve your customers.

Exceed customer expectations with intelligent order management and fulfillment solutions.

Fortunately, there are excellent technologies to help you address these challenges

Perhaps you’re just getting started in your omnichannel journey. 

Maybe you’ve implemented some basic order management capabilities and wish to expand to support other channels.  Or you may be fulfilling orders across channels but want to optimize your fulfillment processes. 

The good news is, you’ve picked the right place to start your journey. Lightwell has deep expertise in omnichannel order management, with decades of experience assisting B2C and B2B companies with their order management and fulfillment initiatives. 

Learn more about and how our solutions and services can help you meet and exceed customer expectations while improving your profitability.

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Your customers demand to be delighted with flawless execution every step of the way.

Seamless omnichannel experiences
Customers may order online, contact your call center for additional information or to make changes, and then pick up in-store. Regardless of how they interact with you, your customers expect a seamless, error-free experience.
Inventory visibility
Customers, whether B2C or B2B, want access to accurate inventory levels and where the products are located (warehouse or local store). They also want to be able to connect to a customer service or sales center that can also provide this information.
Fulfillment options
Customers expect to select their most convenient fulfillment option. An increasing number are choosing to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS). They’re also choosing curbside pickup or same-day delivery that some retailers are now offering to pick up their order within hours. These rapid-response retailers may be your competitors.
Perfect orders
The perfect order is no longer aspirational; it’s become the minimum standard. And if the order is not precisely what the customer anticipated, they want to be able to return the purchase simply and quickly through whatever method suits them – postal mail, delivery service, at a store.

To deliver this, your business users and customer-facing associates must be empowered

  • Visibility
  • Fulfillment options
  • Store engagement
  • Stockout avoidance
  • Error reduction
  • Cost control
  • Access to KPIs


To make informed decisions, business users need to be able to quickly see accurate, real-time inventory levels in stores, distribution centers, warehouses, and at third party facilities.

Cross-channel, centralized visibility has become a business imperative in fulfilling B2C and B2C orders.

Fulfillment options

Business users want the flexibility to add or alter fulfillment methods, enable rules, and control orders.

More importantly, they want to be able to make these operational changes on the fly and without intervention from IT personnel.


Store engagement

When customers enter a store, they expect associates to be able to access real-time, accurate information about inventory and, most importantly, their own order.

LOB managers want this capability, as well.  If store personnel also have a more complete view of the customer, back-end inventory, and resources, they can execute transactions more efficiently.

This also means that the customer is more likely to have a positive in-store experience, which often leads to increased sales.

Store Enablement in Omnichannel

Stockout avoidance

Stockouts adversely impact revenue and customer satisfaction, so it’s important to match customer demand with the global inventory.

Business users need to be able to monitor levels across the entire store chain and distribution network and tap into inventory where it’s available.


Error reduction

Errors can occur at any point in the sales process, and with so many different systems and organizations now involved in fulfillment, it’s a growing potential vulnerability.

Any misstep along the way can be costly and time-consuming to correct. Error avoidance is essential to profitable operations.

Cost control

Some retailers are seeing the cost of omnichannel fulfillment rise by up to 300%.

Business users are under extreme pressure to maximize business results without compromising the customer experience.


Access to KPIs

When business users have easy access to a real-time dashboard of KPIs, they’re better equipped to make informed operational decisions.

They can shift inventory, change rules for split orders, monitor speed and accuracy of delivery, and explore any number of indicators to ensure there are optimizing their processes and meeting business goals for performance, revenue, margins, and customer satisfaction.


Order Management Solutions transform impossible demands into fulfilling experiences

Powerful, intelligent order management and fulfillment solutions help you delight your B2B and B2C customers while satisfying the demands of your partners, business users, and technical staff. The combination of Lightwell’s expertise and IBM Sterling Order Management solutions enable:

For your customers:

Seamless omnichannel experiences

Deliver the seamless omnichannel order and fulfillment experiences customers expect, wherever and however they want to interact with your company.

Enhanced visibility

Provide customers and stakeholders the appropriate real-time, accurate visibility into inventory levels, fulfillment processes, and order status.

Omnichannel fulfillment options

Offer your customers flexible fulfillment options, including direct ship, ship-from-store, buy online and pick up in-store, and more. LOB users can add new options as customers request them.

More perfect orders

Consistently keep your order promise of convenience, flawless execution, and a satisfying experience by delivering the perfect order every time.

Increased store engagement

Provide customers with the personal, customized attention they demand by making their profiles and orders accessible to in-store associates.

Satisfy quality
Satisfaction and Delight

with on-time delivery, better engagement, and more personalized experiences.

For your business:

Improve inventory optimization

Improve inventory utilization with end-to-end inventory visibility across the entire fulfillment network.

Adapt quickly to change

Enable business users to add fulfillment channels, change rules, and orchestrate complex orders more efficiently across your entire fulfillment network. React quickly to changing demands and conditions. Create new customer and associate capabilities quickly as opportunities emerge.

Reduce the cost of fulfillment

Optimize fulfillment based on business rules that maximize fulfillment speed and costs without compromising the customer experience.

Reduce errors

Use automated technology to eliminate the errors of manual processes and to identify issues for early and fast remediation.

Gain real-time insights

Leverage powerful insights and artificial intelligence capabilities to inform fulfillment decisions in real-time against business objectives.


Increase store value

Leverage the store effectively in your omnichannel strategy and transform your stores into mini distribution centers for your B2C and B2B customers.

Satisfy quality

Increase satisfaction for customer service and store associates

Empower associates to deliver a personalized experience that delights customers. Equip them with insights to help them convert every selling, engagement, and service interaction into an opportunity to fulfill demand.

Operations that embrace intelligent order fulfillment and management solutions are achieving impressive results.

As a result of leveraging Order Management and Fulfillment solutions, you will:

Differentiate your organization

Achieve high customer ratings for customer service, and differentiate your brand by quickly adding new stores, new brands, new fulfillment methods, and other value-added services to your omnichannel capabilities. Achieve a competitive advantage through superior customer experiences.

Improve profitability

Optimize your fulfillment processes, improve inventory utilization, increase sales, and drive down costs to improve your profitability.

Many visionary retailers, manufacturers, and others have already introduced order management solutions into their operations with great results.

After implementing omnichannel capabilities, Lightwell and IBM customers report:

30%+ increase in online sales

10% increase in same-store sales

20+ sales saved per store on the first Black Friday

$30+ more spent per store visit

4.5x increase in average customer lifetime value (LTV)

30% reduction in order resourcing

Over 5% reduction in shipping costs per order

Over 5% lower cost per package

Almost 10% reduction in cost per order

While results will vary by organization, the potential impact on your bottom line is undeniable: modern technology optimizes order fulfillment and management to increase your bottom line.

The goal is an efficient, responsive order fulfillment process that exceeds consumer expectations.

How you plan to achieve that goal makes all the difference.

Our extensive expertise and decades of experience around order management and fulfillment, combined with the industry-leading IBM Sterling Order Management solutions, can help you leap past your competitors to differentiate your organization through exceptional user experiences.

Lightwell and IBM have already helped many B2C and B2B companies develop and deploy customer-centric solutions that deliver real-time inventory visibility and flawless omnichannel fulfillment.

Learn more about our comprehensive order management consulting services and innovative order management software and solutions. Explore how we can work with you to improve your overall performance by optimizing technology you already have in place, expanding your channels and capabilities, leveraging the cloud, and capitalizing on AI and analytics capabilities.

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