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Over 70% of IT work at most companies
is focused on integration.

Many companies face a number of ongoing integration challenges that will continue to increase as their business needs grow and change. For example:

  • The promised flexibility and re-use are not being realized
  • Integration and maintenance costs continue to rise
  • The business is dissatisfied with time-to-market on projects and implementations
  • Applications are sprawling and the business is asking for even greater application diversity
  • Lack of visibility into what integrations exist and how they’re used
  • Complexity of managing multiple integration tools and approaches
  • Outdated, inflexible systems that are not well-positioned to integrate with other platforms
  • Cloud strategies, mobile applications and expanding information opportunities are adding further complexity to the integration space

As they require more application diversity and faster time-to-value, efficient integration becomes critical. And while efforts to improve integration can have a huge impact — these efforts must be approached carefully and systematically.

Understand, Evaluate and Optimize Your Integrations and APIs

That’s why we developed our Integration Capability Assessment and Lightwell Integration Architecture Framework as part of our comprehensive range of integration services.  Whether part of a larger Enterprise Architecture Assessment or conducted separately, our Integration Assessment enables your organization to understand, evaluate, and optimize its end-to-end Integration capabilities.

Based on what we learn in the assessment and Framework, we provide specific, detailed recommendations to advance your Integration maturity and achieve optimal results.

Our Integration Capabilities Assessment

Our Integration Assessment is ideal for medium-sized organizations to large enterprises facing the above challenges. It also works well for those that are:

  • Exploring APIs and/or Microservices
  • Wanting to develop an effective API strategy
  • Acquiring or considering the acquisition of a new Integration tool
  • Looking to modernize backend systems
  • Facing complexities associated with mergers and acquisitions
  • Have concerns about the security associated with services and APIs
  • Preparing for a Digital Transformation initiative or have one underway
  • Preparing for a cloud migration or transformation

We start by working closely with your team and key stakeholders to understand what you have in place today, and where you’re trying to go.  We explore your people, processes, and technologies, going as in-depth as the timeframe and scope allow. Through this assessment, we look for potential issues, such as:

  • Lack of flexibility and the inability to re-use
  • Rising integration and maintenance costs
  • Business consequences like time-to-market on implementations
  • Disparate approaches to integration due to lack of governance
  • Tool focus, which can result in chaotic implementation

Next, learn about our proven approach: 

Integration Assessment Deliverables & Benefits

By the end of our initial Integration Assessment, we will typically
provide four valuable deliverables to your organization:

  • Integration Road Map
  • Architectural Recommendations
  • Organizational Recommendations
  • Quick Start Assets

Integration Road Map

A defined pathway, customized to your needs, to identify and develop the capabilities required by your business.

Architectural Recommendations

A high-level approach including capabilities, standards, patterns, processes, and infrastructure.

Organizational Recommendations

We can help you increase the organizational and cultural readiness of your team around integration, with training and mentoring as you develop your integration capabilities.

Quick Start Assets

Not everything has to have a two-year runway. To jumpstart the process we provide proven logical designs and code templates to shorten the initial delivery time.

As a result of our proven Integration Assessments,
our clients have benefitted from:

Increased buy-in for Integration initiatives

Improved organizational structure and alignment

Increased visibility and scalability

Increased reuse and greater agility

A more effective Integration strategy understood across the enterprise

Improved governance and security in integration design and development

Reduced cost and complexity

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If you’re exploring APIs, acquiring a new tool, modernizing backend systems, and/or embarking on a Digital Transformation initiative, our Integration Assessment and Integration Architecture Framework will save you a tremendous amount of time, effort and money, while accelerating your results.

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