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Future proof your organization with seamless integration.

The world is moving at an accelerated pace. As a result of advances in technology, partners and customers have developed an expectation of immediacy in every aspect of their lives – and instantaneous access to information. When this expectation is directed toward business transactions, any delay is at best a disappointment, or more seriously, considered failure to perform to anticipated standards.

Connectivity is Critical

As a result, companies are under pressure to change the way they conduct operations. Regardless of the channel, data source, or application being used, huge volumes of information need to move as rapidly, seamlessly, and accurately as possible. Then it needs to be effectively integrated and made accessible to individuals and applications that need it. But this creates a significant challenge as organizations deal with the number and variety of systems used today – ranging from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions – and new methods of obtaining access, such as IoT and mobile.

Keep up with Growth

With the unrelenting exponential growth of data and the advent of AI and advanced analytics, the situation becomes even more complicated.

In the past, when companies had only two or three connections to make, point to point integrations may have worked efficiently. Now, with hundreds or even thousands of data sources and applications to manage, companies need future-proof integration architecture, strategy, and technology.

Overcome integration challenges

Lightwell has decades of experience and expertise with the world’s leading integration solutions. Leveraging our extensive skills and knowledge base, we’ll help you eliminate lag time and integrate data and applications to unlock their full potential.  

So, you can provide the best experience for your customers, partners, and internal users while you create new business opportunities, improve products and services, and gain competitive advantages.

Leverage integration to drive value

Our team takes a collaborative approach that starts with our proven methodology. We work with you to develop an integration strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives, and to create an architecture that fosters strong, reusable integrations. Whether you’re connecting five applications or five hundred, we’ll help you leverage your data and applications – securely and quickly.

Through our decades of experience, and our partnerships with technology leaders like MuleSoft and IBM, we’ve developed best practices that you can count on to connect your data, applications, and information effectively and efficiently every step of the way.

Comprehensive integration consulting services

Our end-to-end integration consulting services help you:

  • Unlock business data and assets as APIs that accelerate digital transformation, turning data stores into sources of value, and enabling new revenue opportunities.
  • Increase business agility with a modern messaging and integration infrastructure, allowing you to rapidly adapt to new challenges.
  • Enable unprecedented efficiency, speed, and agility by connecting data and applications seamlessly. You’ll achieve real-time information access, visibility, and insights, giving you the insights you need to make smarter, faster business decisions.
  • Transfer and synchronize large volumes of data and digital assets in the cloud, on-premises and between companies at high speed. You’ll be able to view information in real-time and connect to a variety of data sources quickly.
  • Integrate SaaS and other cloud-based applications to fuel your critical business transformations, giving you the power of technology that aligns with your business strategy and objectives.
  • Quickly connect with your customers through new channels, improving the customer experience and helping you to meet them where they are.
  • Get greater value and insights from the data you already own and your new data analytics applications, making your data a more valuable enterprise asset.

Tap into our integration experience and expertise to derive the most value from your systems.

Integration and API solutions

In addition to integration consulting services, we can help you accelerate
your business innovation and gain advantages through:

API Management

Optimize how you create, run, manage, and secure your APIs with full-lifecycle API management solutions.


Application Integration

Share data in meaningful ways between your applications – quickly and securely – regardless of application type, protocol, or message format.


Cloud Integration

Connect your systems and applications between clouds and on-premise environments seamlessly.


Transform your business with integration platforms from MuleSoft and IBM.

Through our partnerships with MuleSoft and IBM, we help deliver integration, API management, and connectivity solutions that improve agility and accelerate outcomes.

Unlock and integrate data from any system to unleash the full potential of your data, and deliver time-sensitive projects significantly faster.

Easily connect applications and data across cloud and hybrid cloud environments to execute an agile integration strategy, improve customer experiences, and accelerate digital transformation.

Our experience and expertise in integration and APIs, combined with our in-depth knowledge of these leading integration solutions, enable us to equip you with the technologies, processes, and people to achieve your business objectives.

Improve performance with valuable, end-to-end integration benefits.

By combining our technical and business expertise with the best connectivity and integration solutions available, we’ll help you achieve a wide variety of business benefits, including:

Reduce the time and complexity of integrating

your applications, data sources, supply chain, and partner ecosystem so you can get to market faster.

Rapidly deliver innovative services

by bridging channels and delivery models with back-end applications. You’ll create customer- and employee-facing applications that enable great experiences and outcomes.

connect integrate
Share services and extend business processes

across and outside the enterprise to engage partners, customers, and suppliers.

Help ensure data integrity

by securing the delivery of files, messages, and services between businesses and applications, preventing costly breaches that could damage your reputation.

ai advanced technologies
Harness the Internet of Things

through solutions designed to deliver scalable, reliable, and real-time, event-driven interactions. You’ll improve the management and analysis of your assets and develop new ways to improve your bottom line.

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