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Seamless integration enables financial services companies to revolutionize, transform, and gain significant advantages.

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Financial services providers are competing fiercely in a transformed market.

How do you maintain status quo in an industry afflicted by outdated technologies, shackled by restrictive regulations, and made even more burdensome by slow, manual processes? You don’t. Because eventually, some entrepreneurial start-up is going to abandon the primitive practices and offer a smarter, better way for people to manage their financial affairs.

This is what’s happened to the financial industry. With the emergence of FinTechs and other savvy operators, the behemoth had to shed its weight, adopt new practices and face a difficult realization: Our customers deserve a lot more from us. Faster service. Easier interactions. And the long-overdue abolition of “banker’s hours.”

They’ve been forced to revolutionize and transform.

Over the last couple of decades, the financial services industry has undergone a tumultuous change. Organizations have had to revolutionize their operations to better meet customer expectations – providing convenient hours, ATMs, greater transparency, and more personalized omnichannel services. They’ve had to introduce systems to ensure security and compliance with an increasing number of government and industry regulations. And they’ve had to deal with the fallout of global economic conditions that put further pressure on their performance and make profitability more challenging.

To achieve this transformation, banks and financial services companies have been compelled to streamline operations, create digital processes, and drive innovation unrelentingly. Most financial institutions are well on their way to modern practices, and they’re now challenged to improve systems that aren’t adequately integrated, and in many cases, were quickly cobbled together to satisfy urgent needs.

Lightwell has been serving the financial industry for decades, and we’ve helped some of the world’s more successful institutions transform into modern operations, continuously offering innovative advancements to better serve their customers, employees, and investors.

Digitization, transformation, and innovation require secure, seamless integration.

Financial executives are under pressure to overcome market competition through faster transformation that enables digital innovation. But to achieve their goals, they depend upon the IT development team that is already overwhelmed with the work of keeping the lights on. They don’t have time to accept more projects. Meanwhile, architects are clamoring for agile, scalable systems that function more harmoniously together.

Financial institutions have a wealth of challenges. Many are strategically investing in modern IT initiatives to help them get ahead of the curve. Driven by customer demands, regulatory requirements, competition, and economic conditions, they’re stepping up performance. But many other financial organizations are quickly falling behind, faced with the following complicated issues. 

Are you feeling the same level of pressure?

  • Customer engagement requires complicated omnichannel service.
  • Personal service requires integration that provides a clear, accurate customer vis.
  • IT resources are limited and expensive.
  • Legacy systems create bottlenecks.
  • Profitability is problematic.
  • Valuable IT professionals are constantly reinventing the wheel.
  • The proliferation of APIs brings the need for API management.

Customers want to engage using their preferred method of communication – web, mobile, ATM, on-site, or phone. And more options are likely on the horizon.

Unless you analyze your individual customers, you can’t know their preferences or predict future activities -  information that is essential to future success.

Older systems that are cobbled together and point-to-point connections require significant effort any time a change is required. But IT time is difficult to obtain due to other pressing organizational priorities.

Old platforms, unreliable connections, slow processes…older systems can’t keep up with the real-time demands and increased volume of today’s transactions.

Operations managers are under extreme pressure to improve the expense-to-revenue ratio by streamlining processes.

Point-to-point integration has resulted in the need for specialized assets to make connections. The code that’s being developed can’t be re-used elsewhere to extract greater value from IT efforts.

Customer and partner demands for innovation are driving the production of APIs for a variety of purposes: self-service customer engagement, transaction management, and operations. But as they multiply, management and orchestration become critical issues.

Lightwell knows your industry, and we have the integration solutions to help improve performance.

Speed, agility, scalability, and efficiency are critical to financial operations. Lightwell offers state-of-the-art solutions including MuleSoft Anypoint, IBM Cloud Integration, as well as our own to help you integrate your internal, customer, and partner systems, and offer secure, streamlined, reliable services.

Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll help you design and deploy integration solutions that enable you to manage APIs, connect applications, and operate seamlessly and reliably on the cloud.

Our team of experts has decades of financial services experience and is eager to help you adopt the modern processes and systems you need to establish stronger customer relationships, obtain full value from your data, and prepare a foundation for future growth and success. Here’s how we can help:

Give customers access to their accounts – anywhere, anytime, any way they prefer.

Provide your customers with self-service capabilities that solidify customer engagement. Use APIs to improve and introduce new features.

Present a 360-degree view that enables personalized services.

Serve employees a unified client view across multiple systems of record. Identify cross-sell and other opportunities to generate activity and deepen your relationships.

Achieve integration quickly with out-of-the-box connectors.

Integration solutions provide the tools needed to act quickly. Enable your IT team to compose – not code – with pre-built templates, components, and other reusable building blocks. Free them to dedicate their valuable time to more important, strategic initiatives.

Eliminate bottlenecks, increase agility and prepare for the future.

Integration solutions such as MuleSoft Anypoint de-couple monolithic architectures and helps speed processes. Furthermore, they scale for every size enterprise and molds to your company’s needs – including moves into IoT, microservices, or analytic processes. 

Increase profitability by gaining and retaining customers.

Attract and retain customers through innovative digital offerings that offer them fast, personalized service. Make improvements quickly to stay ahead of the game.

Re-use IT assets to leverage value.

Allow lines of business to self-serve via highly accessible APIs made possible through application integration that can be deployed in a number of options: on-premises, iPaaS, SaaS, containers, or whatever combination you choose.

Manage APIs on a single, unified platform.

Support an API-first strategy. Design, run and analyze services and APIs on a single platform that includes management, connectivity, and orchestration. Well-planned application integration reduces operational cost and increases developer productivity.

Learn how leading financial institutions
have benefited from integration.

Companies leveraging the Mulesoft solution have reported results like these:

Bank of America’s Global Wholesale Bank (GWB)

transitioned to ISO20022 standards in two months, rather than the anticipated nine.

Community America Credit Union (CACU)

is increasing product cross-sell through a 360° customer view across systems such as and FiServ.

Barclays Bank

in the UK was one of the first global banks to align on an API-first strategy, using it to manage a global repository of APIs.

Transform your organization with an integration solution designed for the financial services industry.

Meet your customers’ evolving expectations, respond more quickly to changing regulations, and deploy innovative technology solutions quickly to meet the changing demands of the financial industry. Integration solutions from Lightwell are secure, reliable, and can connect with virtually every application, data, and device.

With the assistance of our skilled integration consultants, you’ll be equipped to attract and retain customers through modern digital offers delivered quickly to an eager market. We’ll help you streamline processes to increase agility and, ultimately, to improve profitability.

Learn more about how Lightwell consultants can help you implement state-of-the-art integration solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements:

Our team of experts will help you achieve superb results, aligning modern, flexible tools with your organization’s goals.

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