MuleSoft Anypoint for iPaaS

Adopt a unified, trusted platform for enterprise iPaaS and full lifecycle API management.

The next generation of integration software is here.

Everything has changed. What started as a slow, continuous evolution has suddenly exploded into massive, global transformation. Today’s consumers want a lot, and they want it without delay. Real-time is the deadline, and nothing less than perfection is good enough. In this highly-demanding environment, organizations are moving as swiftly as they can to adapt to new customer expectations, and to develop and deliver differentiating, personalized experiences.

Integration and APIs play a critical role in this new economy. They enable organizations to connect systems, applications, and devices – on-premise and in the cloud – integrate disparate data sources, and quickly develop and automate sophisticated new processes. They are the tools that companies need to meet changing customer expectations and to build new experiences on mobile, web, or any other channels with greater ease. They also facilitate the seamless flow of data – wherever it resides – enable better decisions, and facilitate the delivery of personalized services.

Because of the importance of these integration capabilities, more and more organizations are exploring Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). iPaaS is a cloud integration platform as a service that connects cloud, SaaS, and on-premises technologies, and enables businesses to securely access on-premises applications. iPaaS is a next-generation integration technology that’s gradually replacing traditional forms of integration middleware and will provide critical capabilities for realizing the benefits of a cloud architecture.

A comprehensive cloud-based solution to integrate any application, data, or device.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform provides a comprehensive iPaaS solution that integrates any app, data, or device at lightning speed with enterprise scalability. This unified platform helps users integrate any endpoint using easy drag-and-drop UI or code. It simplifies connectivity, assures extensibility, and eliminates data silos. And, best of all, prebuilt APIs, connectors, and templates make implementation conveniently fast and simple. The platform offers outstanding performance, including:

  • 60 billion transactions per month
  • 99.99% uptime

Learn more about this globally trusted and analyst-endorsed platform for enterprise iPaaS and full lifecycle API lifecycle management.

Critical iPaaS capabilities you’ll need, now and in the future.

To resolve current integration issues and to provide a foundation for the future, your iPaaS must be robust, agile, and able to extend as your business grows. The platform should have the capability to enable non-specialist integrators to use a low-code, drag and drop UI to address a broad range of use cases, while also offering specialists a fully powered integrated development environment to solve strategic integration problems.

Additionally, it should be presented as a single unified platform. Otherwise, as the organization grows, responsible monitoring and management become practically impossible.

With the proliferation of the cloud, and the exponential expansion of data, processes, and systems, you need a single, reliable, and affordable integration solution that scales to future growth. Failure to plan and implement strategically with a proven iPaaS provider could result in unexpected systems failures that weaken the overall enterprise architecture, hinder competitive differentiation, and adversely impact costs. It’s a risk that you don’t want to take.

Adopt a trusted, scalable platform for enterprise iPaaS.

MuleSoft Anypoint is a comprehensive API-led integration platform that features out-of-the-box connectors, templates, and APIs. It expedites the connectivity and consolidation of data, processes, and systems through reusable, discoverable assets that reduce the amount of rework required.

Anypoint is technology and ecosystem agnostic and supports an ever-broadening range of applications and data infrastructures. Enterprises that adopt the Anypoint Platform not only achieve a quick resolution to existing integration issues, but also benefit from the long-term gains of unlocking backend data in legacy systems, building innovative experiences without being restricted by data silos, and remaining resilient to unexpected shifts in the market.

MuleSoft Anypoint establishes a single integration foundation on which your organization can build for the future. Its reliability, ease of use, security, and extensibility make it a leader in iPaaS and the preferred platform for success within organizations worldwide.

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Standardized approach

MuleSoft pioneered the concept of API-led connectivity. With Anypoint, you can transform and standardize the way you handle connectivity between applications, devices, and data, and connect them through APIs. The approach is dependable, agile, and adaptable to your specific business needs.

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Configurable connectivity

Anypoint iPaaS features hundreds of pre-built connectors, templates, and APIs that enable you to rapidly connect SAP, Salesforce, and other popular solutions. Configurable connectivity allows you to select “best-of-breed” cloud apps and easily add new capabilities to your ecosystem any time you choose.

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Speed and ease-of-use

Anypoint enables your organization to share and reuse assets quickly and easily to generate immediate value. The simple, drag-and-drop, web-based interface makes it easy to integrate systems and automate business processes — from creating sales leads to sending SMS notifications.

Discoverability and reusability

With MuleSoft, you’ll build a library of integration assets that you can reuse to accelerate delivery speed over time. These building blocks can then be used and reused in different ways to compose new experiences. Best of all, deployment can be as easy as a single click. Some organizations report they are able to develop 3x faster with their Anypoint iPaaS platform.


Anypoint allows you to run advanced tests out-of-the-box. So, you can conduct unit and functional tests for APIs and integrations in a few clicks using a powerful, built-in testing suite.

Planned scalability

Scaling is all about capability and capacity. With the Anypoint Platform and approach to integration, you can build a flexible IT infrastructure that lets you effectively handle growing transaction volume and continuously innovate to meet the changing needs of your customers. In an average month, MuleSoft adeptly processes over 60 billion transactions — more than 30x that of other leading iPaaS solutions.

Built-in security

Security is an essential element of any application, especially with APIs with hundreds or thousands of applications making calls on a daily basis. MuleSoft builds security into the platform to provide advanced defense for your APIs and integrations. Anypoint helps you protect sensitive data, stop threats, and automatically enforce security best practices.

360 degree view
Compliance and governance at scale

Get out-of-the-box compliance for ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and SOC 1 and 2 Type 2. Configure APIs and integrations to run in different regions of the world to comply with local regulations — ensuring data are securely encrypted, transmitted, and processed only within that region.

CI/CD support

Plug into your CI/CD pipeline in 10 minutes or less with no code required. Anypoint features built-in support for Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, and more.

cloud integration
Cloud capable

Deploy your APIs and integrations to the MuleSoft managed cloud infrastructure, CloudHub, or to a private cloud or data center with Runtime Fabric. Get the full capabilities of Anypoint Platform — from automated deployments to orchestration — regardless of your target.

MuleSoft Anypoint provides a stable environment for obtaining, discovering, and collaborating on reusable artifacts of APIs, integration flows, connectors, data stores, and security patterns. It’s a highly acclaimed platform that is recommended by analysts and trusted by global organizations.

Analysts recognize Mulesoft AnyPoint as a leader.

MuleSoft Anypoint offers easy-to-use, web-based tools to design, build, secure, monitor, manage, and analyze APIs. It’s the only unified platform that allows you to do this wherever the data resides — in a way that creates speed and agility for your business.

With its extensive range of comprehensive capabilities, MuleSoft is the only Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for both iPaaS and API management. While other iPaaS vendors may offer a version of API management, they can’t support the full API lifecycle as Anypoint Platform does.

Forrester recognizes that the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform delivers full lifecycle API management and integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) on a single runtime, allowing customers to consolidate the number of integration technologies and applications used.

When you’re selecting an iPaaS solution for your organization, trust the experts.

Choose your partners carefully.
Deploy your platform collaboratively.

The resolution of your integration challenges is critical not just to short-term success, but also to long-term viability. To solve urgent issues and get ahead of future disruptions, look for the right integration solution— one that is flexible, capable of providing you with the resources needed to meet your customer needs, and puts you in a position to navigate the future with speed and agility. And to guide your journey, you’ll want to select a collaborative partner who understands your business, your objectives, and your technology needs.

MuleSoft Anypoint iPaaS is a trusted, reliable, and flexible solution that will take you well into the future. And our consultants have a rare blend of expertise that includes MuleSoft technology, integration, and cloud. We can help you develop your strategy, then implement the Anypoint solution to take full advantage of technology. We’ll help you apply the right technologies and best practices to achieve your goals.

Learn more about MuleSoft and Lightwell solutions:

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Capabilities

Anypoint for API Management

Build your strategy and manage the full API lifecycle – including designing, building, testing, securing, managing, and retiring APIs  – through a single comprehensive platform.


Anypoint for Business Automation

Unlock data from any system and automate processes quickly and easily, enabling you to transform your business, improve efficiency, and deliver better business results faster.


Anypoint for Data Integration

Enable the seamless flow of data across systems no matter how complex your systems are and where they reside – with a solution that combines batch and real-time processing for application and data integration.


Anypoint for DevOps

Innovate faster by accelerating the adoption of DevOps best practices, and leverage API-ed connectivity to complement and enhance your DevOps model.


MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Use Cases

360 Degree View of the Customer with Anypoint

Gain a consolidated view of customer data by integrating disparate systems, multiple data formats, and changing data sources. Understand and anticipate their needs, and differentiate your company through more engaging and personalized experiences.

bring data together

Move to the Cloud with Anypoint

Enable rapid, seamless cloud migration through APIs that connect cloud applications with on-premises systems. Unblock skill bottlenecks by rapidly granting access to on-premises, cloud, and SaaS data. Simplify multi-cloud application management with a single control plane.


Legacy System Modernization with Anypoint

Connect legacy systems quickly, lower maintenance costs, deliver digital initiatives faster, and future-proof your systems by rapidly modernizing SOA web services and legacy applications, exposing them as APIs.


Omnichannel with Anypoint

Deliver a consistent, seamless omnichannel experience by building a digital platform of applications, data and devices that enable consistent, seamless, omnichannel customer experiences. Build and execute omnichannel strategies that result in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

out of box

eCommerce with Anypoint

Integrate your eCommerce applications with legacy applications quickly, launch new eCommerce platforms faster, and scale across your brands and regions using pre-built connectors, integration templates, and reusable assets.


Lightwell API and Integration Services

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end services to assist organizations throughout their modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

Whether you need an integration expert to help you plan your API and integration strategies, a team of consultants to help you implement and manage the MuleSoft solution, or want us to handle it all for you – we can help. 

API and Integration Assessments and Strategy Consulting

Our comprehensive integration assessment enables your organization to understand, evaluate, and optimize its end-to-end Integration capabilities, and develop and effective strategy for success. 

Integration Architecture

Our experienced Integration architects help you develop a comprehensive and scalable Integration Architecture that meets your business needs while remaining cost-effective. We also help determine whether a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solution is right for you.

Comprehensive Integration Consulting Services

Lightwell experts provide comprehensive integration consulting services around the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. These may include:

  • Solution planning and assessments
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Anypoint implementation
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Integration services
  • Managed services for MuleSoft
  • Cloud services

API Development Services

We ensure best practices are followed every step of the way as we help you:

  • Develop and optimize business processes and data flows
  • Apply new API capabilities to B2B Integration, supply chain, and omnichannel
  • Develop and test new APIs

Integration Support and Optimization

Our consultants provide expertise and guidance to optimize your system’s performance. Our service includes thorough examination, diagnosis, and where appropriate, treatment options to ensure your systems and integrations remain in optimal condition.

Integration Staffing and Recruiting

With decades of IT staffing and recruiting expertise, we help you find, recruit and place the skilled resources you need for your API and integration initiatives on a short term or permanent basis.

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