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Seamless integration enables healthcare companies to provide fast, compliant, and profitable patient-driven care.

Healthcare Supply Chain

Healthcare providers must move quickly to accommodate patient needs.

The healthcare industry has undergone a profound transformation in the past decade. And changes are expected to continue well into the future.

Historically, healthcare has been driven by the highly educated professionals who practice it, and patients relied solely upon their caregiver’s expertise for the determination and administration of appropriate care. But with new technologies, the universal dissemination of information, and a deep interest in maintaining lifelong health – new approaches are needed.

Today’s patients want more information, more innovation, and faster results. They want lower costs, increased control, and greater choices. They don’t believe they’re receiving the level of service they require. 

Alarmingly, health plan providers rank low in customer experience rankings, and patients indicate that they’re willing to switch doctors in order to gain online access to their EMRs. This is especially difficult to swallow when you consider that the cost for health insurers to gain a new customer is three times greater than retaining an existing one.

Integration is essential for delivering high-quality, cost-effective care.

Many healthcare organizations are now struggling to meet this new dynamic with its drastically different expectations. They’re seeking reliable ways to address their customers’ and business partners’ dissatisfaction with outdated, traditional practices and to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

To keep up with changes and to ensure market success, it’s essential for organizations within this industry to update and integrate their systems so they can provide the quality of care that today’s patients demand.

To do this requires a significant change in practices, and the adoption of integration and automation that enable universal access to consolidated, accurate, and current medical files and information. Not just for the patients, but for every health care professional involved in that patient’s care.

Caring for a complex being requires
complex processes and systems.

Could anything be more complicated than the myriad processes that must operate perfectly, uninterrupted, and in unison to keep the human mind and body fully functional? Health providers work each day tirelessly to learn more – to keep their patients healthy – and they’re constantly discovering and developing new protocols and pharmaceuticals that lead to better health.

As participants in the industry, we’re well aware of the challenges faced by hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and health care providers. And we’ve helped many of the largest and most successful in their fields meet these complex challenges head-on and overcome them.

How many of these issues is your healthcare organization grappling with right now?

  • Patients demand personalized service that you struggle to deliver.
  • Employees need more real-time information to drive better outcomes.
  • Healthcare inflation is rampant.
  • Outdated, legacy systems prevent new approaches.
  • Value chain innovation is required to improve business operations.
  • Changes in government legislation drive changes in fundamental practices.

Patients expect private, personalized service that includes access to their own digital files and self-service functionality so they can be more involved in – and have more control  – over their own healthcare.

Instant, up-to-date, 360-degree views of customers must be made available to all health providers (doctors, administrators, and others) involved in the care of a patient. Additionally, details must be available for analysis so that clinical outcomes can be determined.

Medical advancements make astounding new treatments and pharmaceuticals available, but they must be affordable, too. The same principle applies to doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers. Even with an aging population, the industry is under extreme pressure to reduce costs to make healthcare affordable and available to all.

The industry is working hard to replace slow, traditional manual methods with high-speed automated processes. To do this effectively requires the connection and integration of numerous databases from various partners in the network, many of whom are crippled by legacy technology. Moving to the cloud, while determined critical to future operations, has proved to be difficult and time-consuming.

Many healthcare systems don’t have the technology capabilities required to efficiently deliver new channels and services demanded by patients and partners, develop innovative new products to improve outcomes, and deploy in new markets to enhance profitability. Robust M&A activities require increased integration between a variety of new and old systems for effective, continuous operations.

The adoption of the Affordable Care Act and subsequent changes have compelled health care providers to alter business practices. Legislative requirements continue to evolve and must be dealt with efficiently with minimal disruption of service to patients.

Integrated care requires integrated systems.
We have the right solutions.

20+ years Successful Implementations

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment – where speed, agility, scalability, and efficiency are critical – we can help you transform your operations and extract the most value from your data.

Lightwell offers state-of-the-art integration solutions – including MuleSoft Anypoint, IBM Cloud Integration, and our own – to help you connect your systems, your partner network, and the patients who depend upon you.

Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll ensure you select the right data and integration solutions for your organization so you can manage APIs, connect applications, deliver real-time information, and operate seamlessly and reliably on the cloud.

Our team of healthcare industry integration experts has decades of experience helping organizations like yours adopt the modern processes and systems they need to create better relationships, achieve better outcomes, and drive better performance.

By working with us, healthcare organizations, their patients, and their partners achieve numerous benefits through efficient and effective integration:

  • Patients enjoy a better experience through increased engagement.
  • Increased employee engagement helps deliver better outcomes.
  • Organizations achieve cost containment for patients and profitability for investors.
  • Modern integration brings speed and agility to improve IT operations.
  • Innovative operations increase efficiency across the care continuum.
  • Improvements in the value chain deliver new channels, products, and markets.
  • Integrated, automated systems help ensure adherence to government legislation.

Leverage digital channels to improve engagement and drive differentiation. Our integration solutions enable healthcare organizations to offer access to information and to develop APIs that facilitate easy and fulfilling experiences for patients.

Timely, accurate access to information made possible by integration helps healthcare teams collaborate to better serve patients, accelerate R&D, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Streamlined processes, faster speeds, and improved analytics help control costs, improve billing, and increase ROI.

IT staff, who are already stretched to the limits, are able to focus on strategic initiatives, and users transition to comprehensive, secure, self-service systems to accomplish their objectives.

From scheduling appointments to analyzing outcomes or ensuring drug labels are correct – operations throughout the integrated system see better results as systems and processes are streamlined, accelerated, and automated.

Everything from the introduction of telehealth to reusable, compliant APIs, and fully integrated facilities are made possible through technology that provides greater connectivity, communication, and collaboration.

Full integration makes communication of new regulations faster and easier, while capabilities such as built-in compliance can be incorporated into processes to ensure new regulations are immediately adopted.

Learn how leading healthcare companies have benefited from IT integration.

Companies leveraging the Anypoint solution from our partner, MuleSoft,
have reported results like these:


increased API development speed by 25%.


accelerated their labeling process, establishing Right First Time labeling.

NSW Health

achieved connectivity between clinical and non-clinical systems.


unified API lifecycle management connectivity on a single runtime.


achieved a HIPAA-compliant 360-degree view for medical staff.

Sutter Health

tripled the speed at which they can develop applications supporting value-based care initiatives, reducing 30-day readmission rates by 30%.


automated reporting to reduce reporting costs, increase product time to market, and make more data-driven strategic decisions.


a global diagnostics company, provided sales reps with 360-degree customer views populated with real-time data.

Transform your organization with integration software and services adapted for the healthcare industry.

Meet your patients’ evolving expectations, respond faster to legislative disruption, and deploy innovative technology solutions quickly to meet the changing demands of your industry. Integration solutions from Lightwell are secure, reliable, and can connect virtually every application, data, and device. We help you design, implement, manage, support, and optimize these solutions and more.

Help your organization achieve optimal health.

Learn more about how our consultants can help you implement innovative integration solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the highly regulated, and critically important healthcare industry:

Our team of integration experts will help you achieve superb results from your integration solutions, aligning the tools with your business needs and goals. You’ll extract more value from your data and systems while fulfilling the needs of your patients, operations teams, regulators, and investors.

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