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Enterprise Architecture is about much more than IT and applications.

By taking the time to improve your Enterprise Architecture, you are deciding to make your entire organization more efficient. With Enterprise Architecture Consulting or an EA program, you receive an actionable framework to drive better business and technology decisions.

The Primary Outcomes of an Improved Enterprise Architecture

Aligned Investments

Ensure you’re investing in the right projects and the right assets at the right time. Design your enterprise applications with all of your other assets in mind.

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Technology Roadmaps

Remove the siloed setup between your technology assets and your business processes. Instead, leverage your technology for your business with improved enterprise implementations.

Asset Portfolios

Get the big picture of all of your technology and business assets. With a renewed understanding, you can link assets to one another, using these relationships to guide better decisions.

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Collaboration Processes

Improve your teams’ access to asset knowledge, setting up a process to share and facilitate the use of this critical information. Even better, set up your EA to grow your knowledge base over time.

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Formalized Standards

All of your assets serve the same business and should have the same standards. Formalize what you already have in place and set up standards for future projects and acquisitions.

The Concrete Benefits of EA

All of these EA program outcomes translate into more measurable returns.

Aligned investments mean you’re only spending money on what truly matters, asset portfolios mean you have a better rationale for keeping or retiring applications, and so on. The concrete benefits of Enterprise Architecture include:

Faster time to market

Analyze the requirements and impact of new initiatives from the start, reducing log jams closer to project completion. Automate much of the effort behind collection, validation and reporting projects. New internal efficiencies mean you cut down on your time to value dramatically.

Reduced complexity

With a full analysis of your business, technology, information and infrastructure assets you cut down on technical debt and redundancy.

Enjoy improved agility with simplified enterprise assets and straightforward new processes.

Cost savings

You don’t always have to set out to cut costs in order to improve margins.

By reworking your technical debt, reducing redundancies, diagramming efficiencies and automating processes, you’ll see cost savings immediately after implementation.

Reduced risk

With a full EA consultation, you will almost certainly surface asset health issues that would otherwise go undetected. 

In turn, the EA roadmap will set up processes to remediate risks associated with security and performance. You’ll also be better prepared to avoid these risks moving forward.

Who Can Benefit from an
Enterprise Architecture Program?

If you’ve found this page, you most likely know that you need some help with your Enterprise Architecture. You can benefit from EA consulting services if:

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You are completely new to EA, looking for some guidance in setting up a successful program.

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You have an EA program that isn’t meeting your expectations.

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You want to expand your EA into new areas like business architecture or data analytics.

The common thread is that you are facing significant transformational challenges, and you’re looking for a way to achieve greater success by closing the gap between business operations and IT.

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