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Enable seamless, secure, and flexible integration with the cloud.

cloud integration

Today, more and more companies are moving to the cloud – and for plenty of good reasons. Many of them are already using cloud technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase agility. 

Some are exploring ways to unleash the power of the cloud, enabling them to innovate faster, deliver better experiences, and drive competitive advantages. Others are just getting started in their cloud journey and trying to determine the right approach to get the most value through a cloud migration while minimizing disruption.

Cloud integration should be top of mind.

Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, you must also be thinking about integration.  Integration is a strategic component of initiatives that involve the cloud or digital transformation. Why?

cohesive pragmatic integrate

The number of critical systems, touchpoints, and partners has exploded.

Companies must enable seamless connectivity between numerous legacy systems, cloud solutions, data sources, SaaS, IoT, mobile, channels, social, AI, partners, and more.


Traditional integration approaches can’t keep up.

Traditional integration approaches often involve custom coding and complex point-to-point integrations. The skills required to create and maintain integrations are specialized and difficult to scale.


Monolithic architectures are slow and inflexible.

Deployments are centralized, putting more pressure on a very busy IT team.  Adapting to change can be slow and difficult, impairing agility and delaying time-to-market.

360 degree view

Enterprise demands are higher than ever.

You must protect the data that flows between your systems, ensuring top-notch security and transaction integrity. You must also support greater scalability and resiliency to meet unprecedented demands. Traditional approaches can’t keep up.

Comprehensive cloud services and solutions
to help you every step of the way.

Addressing these challenges is critical to the success of your cloud initiative – and your company’s future. Our team can help you overcome these barriers to achieve your goals and unleash the power of the cloud. Leveraging expertise spanning integration and APIs, cloud and hybrid cloud, enterprise architecture, application development, and more – we’ll help you:

Leverage powerful integration solutions
to optimize cloud connectivity.

Leveraging the industry-leading solutions from our partners – including MuleSoft Anypoint and IBM Cloud Integration solutions – we’ll help you achieve numerous capabilities to simplify, streamline, and optimize your integration with the cloud.  We’ll help you:

Create and manage APIs

that make your core business functions available through digital channels

Unlock valuable data sources

and enable fast, secure access to data – on-premise or in the cloud

Accelerate connectivity

Build and deploy new, reusable integrations in minutes, enabling you to connect new applications and enable new capabilities quickly.

Accelerate delivery and time-to-market

with a more agile integration architecture

Reduce integration costs

by increasing reuse, improving interoperability, and simplifying operations

Secure your systems and data

while delivering new engaging services through the cloud

Protect transaction integrity

as data flows across networks and data sources

scalable foundation
Optimize resiliency and scalability

of critical backend systems

Achieve your goals, wherever you are
in your cloud journey.

  • Connect on-premise, SaaS, and cloud systems effectively
  • Move data, workloads, and applications to the cloud with confidence
  • Achieve successful cloud modernization and transformation
  • Connect any application, system, data source, and device – quickly and easily – with reusable APIs that can be leveraged across many applications
  • Leverage APIs to create a bridge between legacy and Cloud/SaaS-friendly data formats and transport protocols
  • Insulate on-premises systems from disruption as cloud usage increases, with enterprise-grade security, throttling, and rate-limiting API policies
  • Connect multiple SaaS and cloud applications to a single system of record, leveraging reusable APIs to accelerate the process
  • Transform your existing point-to-point integrations to be cloud-compatible
  • Unlock access to critical data and systems through APIs – wherever they reside
  • Connect on-premises and cloud systems with an API abstraction layer
  • Enable integrations and applications to coexist across on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments
  • Modernize your integration architecture to ensure real-time access to data and services
  • Leverage on-premises data with your new, cloud-native applications
  • Modernize your legacy applications and integrations to increase performance
  • Expose the functionality of high-traffic monolithic applications or services via microservices
  • Expose access to microservices via APIs, and configure microservices to be deployable across any environment

Unleash the benefits of effective cloud integration.

Through our cloud integration solutions and services, we can
help you achieve numerous benefits, including:

  • Deliver superior customer experiences
  • Optimize the use and value of your data
  • Accelerate integration while reducing costs
  • Reduce costs, risks, and disruption
  • Secure your data and protect your business
  • Increase agility and innovation

Deliver superior customer experiences

  • Achieve a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences
  • Increase satisfaction with personalized services
  • Provide new and innovative experiences

Optimize the use and value of your data

  • Free up data currently locked away in legacy, mainframe systems
  • Enable applications to seamlessly access critical data systems from anywhere –wherever they reside
  • Move big data and digital content globally at maximum speed
  • Consume data in new ways and in new locations without application changes

Accelerate integration while reducing costs

  • Empower your teams to build and deploy integrations with cloud technologies quickly and easily, leveraging pre-built connectors, simple low-code tooling, and reusing existing assets
  • Instantly deploy and update integrations without impacting existing deployments
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks of a centralized, monolithic architecture
  • Avoid the costs and headaches of maintaining multiple integration solutions
  • Reduce the dependence on highly specialized skills
  • Meet growth needs by making integrations portable and easy to move to new environments and locations
  • Simplify management of applications and integrations across environments

Reduce costs, risks, and disruption

  • Gain end-to-end visibility and control into all integrations across the business
  • Ensure that backend systems can keep up with high workloads to avoid downtime
  • Scale on demand and adjust to peaks in real time with a robust infrastructure
  • Enable new applications to scale to meet peaks in demand without needing to scale up backend systems
  • Empower teams to build and deploy their own integrations – without losing central insight and governance
  • Standardize operations, management, access management, and logging across integrations

Secure your data and protect your business

  • Protect your business data and customer records – and your reputation
  • Keep your systems of record up to date with security and integrity
  • Build a digital ecosystem with secure, open access to business data and assets without increasing risk
  • Ensure compliance with the latest in security and privacy regulations with consistent security policies
  • Simplify audit responses through end-to-end encryption of data in flight or at rest

Increase agility and innovation

  • Connect and integrate new systems, data sources, and devices quickly
  • Avoid costly, disruptive changes to improve performance or scalability
  • Make changes quickly and easily, without specialized skills or long timelines
  • Know what’s happening across your systems to anticipate change and avoid disruption

End-to-end services to help you unleash
the value of your cloud.

Cloud integration requires significant expertise, a solid strategy, and effective use of the right technologies. With decades of integration experience, we’ll ensure your on-premise and cloud applications communicate seamlessly through scalable, secure, and flexible integrations. Leveraging world-class integration solutions, including MuleSoft Anypoint and IBM Cloud Integration solutions, we’ll enable your organization to overcome complexity, accelerate time-to-benefit, streamline management, ensure security, and establish a future-proof architecture.

Our experienced integration consultants will help you:

Develop an effective cloud integration strategy and roadmap

Explore optimal integration approaches

Accelerate your initiatives with quick start assets

Move to the cloud with confidence

Unlock valuable business data and assets as APIs

Increase flexibility and agility

Integrate legacy, SaaS, and cloud-based applications seamlessly

Protect your business and your customers

Enable any-to-any integration

Manage and optimize your solutions in the cloud

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