IT Modernization with Enterprise Architecture

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Optimize what you have and prepare for the future

Your organization already has a good foundation – it’s survived some serious economic downturns and technological upheaval. But is your foundation ready for the future? Is it helping you just keep up – or will it help you win?

By modernizing IT, companies can optimize their existing systems and prepare for a brighter future. They’re better equipped to:

Integrate their critical legacy systems with new technologies faster

Develop new capabilities and services

Enable new business models and enter new markets

Improve time to market and time to value

Increase speed, agility, and responsiveness

Reduce the costs and effort involved in maintaining outdated systems

Compete with digital natives

Through our Enterprise Architecture consulting services, our team can help you accelerate your IT modernization initiatives, achieve these benefits, and prepare for the future.

How Enterprise Architecture accelerates
IT Modernization

Although critical to your success in the past, your outdated, legacy systems and architectures can stand in the way of modernization and business growth.

IT modernization isn’t just an IT endeavor. It has a far-reaching impact across the organization – from reducing costs to increasing agility to improving the customer experience. It can help you create a competitive edge and facilitate growth and expansion.

Our Enterprise Architecture consultants help you gain an in-depth understanding of what you want and need to modernize IT for your organization. We’ll assess where you are today and where you’re trying to go. Based on this information, we’ll create the architectural design, pragmatic strategies, and detailed roadmaps that will help you accelerate successful IT modernization and achieve better outcomes.

Our Enterprise Architecture services accelerate the success of your IT modernization initiative in many ways, including:

  • Alignment between technology and business goals
  • Optimized application portfolio and technology stack
  • Streamlined processes for accelerating growth
  • Improved customer focus
  • Employee engagement and support
  • Future-ready architecture

We’ll translate the big picture and long-term vision into a specific, actionable roadmap.  This helps to ensure alignment between your investments, resources, and goals for better outcomes.

Our team will help you determine which IT investments to focus on, renew, modernize, and retire – and even help you execute your ideal approach.

We’ll help you determine how best to cut the fat, automate processes, and increase efficiency for a lean growth machine.

Our EA consultants will guide you around how to modernize while also improving customer satisfaction and engagement.   

We’ll help you discover how modernization and digital transformation can optimize and support your workforce.

We’ll help you create an agile, scalable, and future-ready foundation, so your organization is prepared for everything from new products and markets to mergers and acquisitions.

Our EA approach to IT Modernization

Application development is often the focus of IT modernization – and rightfully so. Your application portfolio is at the heart of everything your organization does, and you’ll need to modernize applications as part of your overall IT modernization initiative.

Not every application will help address your needs going forward. You may want to modernize your most valuable applications, retire ineffective ones, and replace others with SaaS or cloud solutions. But how should you approach these critical decisions – and how should you go about it?

Enterprise Architecture People

To help you modernize your application portfolio, we’ll deliver a thorough Application Portfolio Assessment. This is a proven, practical approach to determining what’s best to modernize, optimize, rebuild, and retire.

Through collaborative workshops, our experienced EA consultants will engage with your team to:

  • Create an inventory of your existing applications.
  • Assess your entire application portfolio in the context of your IT modernization goals.
  • Create a compelling “dashboard” to visualize how modernization can take shape.

This approach is essential to modernizing your Enterprise Architecture. It helps to cut costs in the short term, improve performance, and position you for greater success with future investments.

Strategically improve your integrations

Integrations are the glue that holds your entire Enterprise Architecture together. But the rigid, point-to-point integrations that connected your legacy applications in the past will impede your modernization efforts. Improving your integration strategy and capabilities is critical – and this is an area where we shine.

Our team can conduct an Integration Assessment to help you understand, evaluate, and optimize your end-to-end integration capabilities. We’ll leverage our proven Integration Framework to help establish the capabilities your organization needs for successful integration between your applications.

To support your IT modernization initiative, we’ll deliver:

  • Integration Roadmap: A clear understanding of where you are today and customized recommendations to modernize your integration capabilities.
  • Architectural Recommendations: High-level designs for integration in a modernized environment.
  • Quick Start Assets: Proven and logical designs and code templates to help you start making changes immediately.

With these deliverables, you’ll have better visibility of your Integration Architecture and a more effective long term integration strategy that will guide your enterprise going forward.

Start making smart moves to the Cloud

No IT modernization initiative is complete without considering a move to the cloud. Cloud migration is inevitable for any modern enterprise – but how well will you be able to manage the migration? This is a steep challenge many companies face – but our team is here to ensure a smooth migration.

By combining expertise in cloud transformation, enterprise architecture, and integration – we help you unleash the power of the cloud for IT modernization.

cloud integration

We can evaluate your cloud readiness and determine which cloud-enabling technologies are needed to support your IT modernization goals.

Next, we can assess your applications for the cloud to determine which applications are good cloud candidates – and what it will take to move them to the cloud. Then, through our cloud integration assessment, we ensure that your integrations will support cloud-based applications.

Furthermore, our EA team can help you develop an overall cloud strategy, ensuring your cloud investments are aligned with your IT modernization initiative and business goals.

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