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Closing the gap between strategy and execution

Most executives say strategic initiatives are essential to build and maintain a competitive advantage. Far fewer leaders report that they see a high degree of alignment between strategy and initiatives.

They struggle with a gap between what the business strategy says and how the business will need to execute that strategy.

CIOs confront this gap most often, as they take on the difficult task of translating high-level business goals into actionable IT deliverables. Sometimes an enterprise doesn’t even have a well-defined business strategy for specific investments, which compounds the difficulty.

Every CIO knows that the difference between strategy and execution can be striking.

Enterprise Architecture


  • Sets direction
  • Focuses on medium to long-term
  • Remains largely the same


  • Sets out plans and tasks
  • Focuses on the present
  • Iterates based on internal and external exchanges

Our Strategy to Initiative (S2I) Methodology

Enerprise Architecture

To close that gap, we assist our clients through our Strategy to Initiative methodology (S2I).  Part of our Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture offerings, our S2I programs are ideal for companies that are:

  • Struggling with business planning
  • Facing major changes or transformation that requires planning
  • Wanting to improve their ROI by ensuring they are focused on the right projects at the right time

When it comes to planning an initiative or project, the most common approach is to start with an idea and muddle through execution to produce a project artifact that may or may not align with the original vision.

Instead, Lightwell walks enterprises through the process of translating both strategy and execution in the context of business capabilities.

A Proven Process for Connecting Strategy to Execution

We provide a proven, facilitated planning process and methodology—our Strategy-to-Initiative (S2I) Methodology—that leverages Business Architecture methods and techniques. This approach enables us to tie strategy and execution activities back to the same focal point, enabling us to contextualize, prioritize and visualize changes as while the project is ongoing.

Whether applied at the Corporate, Divisional, Program, or Project level, our S2I Methodology helps to create a clear roadmap for achieving your business goals and objectives, while avoiding planning-execution pitfalls along the way.

With S2I, we clarify strategy and optimize
execution throughout project development.

Typically, our S2I programs are delivered through facilitated workshops, led by a professionally trained facilitator with extensive experience.  Participants can include leaders, managers, and stakeholders across the organization. Our skilled and knowledgeable workshop leader helps the team gain a deeper understanding of one another and reach consensus, while helping to facilitate buy-in and improve the chances of success for the initiative.

From these engagements, we deliver multiple models with the following focus:

Clarify Business Strategy

Create a Goal Model that documents the strategic goals aligns the initiative objectives and articulates the success metrics. This provides strong direction to the execution team, helping them understand what to deliver and how to execute.

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Direct the Initiative

Create a Capability Matrix that articulates the needs of the organization in the context of the initiative objectives and the barriers that are currently holding you back. Each capability change is designed to overcome a specific operational barrier.

Scope and Plan the Initiative

Create a scope-based plan and Roadmap that is tightly coupled with your marketplace analysis, value and initiative objectives. It provides a view of what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, and how it will help execute the strategy. Each milestone ties back to a capability change.

Accelerate Innovation and Growth

Provide a cost-benefit analysis to quantify whether executing the strategy is worthwhile, including ROI, recurring-and nonrecurring costs, break-even point, and payback period.

Our approach not only significantly improves project investments and success in achieving business goals in the short term, but also sets you up for success in the long term since we can train your team and make them self-sufficient.

Enterprise Architecture

Driving Strategy, Planning, and Buy-in Through Business Capability Modeling

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