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Unleash the full potential of
your data and applications.

With today’s advanced integration and API technologies, companies across all industries have unprecedented opportunities to innovate and differentiate. For example, they’re leveraging integration capabilities to create new services and offerings, automate and streamline their operations, enter new markets, and gain real-time insights for increasing their competitive edge.

But given the plethora of initiatives many companies are juggling today, they’re finding it very difficult to administer a transformational integration initiative on their own. Most are struggling just to keep up with managing their current integrations. Sound familiar?

As we’ve learned through experience, integration isn’t something to address haphazardly or left to individuals across departments to sort out as needs arise. This fragmented approach leads to increased complexity, high management costs, and lost opportunities. To realize the extensive value of integration, you’ll need the right combination of expertise, strategies, technologies, skills, best practices, and proven processes.

That’s where we come in. We provide expert guidance and support in all of these areas to help your company optimize the success of its integration initiatives.

Connect with confidence using a
holistic approach to integration.

Our experienced team provides end-to-end services to help you overcome your most challenging connectivity requirements and integrate data, applications, systems, and devices anywhere.

We partner with technology leaders, including MuleSoft and IBM, for best-in-class integration software and platforms that provide our customers with the best integration capabilities for their needs and goals. We can assist you with everything from integration solution evaluation and architecture, to implementations and upgrades, to ongoing support and managed services.

However, the expertise we bring to the table goes far beyond implementing integration software and platforms. We take a comprehensive approach to integration that will help you achieve the best outcomes for your company, now and in the future.

We provide a unique combination of in-depth business and technical expertise, knowledge of best practices, and innovative offerings, tools, frameworks, and assets. By working with us, you’ll unleash the value of integration to improve internal and external processes, reduce overall costs, differentiate through extraordinary experiences, and create competitive advantages.

Extensive capabilities deliver far-reaching benefits.

Our integration services and solutions will help to transform and optimize your capabilities so you can capitalize on new opportunities. We’ll help you:

Move data quickly and securely

– inside and outside your enterprise – while improving data transfer and transformation processes.

ai advanced technologies
Build a future-proof integration platform

that scales and adapts to meet your current and future needs – including cloud, analytics, omnichannel, AI, big data, IoT, and mobile.

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Optimize management of your data, processes, and applications

– on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Connect and expose valuable enterprise data

to mobile devices, cloud applications, analytics platforms, and more – quickly and in a secure and controlled manner.

360 degree view
Create, innovate, and excel with APIs.

We’ll help you leverage APIs to replace legacy integration approaches, build new APIs from scratch, and leverage APIs to innovate and differentiate.

Leverage dashboards, real-time metrics, and alerts

for an exceptional level of visibility and insight needed to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risk, and optimize business outcomes.

The possibilities are virtually endless. We’ll set you up for success by helping you establish an agile, scalable integration foundation that enables you to explore and exploit new opportunities.

Establish a solid integration foundation.

Building upon extensive expertise in both Enterprise Architecture and Integration Architecture, we can help you build a future-proof platform that scales and adapts to your needs and initiatives. We’ll also leverage expertise and capabilities from across our company to refine and execute your integration strategy. Our solutions and vast experience with B2B Integration, Supply Chain, Application Development, and Data Analytics enable us to extend the value of integration to business processes across your company.

Depending on where you are in your initiative, we may start out with an integration assessment to better understand, evaluate, strategize, and optimize your end-to-end integration capabilities. As we develop a thorough understanding of your capabilities, needs, and goals, we’ll help you create a practical, detailed roadmap and comprehensive integration strategy.

Leveraging our proven Integration Architecture Framework, our architects will also help you design an effective Integration Architecture. This helps to align people, processes, and technology effectively and illuminate your path to an Integration Center of Excellence.

Evaluate, implement, and enhance your integration solutions.

If you’re currently exploring integration solutions and platforms, we can help you evaluate options and determine the best fit for your needs. Leveraging decades of integration experience – along with our proven accelerators and frameworks – we’ll implement the solution efficiently to help you achieve faster time to value.

If you already have an integration solution in place, we can help you enhance, optimize, and expand the solution into other use cases and areas of your business, driving additional value and return on investment.

Optimize your integration capabilities.

Our integration consultants will help you connect and expose data to mobile devices, cloud applications, analytics platforms, and connected devices – quickly and in an effective, controlled manner. We’ll help to protect your business and reduce risk every step of the way by securing your connections, APIs, networks, and data transfers. Our team can also design and build new APIs, develop new interfaces for existing APIs, and apply tools and best practices for managing all APIs more efficiently.

Furthermore, with our unique blend of technology, business, and industry expertise, we’ll help you innovate and excel with integration and APIs. You’ll unleash the value of your data, achieve unprecedented speed and agility, and drive business growth.

Our comprehensive integration services supplement your existing capabilities.

Whether you need help developing an integration strategy, are just getting started, or need to enhance your current integration technology implementation — we can help. Over the last two decades, we’ve provided support to many companies to improve integration and connectivity, reduce complexity, automate processes, and gain greater visibility. We offer flexible, comprehensive services to help our clients get the most from their investments.

Integration Assessments

We’ll review your business, processes, and technologies at a high level – and the micro level – to assess your integration needs, determine requirements, isolate issues before they become problems, and identify improvement opportunities.


Integration Strategy

We’ll help you create an effective integration strategy, aligned with your business goals, and develop a practical, detailed roadmap. We’ll also provide guidance around best practices and how to avoid pitfalls along the way.


Integration Architecture

We’ll architect a solution that aligns with your business goals and provides a scalable, future-ready platform, a durable configuration, and a solid ability to perform reliably and efficiently. Leveraging our proven Integration Architecture Framework, we’ll apply optimal approaches and help you address gaps in your capabilities.


Integration Solution Implementations

We’ll assist you with your integration solution configuration, testing, integration, and post-implementation follow-up, including:

•  Deploying your solution
•  Integrating systems 
•  Eliminating silos 
•  Optimizing business processes 
•  Project management


Integration Solution Upgrades, Migrations, and Optimization

Based on best practices learned from hundreds of successful solution upgrades and migrations, we can help you minimize risk, save time, and ensure a successful solution upgrade. Also, we provide performance testing, tuning, and optimization services to ensure your solution is running in peak condition.


API Development Services

We can help you expand your integration solutions' capabilities to your broader initiatives. 

We can also provide custom application development services, develop new APIs, and create new user interfaces.


IT Staff Augmentation

We can augment your staff with skilled resources when needed for new initiatives, key projects, vacations, and holidays.


Integration Solution Support

We can provide multiple levels of ongoing support – assisting you where, when and how you need it – including troubleshooting and monitoring your systems.


Integration Managed Services

Leveraging Lightwell's expertise, people, and processes, you turn over part or all of your integration activities to us. Our dedicated team members can manage everything for your on-premise or cloud solution. This option is ideal for companies with unique requirements and complex environments.


Improve the Big Picture

We provide a wide range of complementary services to ensure your success beyond integration, including:

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Optimizing your integration architecture

as part of your overall Enterprise Architecture program

Check 1

Reducing the complexity

of your overall applications and integrations through Application Portfolio Optimization services

Check 1

Assisting you in planning and executing

 a comprehensive integration and digital transformation initiative, leveraging our proven Strategic Initiative Planning methodology

Check 1

Providing change management services

 to ensure rapid adoption

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Improving data integration and access for BI and analytics,

enabling more real-time, actionable insight from more data sources than ever before​

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