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Effective cloud integration
should be top of mind.

Whether you’re just beginning to plan a move to the cloud or you’re an innovator striving to unleash the value of the cloud – it’s essential to think about integration. To ensure your cloud migration goes smoothly and to achieve the best results from your cloud initiatives, you need to:

  • Connect systems, data sources, and applications seamlessly – on-premises and in the cloud
  • Interface with cloud and SaaS providers
  • Ensure your applications can talk to each other
  • Identify and address all the integration points that could cause failures
  • Enable your critical legacy systems can connect with modern, cloud-based applications
  • Securely connect the cloud to the enterprise without compromising the firewall
  • Support a variety of integration flows moving in both directions
  • Scale quickly as the number of endpoints increase
  • Gain visibility and control over information flows and integrations

It’s a lot to consider with many moving parts.  Enabling effective cloud integration takes a great deal of expertise, a solid plan, and the right technologies. Don’t go it alone: our team is here to help.

A holistic approach to getting
the most from the cloud.

Leveraging skills from across a wide range of technology and business disciplines – including cloud, Enterprise Architecture, application development, integration, supply chain, and data analytics – we can not only ensure seamless cloud integration, but we can provide comprehensive services and solutions to help you achieve your overall cloud objectives.

We also have great partnerships in place to enable the capabilities you need.  Through partnerships with cloud technology leaders—including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and more — we’ll help you leverage the ideal cloud environment and capabilities for your needs and goals.

We also partner with integration solution leaders – including MuleSoft and IBM – to provide the best technologies for your needs now and in the future.

Deep integration expertise to ensure
seamless cloud integration.

Integration isn’t a side project for us. It’s at the heart of what we do. So we understand the importance and complexity of cloud integration – and know the best ways to approach it.

We provide a full range of integration services to enable seamless, scalable, secure, and flexible cloud integration. From strategy to implementation to monitoring and optimizing performance – our experts will help you every step of the way. Here’s how:

  • Cloud integration assessment: Gain a thorough understanding of your integration needs.
  • Cloud integration strategy and roadmap: Build a solid strategy and plan.
  • Cloud integration Architecture: Create an optimal foundation for success.
  • Transform your solutions for the cloud and ensure a seamless cloud migration.
  • Integration Quick Start Assets: Get a jump-start on your cloud integrations.
  • Select and implement the right integration solutions for your needs.

We’ll perform a comprehensive cloud integration assessment of your current state, needs, goals, and requirements. We’ll explore your current integration capabilities, determine if and how they’ll support your cloud goals, and recommend new integrations where gaps exist.

Explore our Cloud Integration Assessments >

Based on your capabilities, needs, and goals, we’ll help you create a comprehensive cloud strategy and create a detailed, actionable plan designed to accelerate results. We also help you identify the specific integration capabilities required by your business.

Our roadmap will ensure that your cloud strategy and investments align with your goals –throughout the project and in the years to come. We’ll provide a detailed plan for every step, providing your organization a clear understanding of priorities, resources, costs, and ROI.

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We’ll develop a scalable, future-ready cloud architecture that facilitates your success now and in the future. Through our assessment, we’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your current integration architecture and create a plan to optimize it for the cloud.

We’ll also leverage our proven Integration Architecture Framework to evaluate your current integration capabilities, identify gaps, and plan for an optimal cloud integration architecture.

Explore our Cloud Architecture and Integration Architecture services >

There may be situations where integration alone may not enable the capabilities you want, and you’ll need to modernize your current applications for the cloud. Our experienced team offers comprehensive, full-stack application development capabilities, best practices captured over decades, extensive DevOps expertise, and more. We’ll help you reimagine, redesign, and transform your current solutions for the cloud and ensure successful cloud migrations.

Working together, our solution consultants, cloud architects, and application development team will help you:

  • Define the specific capabilities needed to optimize your applications for the cloud
  • Create a plan to enable them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Transform your applications for the cloud through comprehensive application modernization services
  • Execute the right cloud migration approach
  • Leverage the cloud for specific enterprise applications

Explore how we help you unleash the power of the cloud >

To jumpstart your cloud integration initiatives, we provide logical designs and code templates to shorten initial delivery time.

In addition, the pre-built connectors, templates, adapters, and user-friendly tools within the integration solutions of our partners will help you create integrations quickly and easily.

We help you select, implement, and manage the industry-leading integration solutions from our partners. These best-of-breed solutions include:

Learn about Integration and API Management software >

Beyond integration: Comprehensive cloud services and solutions to help you every step of the way.

We can assist you with much more than integration. Leveraging expertise spanning integration, cloud, enterprise architecture, application development, and more – we’ll help you:

Plan and execute a comprehensive cloud strategy

Evaluate your cloud readiness

Enable a flexible, scalable cloud architecture

Develop and execute your cloud migration strategy

Implement cloud infrastructures, such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud

Ensure effective cloud data migrations

Provide cost-effective cloud managed services

Reduce spend and increase adoption with cloud optimization services

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