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We help insurers improve integration to serve their customers better, streamline operations, overcome challenges, and accelerate business results.

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Insurance companies must transform to meet revolutionary customer expectations.

The insurance industry has experienced a monumental change in customer expectations and behaviors. Customers expect transparency and the ability to choose what they want when they want it. They prefer simple, self-service applications that offer an extensive menu of services and pricing options. And they expect to access their information anywhere, 24 hours a day, at their convenience.

How your insurance organization performs over the next year – or decade – depends upon how quickly and effectively you embrace the right technologies to support and meet customer expectations.

Is your IT team able to provide you with all the support you’re going to need to achieve this? 

Few internal IT departments have the specialized skills to integrate complex processes and data and leverage all the right components to deliver high-quality customer experiences. And even fewer have the resources available to perform the work – even if they have the skills. Change is essential to keeping up.

Rely on our integration and insurance industry expertise to accelerate transformation.

To transform successfully, insurers must rethink traditional IT models. IT can’t be the bottleneck to adapting to change and delivering the experiences customers expect. It’s impossible to keep up. Rather, IT should focus on creating reusable assets that empower lines of business to perform their jobs better and faster. Doing so increases delivery capacity and makes the business more agile and responsive to changing needs.

We’re here to help. For decades, our team has been providing insurance companies with expert guidance around leveraging money and resource-saving technology. We help them develop and implement solutions that help to serve their customers better, improve operations, address requirements, and drive business results. We also help them improve their architecture, tools, and processes to remove the burden on IT, empower business users, and deliver better experiences.

Learn more about how we can help insurance companies innovate, differentiate, and achieve market superiority.

Successful transformation begins
with the integration of your data.

Overcoming integration challenges is essential for addressing a number of critical issues your insurance company may be facing right now.

  • Change is rapid and pervasive, and it’s difficult to keep up.
  • Legacy systems are slowing down processes and preventing progress.
  • System-wide integration is difficult to achieve.
  • APIs will transform the insurance industry, but you need a better way to manage them.
  • It’s difficult to deliver the personalized service and self-service capabilities customers expect.
  • Analytics are essential to good decision making.

A recent MuleSoft report indicated that 83% of CEOs are concerned about keeping up with the speed of technological change in the marketplace.

Legacy systems cannot handle the volume, speed, or complexity of data that is being transmitted non-stop. Often, they’ve been jerry-rigged to accommodate all the different files and formats. Without modern, streamlined systems, organizations are unable to develop and deploy new insurance apps that are now needed to survive in the market.

Integrating the vast array of insurance industry systems and processes is a complicated task. It’s critical to complete the transformation with minimal disruption to ongoing services.

APIs provide discrete, reusable capabilities that improve operations, provide a better customer experience, and help organizations achieve revenue growth. But they can’t be used without the appropriate infrastructure, strategy, and tools.

No two customers are alike. And both demand personalized service that caters to their very specific needs. But they have rejected the old “personal visit” model for the insurance agent in favor of one that is faster, more accessible, and available anytime they choose.

Without integrated, complete, and accurate data, you’re not able to analyze activities in real-time and accurately predict future trends.

Lightwell knows the insurance industry, and we have the integration solutions to help improve performance.

Speed, agility, scalability, and efficiency are critical to insurance operations. Lightwell offers state-of-the-art solutions including MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, IBM Cloud Integration, and our own to help you integrate your systems and processes and offer modern, secure, streamlined services.

Working collaboratively with your internal IT and business management teams, we’ll design and deploy integration solutions that will help you improve operations and enable faster, better processes.  You’ll manage APIs, connect applications, and operate seamlessly and reliably in the cloud.

Our team of experts is eager to help you establish stronger customer relationships, obtain full value from your data, and prepare a foundation for future growth and success. Here are a few ways we can help.

  • Expedite change so you can quickly respond to market demands.
  • Take an API-led approach to connectivity.
  • Modernize legacy systems to automate entire processes.
  • Create an insurance integration platform that helps you ensure compliance.
  • Get a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Gain detailed, comprehensive analytics to plan your next success.

Integrated systems are critical to the fast development and deployment of new products or product changes. One insurance industry company was able to implement a pricing change in just one day when previously, this took them 45 days to complete.

Improve processes, speed transactions, and provide a far more engaging user experience using APIs. API-led connectivity helps you quickly and easily connect a wide variety of systems and data sources. You’ll add new technologies, respond to change, and deliver greater value faster.

We can help you adopt a digital-ready architecture that automates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Some clients have automated their entire claims process – better serving customers and allowing professionals to focus on more strategic issues.

With the right integration platform, you can launch new products, partner with third parties, and expand your capabilities with the confidence of knowing you’re compliant with industry regulations.

Improved integration enables you to gain a complete view of the customer and design and build a more compelling customer journey. As you learn more about your customers, you’ll be better able to deliver more relevant offers, cross-sell policies and predict their upcoming needs.

Better-integrated data enables you to analyze how well you’re performing and to confidently make adjustments that improve results.

Learn how leading insurance companies have benefited from integration.

Companies leveraging the Anypoint solution from our partner, MuleSoft, have shared these results and more:

Hagerty Insurance

leverages its digital platform to deliver a world-class unified experience across customers, agents, brokers, and employees.

PacifiCorp Insurance Company

transformed its business into a digital insurance platform to move from a direct marketing approach to partnering with brokers to strategically provide more and better opportunities for California's employers.


transforms business automation into a strategic enabler.

New York Life

breaks down the line of business barriers to drive company-wide excitement to serve their customers in a new, innovative way.

Transform your organization with integration solutions and services tailored for the insurance industry.

You live in a world of change. Modern technology has transformed an industry steeped in tradition into one that is pushing the envelope of innovation.

With the assistance of our skilled integration consultants, you’ll be equipped to attract and retain customers through personalized, relevant offers delivered quickly to an eager market. We’ll help you leverage modern integration solutions to streamline processes to increase agility, meet your customers’ evolving expectations, respond faster to changing regulations, and ultimately – improve profitability.

Our team can help you implement state-of-the-art integration solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements, including:

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