Reducing Costs with Enterprise Architecture

Expert guidance to help you increase efficiency and reduce costs across your enterprise.

Measure twice, cut once with EA.

Enterprise IT professionals face the almost constant need to create or implement yet another application to satisfy the business’s operational needs. While the application’s goal may be to streamline processes or increase productivity – behind the scenes, costs are rising, and complexity is increasing.

You could reduce costs by cutting out or moving away from resource-intensive applications or finding replacements for those with a high cost of ownership. But unless you know which applications are driving business value and which are not – you’re just as likely to increase long-term costs as reduce immediate budget line items.

Instead, before taking action, consider getting a clear picture of your Enterprise Architecture and application portfolio. With our EA consulting services, you’ll get an up-to-date and granular view of your applications, business processes, integrations, data — and how they all connect.

Our Enterprise Architecture team can help you get a clear view of your IT investments and their value and provide pragmatic guidance on effectively reducing costs across your enterprise. Here are some examples:

Applications development

Improve alignment between business and IT investments

Through our EA assessments and strategy consulting services, we focus on ensuring your IT investments are aligned with your business goals. We help you see where there is an opportunity to optimize value while also reducing costs through your initiative. We then provide a clear, actionable roadmap for driving these results. 

And by augmenting and training your team, we can help you continue to improve your capabilities and achieve cost reductions over the long term.

Optimize your application portfolio

Our experience has shown us that an active approach to your application portfolio can reduce IT expenditures by up to 20%. With our Application Portfolio Assessment, we evaluate your current applications according to their technical profile and business value. Only those with a strong profile and high value are slated for optimization and growth, while we explore the best ways to retire or replace those that are holding you back. 

By approaching your portfolio in this manner, we’ll help you cut down on application redundancy and maintain a lean, optimized application portfolio that reduces your costs.

Integration and APIs

Reduce integration cost and complexity

Managing Integrations make up the bulk of daily IT work. But many companies face integration challenges that inflate costs, including:

  • Lack of flexibility and re-use across applications.
  • Rising 3rd party integration and maintenance costs.
  • Little visibility into integration use, resulting in redundant integrations.

By investing time and energy into understanding your Integration Architecture, you will be able to minimize all three of these interrelated issues.  Our EA and integration assessments enable your organization to understand, evaluate, and optimize its end-to-end integration capabilities.

Leverage the cloud

The cloud has opened up tremendous opportunities for organizations to both reduce infrastructure costs and increase their capabilities. But achieving these benefits requires a well-planned, strategic approach.

With our EA consulting services, you’ll be able to move forward with a crystal clear, optimized path to cloud migration

We’ll help you determine which applications are good cloud candidates, when to migrate them, and how best to integrate cloud-based and legacy applications.

cloud hybrid cloud
Data Analytics

Optimize Your Data

How well you manage and leverage your data will continue to have a significant impact on your costs. Through our EA consulting and Data Analytics, we’ll help you gain a rich understanding of how you’re managing and leveraging data today, where it resides, and how to improve your processes and data architecture going forward. 

With our guidance, stakeholders across the enterprise will improve how they access, manage, and analyze data. They’ll gain more actionable insights to reduce risk, improve processes, and drive down costs.

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Our EA consulting services are all-inclusive, bringing together applications, business goals, and data architecture to increase efficiency and reduce costs across the entire enterprise.

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