Anypoint for Omnichannel

Optimize integration to deliver seamless, connected, and personalized customer experiences across all channels.

Your customers expect great experiences across
all channels. Are you delivering?

Times have changed. Your customers aren’t satisfied with basic, impersonal transactions.
Today, they expect personalized service and an engaging, fulfilling experience – however and
whenever they choose to interact with you. If you can’t provide it to them, they’re willing to take their
business elsewhere. That’s why omnichannel is so critically important to companies today.

With technology advancements, customers have come to expect real-time inventory visibility, relevant recommendations, consistent information and service across all channels, and informed representatives who know and understand the customer’s order history and preferences.  Your customers also want control over their relationship with you – the ability to manage their own profile, billing, and delivery preferences. They want real-time tracking of their orders and order status updates. And they expect relevant marketing programs that address their specific needs.

Not only do your customers expect it, but your business partners, and staff also desire this same level of seamless, real-time transparency and control. It enables them to perform their jobs better, feel more engaged and productive, and to make a greater contribution to results.

Enabling omnichannel can be challenging…but it’s worth it.

Enabling this level of personalization, transparency, and consistency can be very complex, challenging, and costly. While connectivity and integration with a variety of ecommerce, CRM, and ordering systems are essential – so much more is needed to deliver great omnichannel customer experiences today.

Now you must support an omnichannel strategy that incorporates a variety of stakeholders – including customers, suppliers, distributors, transportation partners, store personnel, customer service representatives, warehouse personnel, and business managers. And you need to include every channel – online, store, mobile app, telephone, chat, and others.

But it’s worth the effort. Among other benefits, those who have successfully implemented omnichannel report significantly higher customer satisfaction and greater profitability from omnichannel customers.

An API-led connectivity approach, using MuleSoft Anypoint platform, has helped many companies enable their omnichannel strategies to deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences. Anypoint offers the connectivity, scalability, visibility, flexibility and security required to deliver omnichannel excellence.

Our team, with extensive experience in both integration and omnichannel, can help you implement and optimize your solution to achieve your omnichannel goals. You’ll be able to provide the level of service, personalization, visibility, and efficiency that differentiates your company, and reap the rewards of creating happy, loyal customers.

You can’t afford the high cost of doing nothing.

Enabling omnichannel commerce might seem to be a lengthy and expensive initiative, but when you consider the cost of not introducing it, you can’t afford to delay it. A recent study indicated that 63% of customers would switch organizations if they didn’t enjoy a connected experience – and we can expect this trend to continue.

Some organizations have created an omnichannel operation by connecting and integrating siloed existing systems with point-to-point connections on an as-needed basis. What they’re discovering is that the process is time-consuming, resource-heavy, and doesn’t deliver the seamless, real-time results they require. Even more alarming, changing these systems is extremely complex – if not impossible – each time a new channel, data source, or partner is introduced into the already complex mix.

Unfortunately, these organizations did not see integration as a holistic strategy but rather as a project-based means to an end that ultimately ends up being expensive and unwieldy.

Application Development Solution IMplementation

A holistic, well-planned integration approach is needed.

Without a well-planned omnichannel approach, organizations will continue to grapple with systems and processes that are:

  • Inflexible – Services and functions can’t easily be expanded or altered as needed by the business.
  • Unavailable – Services and applications won’t run on every device the client may be using.
  • Duplicated – Applications can’t be re-used, so there’s the continuous development of a new app for every situation.
  • Manual – Slow, error-prone processes continue to be used because IT isn’t available to develop code for every requirement.
  • Inaccessible – Key data is locked in silos and unavailable to decision makers and others who require it.

The solution to the problem is a holistic integration strategy combined with API-led connectivity. This approach helps to create a seamless omnichannel experience with the visibility and accessibility that customers want and businesses need. 

API-led connectivity marries data to applications using reusable APIs. So instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, you apply the same API to a different purpose – relieving pressure from your IT team and leveraging the value of existing code.

Accelerate omnichannel enablement so you can deliver better customer experiences faster.

When you consider that a standard omnichannel transaction requires the interaction of over 35 different systems, you realize the scope and complexity required to connect an entire organization to all of its constituents. Anypoint makes it easier with out-of-the-box connectors that accelerate the process to get you up-and-running quickly.

But omnichannel is more than just connecting one system to another. It’s the creation of a digital platform of applications, data, and devices to provide a seamless, fulfilling experience for each of its users. This is where APIs make such a difference.

Using Anypoint, you can create reusable processes and assets that make interactions with your company both efficient and consistent. APIs enable 360-degree customer views that provide insights into customer behaviors, enable personalized service, and deliver relevant offers that drive more sales. APIs also allow you to adjust, adapt, and pivot to meet customer demand without any disruption to business. As a result, companies benefit from:

Higher customer satisfaction

Lower cost of operations

Increased revenue

Enhanced brand loyalty

Greater agility

Faster time-to-market

It sounds ideal, but where do you begin?

Anypoint enables many essential
omnichannel capabilities.

This is where MuleSoft excels. Their Anypoint Platform provides the tools
you need to enable and manage a variety of omnichannel capabilities:

  • Buy Online, Pick-up in Store
  • Inventory Management
  • Third Party Channels and Marketplaces
  • Customer Engagement
  • Seamless Product Purchases Across Channels
  • Customer Support

Enables a real-time view of customer orders across all channels – online and in-store – integrating data from order management systems (OMS), warehouse management (WMS), and point of sale (POS).

Provides up-to-date inventory information by integrating product and inventory information from disparate systems and locations, including product information management (PIM), ERP, POS, and transportation management (TMS).

Connect with third party marketplaces and stores, enabling customers to complete transactions through different channels – in person and online.

Provides a complete, accurate view of customer information in context, integrating CRM, ecommerce, order management, marketing automation, and other customer data sources.

Allows for updated customer account and payment information by integrating with ERP, payment systems, POS, and more.

Provides customer account details and activity across channels, integrating CRM, support systems, ERP, and more, helping to deliver integrated, personalized support.

The Anypoint Platform is flexible and scalable, so you can easily add new channels or partners. It enables users to access data easily and securely, protecting your company and its customers. With MuleSoft Anypoint, you can enable and execute omnichannel strategies that result in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

MuleSoft helps you enable omnichannel.
Lightwell helps you accelerate and optimize the benefits.

The move to omnichannel isn’t an easy one, but it’s one that urgently needs to be made. The MuleSoft platform provides numerous tools to enable seamless, omnichannel capabilities for your customers, partners, and staff. It helps to engage, streamline, and automate, while securing sensitive data.

Our team has extensive experience with both integration and omnichannel, and can help you plan, implement and execute your omnichannel strategies effectively.  We can help you develop your omnichannel strategy then implement and leverage the Anypoint solution to take full advantage its capabilities. We’ll collaborate with your team to help you achieve your goals quickly, pragmatically, and cost-effectively.

With MuleSoft technology and Lightwell’s expertise, you can differentiate your brand, strengthen customer relationships, and improve business outcomes.

Learn more about MuleSoft and Lightwell solutions:

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Capabilities

Anypoint for API Management

Build your strategy and manage the full API lifecycle – including designing, building, testing, securing, managing, and retiring APIs  – through a single comprehensive platform.


Anypoint for Business Automation

Unlock data from any system and automate processes quickly and easily, enabling you to transform your business, improve efficiency, and deliver better business results faster.


Anypoint for Data Integration

Enable the seamless flow of data across systems no matter how complex your systems are and where they reside – with a solution that combines batch and real-time processing for application and data integration.


Anypoint for DevOps

Innovate faster by accelerating the adoption of DevOps best practices, and leverage API-ed connectivity to complement and enhance your DevOps model.


Anypoint for IPaaS

Use one simple, unified platform and a highly available architecture to integrate any application, data, or device at lightning speed.


MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Use Cases

360 Degree View of the Customer with Anypoint

Gain a consolidated view of customer data by integrating disparate systems, multiple data formats, and changing data sources. Understand and anticipate their needs, and differentiate your company through more engaging and personalized experiences.

bring data together

Move to the Cloud with Anypoint

Enable rapid, seamless cloud migration through APIs that connect cloud applications with on-premises systems. Unblock skill bottlenecks by rapidly granting access to on-premises, cloud, and SaaS data. Simplify multi-cloud application management with a single control plane.


Legacy System Modernization with Anypoint

Connect legacy systems quickly, lower maintenance costs, deliver digital initiatives faster, and future-proof your systems by rapidly modernizing SOA web services and legacy applications, exposing them as APIs.


Omnichannel with Anypoint

Deliver a consistent, seamless omnichannel experience by building a digital platform of applications, data and devices that enable consistent, seamless, omnichannel customer experiences. Build and execute omnichannel strategies that result in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

out of box

eCommerce with Anypoint

Integrate your eCommerce applications with legacy applications quickly, launch new eCommerce platforms faster, and scale across your brands and regions using pre-built connectors, integration templates, and reusable assets.


Lightwell API and Integration Services

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end services to assist organizations throughout their modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

Whether you need an integration expert to help you plan your API and integration strategies, a team of consultants to help you implement and manage the MuleSoft solution, or want us to handle it all for you – we can help. 

API and Integration Assessments and Strategy Consulting

Our comprehensive integration assessment enables your organization to understand, evaluate, and optimize its end-to-end Integration capabilities, and develop and effective strategy for success. 

Integration Architecture

Our experienced Integration architects help you develop a comprehensive and scalable Integration Architecture that meets your business needs while remaining cost-effective. We also help determine whether a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solution is right for you.

Comprehensive Integration Consulting Services

Lightwell experts provide comprehensive integration consulting services around the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. These may include:

  • Solution planning and assessments
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Anypoint implementation
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Integration services
  • Managed services for MuleSoft
  • Cloud services

API Development Services

We ensure best practices are followed every step of the way as we help you:

  • Develop and optimize business processes and data flows
  • Apply new API capabilities to B2B Integration, supply chain, and omnichannel
  • Develop and test new APIs

Integration Support and Optimization

Our consultants provide expertise and guidance to optimize your system’s performance. Our service includes thorough examination, diagnosis, and where appropriate, treatment options to ensure your systems and integrations remain in optimal condition.

Integration Staffing and Recruiting

With decades of IT staffing and recruiting expertise, we help you find, recruit and place the skilled resources you need for your API and integration initiatives on a short term or permanent basis.

Integration Managed Services

Our dedicated team members can manage everything for your on-premise or cloud solution via our integration managed services.

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