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Digital transformation is a marathon,
not a sprint

If you want to run a marathon, you don’t simply sign up for your city’s next race  unless you’re feeling particularly daring, that is. You will instead research regimens, make goals, and start training. It’s hard. It takes time. But the payoff is more than worth it.

Similarly, digital transformation isn’t something you can achieve overnight. You can’t purchase it like an exciting new solution: digital transformation involves changing at every level and in every department of your organization. And if you want to avoid getting lost in the weeds or biting off more than you can handle all at once, you’ll need a strategic and informed approach to digital transformation.

Do you have a solid plan that will enable you to finish strong? Or will you quickly run off course? Even worse, will you run out of steam long before the finish line?

Companies turn to us to help them employ a practical approach to digital transformation. Our team helps them optimize their Enterprise Architecture and develop a solid plan to stay on course and push their performance to the next level.

Digital transformation

From maintenance mode to innovation

Enterprise Architecture isn’t a small aspect of your organization. EA is about ensuring your IT investments are aligned with your business goals. And optimizing EA is critical for successful digital transformation.

By providing smart design, practical strategies, and efficient execution – we help companies improve EA to move from maintenance mode to innovation.

Our Enterprise Architects will help you get your house in order, bridge gaps, and plan for the future. We’ll help you determine how to achieve faster time to market and better control your development and management processes. You’ll be equipped for a for a faster, smoother transformation.

Assess, align, and strategize – How we guide you through digital transformation

Digital transformation is a business initiative, not solely an IT initiative. Rather than a limited focus on specific applications or solutions, our team draws on cross-functional expertise to deliver assessments and develop strategies that span many vital areas, including:

We can provide a detailed assessment of your current state across these areas, helping you understand the gaps and the opportunities – within and between them. We’ll also provide a detailed roadmap for moving forward practically and cost-effectively, keeping all aspects of your business in mind.

Enterprise Architecture

Here’s how we can partner with you to
ensure a successful digital transformation.

Gaining a clear understanding of your current architecture and knowing where you want to go is essential to successful digital transformation. We achieve this through a variety of in-depth, highly-effective assessments.  Through our Enterprise Architecture Assessments, we:

Identify all of your business assets

Determine how they are connected

Assess their level of maturity and effectiveness

Uncover where gaps exist

This includes leveraging several of our proven approaches:

Enterprise Architecture

Maturity Model

To establish the specific capabilities you have today and how they can (or can’t) support your digital transformation goals.

Integration Capabilities

Assessment and Framework

To determine the specific capabilities needed for more effective integration based on your needs, and how to optimize your integration capabilities to accelerate hour transformation.. 

Application Portfolio


To rationalize and optimize your application portfolio, enabling you to improve performance and reduce costs throughout your digital transformation initiative. 

Ensure business and IT alignment

Closing the gap between business initiatives and IT investments is always at the core of what we do in EA consulting. Our EA assessments are aimed at achieving business and IT alignment, both goals and capabilities.

Business People Partners Aligned

Before building strategic roadmaps, we work with you to determine your business goals, and align them with your IT investments and capabilities.

The path forward to digital transformation can take different forms with varying goals. For example, are you focused on improving the customer experience? Do you want to improve specific business processes and capabilities? Are you exploring a new business model with digital offerings? Is your goal to empower employees with new digital capabilities?

Each of these goals will determine your digital transformation efforts and where we put our focus on the strategic roadmap. For example, we’ll help you create a strategy focused on:


Increase and improve customer touchpoints while amplifying your customer understanding through data.


Build worker enablement tools (work from anywhere) and enhance performance management through operational transparency.


Move toward digitization through better integration and reduce silos to bring the organization together.

Build an achievable, strategic roadmap

Based on this solid understanding, we’ll help build a roadmap for digital transformation that includes detailed steps and actions for specific applications, investments, and resources. We base this on our proven Strategy to Initiative (S2I) Methodology.

With S2I, we bring together the full scope of digital transformation, tying the deliverables you want back to a specific capability or application change that’s required. This approach enables us to create a clear plan that guides your organization to take the right steps, make the optimal investments, with the right resources and technologies – at the right time.  

Stakeholders across the company gain a greater understanding of what’s required for digital transformation, helping to improve collaboration and buy-in. The resulting roadmap provides an actionable 18-24 month plan that accelerates digital transformation success while keeping you from running off course.

Improve integration and modernize applications

Successful digital transformation requires a heavy focus on integration and application modernization.  Leveraging EA and integration expertise, we help ensure a future-proof architecture through a modern, flexible integration architecture.  

Furthermore, our application development and DevOps consultants can modernize your existing applications, while helping you leverage agile methodologies and DevOps approaches going forward.

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