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Business is moving too quickly for outdated
traditional integration processes.

Today, the average company uses over 400 different internal and external data sources in its analytics processes. The average business transaction crosses over 35 different backend systems. These numbers are growing exponentially as innovative new sources and processes continue to be introduced.

Traditional integration approaches such as hard-coding and point-to-point integration were sufficient when organizations connected and integrated only a handful of applications and data sources. But now, as the number of systems – and connections between them – has grown exponentially, integrating them through these outdated approaches becomes exceedingly difficult.  When a change is needed – or a new application, data source, or endpoint is added – all the connections must be created or reestablished.

Because there is minimal opportunity for reuse as these changes are required, each one demands significant IT time and effort. Additionally, the process of setting up all the connections is so resource-intensive that much of the data remains locked up in silos and inaccessible to the applications and individuals who need it.

In today’s environment, where speed, agility, and efficiency are critical for survival, the traditional approach just won’t cut it. It consumes valuable IT time while producing lackluster results. Market forces compel organizations to abandon this inefficient and expensive approach that impedes their success as they strive to transform their operations and extract the most value from their data.

A more scalable and agile integration
approach is needed.

To succeed in this high-volume, high-velocity business environment, companies need to adopt new methods that future-proof their operations. These solutions must offer business and technical benefits that position the company for rapid growth and change without placing additional stress on human and capital resources.

For example, these solutions must be flexible, scalable, and easy to use. They need to simplify the management of integration, allowing IT to quickly add new systems and reuse hard work they’ve already invested. This ability to leverage previous efforts reduces maintenance costs and allows IT to focus on higher-value initiatives.

Also, to provide the full functionality required, these new approaches must connect and integrate unlimited data sources so that the right users, applications, and devices can leverage them. Then, supported by new information, managers can make better decisions faster, enabling them to act quickly and seize new opportunities for their companies. They can deliver improved customer and employee experiences that drive satisfaction and loyalty. They can also leverage data to improve existing products and services, and develop new offerings that create competitive advantages.

But it takes the right integration solutions to bring data and applications together quickly, accurately, and seamlessly.

Lightwell is here to help. Our team of integration experts has decades of experience and expertise. Through our partnerships with integration technology leaders, we’ve enabled many companies to streamline processes, extract more value from their data, and make better business decisions.

Where will Integration take your business?

Integration solutions can transform your data into your most valuable business asset. With the right integration strategy, architecture, and solutions, you can:

Power a successful digital transformation initiative

bringing new technology and new capabilities to your business.

ai advanced technologies
Pivot your business with a future-proof integration platform

that lets you scale and adapt to new technology and initiatives – including big data, analytics, AI, IoT, and mobile.

Drive better decision-making

with real-time data, and glean valuable insights that propel you ahead of the competition.

360 degree view
Improve relationships with customers and partners

by leveraging new channels and platforms.

Create self-service portals and innovative new services

by bringing front-end and backend applications together, helping you improve experiences and differentiate your company.

Secure your connections and reduce risk

with tools that protect your APIs, data transfers, and networks.

Integration solutions deliver capabilities to innovate.

Under the hood, modern integration solutions provide what companies need to keep pace with today’s business demands:

  • Create, run, manage, and secure your APIs across multiple clouds and on-premises installations.
  • Unlock your data sources to provide users streamlined access to the data they need, where and how they need it.
  • Share data meaningfully between applications to gain complete and actionable insights.
  • Guarantee timely delivery of critical messages by leveraging robust, secure, scalable, and highly available asynchronous messaging.
  • Protect your applications and data with secure gateways that include access management and controls.
  • Increase speed and simplify complexity through reusable integrations that connect new applications and data sources quickly.

Lightwell’s team of integration consultants will help you build the foundation to get the most from your integration solutions, aligning the tools with your business needs and goals. With our guidance, you’ll gain more value from your data and systems than you ever thought possible.

We’ll help you leverage industry-leading integration solutions to achieve your business goals.

Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll ensure you select the right
integration solutions for your organization:

Transform your business with industry-leading integration software and platforms.

Through our partnerships with MuleSoft and IBM, we help to deliver integration, API management, and connectivity solutions to improve agility and accelerate outcomes. These include:

Lightwell provides comprehensive integration services to modernize, accelerate, and optimize.

We offer expert integration consulting services to assist organizations in planning, architecting, implementing, managing, and optimizing integration solutions.

Over the last two decades, Lightwell has helped many companies improve integration and connectivity, reduce complexity, automate processes, and gain greater visibility. 

We take a holistic approach to integration, ensuring you get the most value from your investments while preparing for growth. Whether you need help developing your integration or API strategy, improving your integration architecture, or enhancing your current integration solution implementation, we can help. We offer flexible, end-to-end integration services to guide our clients every step of the way, including:

Deliver extensive value for your business, customers, and partners.

We’ll help you leverage the capabilities of world-class integration solutions to:

  • Enable unprecedented efficiency, speed, and agility
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Deliver more compelling customer experiences
  • Reduce costs and risks
  • Improve partner and employee engagement
  • Enhance existing products, systems, and operations
  • Develop new and innovative business models
  • Achieve greater value and insights from your data

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