Enable a more responsive and agile enterprise through faster and more reliable messaging

Simplify and accelerate the integration of diverse applications and data across multiple platforms

In a time of rapid and constant change, your IT infrastructure must be responsive and agile. It must be able to respond to new technology drivers – such as mobile, social cloud, and big data – while addressing the complexity of disparate applications and data sources. It must allow for fast, simple, and seamless connectivity between your core applications and new ones.

IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ) provides a powerful, security-rich messaging platform that helps you seamlessly connect your diverse applications, systems, services, and files.

It enables businesses to quickly and securely send data as messages to wherever it is required in the business, whether on-premises or in the cloud. In addition, it provides a universal messaging infrastructure that connects and moves data between all of your IT assets, including databases, files, applications, services, mobile devices, and sensors.

With IBM MQ, you’ll not only gain more reliable and timely access to virtually all data, but also improved tracking, management, and auditing of nearly all data movements.

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IBM MQ Benefits

An industry-leading solution for mission-critical messaging, IBM MQ helps organizations:

  • Improve customer interaction with faster, more reliable data processing, exchange, and connectivity
  • Manage compliance and risk
  • Help extend your business to the Internet of Things and mobile devices by connecting virtually all systems and devices–from mainframe to mobile
  • Manage compliance and risk effectively with more reliable, security-rich data exchange
  • Connect the right people with the right information at the right time
  • Support new business approaches quickly
  • Help reduce the cost and complexity of connecting and managing applications

The IBM MQ Appliance

In addition to the IBM MQ solution, the IBM MQ Appliance provides a simplified messaging solution by combining many of the benefits of IBM MQ with those of a physical appliance. This provides a rapid, reliable, security-rich infrastructure that enables companies to deploy a messaging solution in less than 30 minutes.

A Partner for IBM MQ

Lightwell is an IBM Platinum Business Partner with deep expertise around the IBM MQ solution.  Through comprehensive integration consulting services, we can assist you in planning, implementing, managing, optimizing, and supporting the solution through a wide variety of services.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs, and how we can assist you with your initiative.

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