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Cloud transformation is a matter of how, not if. Enterprise Architecture consulting will help you avoid pitfalls and accelerate results.

Moving to the cloud is inevitable for any modern enterprise. But how can you translate inevitability into business value for your enterprise today?

Lightwell helps you answer that question. Our Enterprise Architecture consulting services give you the foundation, roadmap, and partnership you need to achieve cloud transformation.

The question isn’t if your organization will undergo a move to the cloud. It’s how you’ll get the most out of cloud infrastructure as you do, turning the cloud migration into true cloud transformation. 

From initial cloud strategy and assessment to focused cloud managed services, Enterprise Architecture consulting will ensure that your organization can use cloud technologies to increase:

  • Responsiveness
  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Differentiation
  • Innovation
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Enterprise Architecture consulting helps to ensure successful cloud migrations

The cloud represents a massive opportunity for enterprises — but migrating a smattering of applications to the cloud doesn’t automatically translate into true transformation.

Enterprise Architecture consulting will help you move from a conceptual understanding of cloud migration to a practical roadmap for cloud transformation. 

Moving from buzzword to business value

The cloud is now inseparable from the larger conversation around enterprise IT. But many companies are struggling to truly translate the buzz into the practical: how does this apply to my organization?

Enterprise Architecture consulting helps you assess the risks associated with cloud migration and look at all aspects of what needs to be done. What are the risks that are causing problems in the first place? You don’t want to go through cloud migration and have the same issues crop up.

EA consulting moves beyond cloud as a concept to cloud in practice for your organization. We help companies assess ‘cloud’ for their specific situation. We start with a single question: what are you trying to achieve? Then we evaluate your applications and infrastructure to assess:

  1. Which applications should move to the cloud
  2. What it will take to migrate them to the cloud

The result is an 18-24-month roadmap that you can follow to execute a successful, comprehensive cloud transformation.

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How EA Consulting translates into
successful cloud transformation

Transformational change at the enterprise level is difficult. Add to it new cloud technologies, and change initiatives get even more complicated.

It’s no surprise that McKinsey reports just 26% of transformations as successful. The remaining initiatives struggle with silos, communication, lack of expertise, and more.

EA consulting brings the expertise you need for cloud transformation, cutting down on silos, and improving communication across the entire business infrastructure.

Lightwell’s Enterprise Architecture consulting services will help you achieve cloud transformation with:

From assessing overall cloud readiness to a detailed breakdown of your application portfolio, our initial engagement serves as the foundation for cloud transformation.

We provide specific recommendations for your applications, integrations, and architecture.

With our team managing your environment, you’ll always have access to someone who can help manage your new cloud environments.

Foundation: Cloud strategy and assessments

To deliver sustained business value from cloud transformation initiatives, our team uses several foundational methodologies for understanding your needs, goals, and capabilities – before moving into the roadmap and implementation.

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Cloud Maturity Model

We perform an extensive cloud capability analysis to determine your cloud readiness and which cloud-enabling technologies you’ll need to achieve cloud transformation. Rather than limiting the scope of cloud maturity to solutions, this model includes all factors that drive (or impede) cloud transformation: applications, workloads, teams, data, compliance, security, and more.

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Application Portfolio Assessment

Cloud transformation means moving the right assets and applications to the cloud, not just blind cloud migration. Our Application Portfolio Assessment determines which applications and workflows should be prioritized for the cloud, which should be rebuilt, and which should be retired. Strong cloud candidates are applications with a high strategic cloud value and a good ROI.

Cloud Integration Assessment

To ensure that your integrations will support cloud transformation and recommend new integrations where gaps exist. Of particular concern for cloud transformation is the potential lack of integration between on-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud environments and the potential for Increasing costs associated with moving the cloud.

Cloud Roadmap: applications, integrations,
and infrastructure

If the assessments above work as the foundation for cloud transformation, outlining a roadmap ensures your cloud migration activities continue to align with your goals and capabilities through the project and in the years to come. Critical to tying these pieces together is our Strategy to Initiative methodology.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

We run the entire engagement with an approach that ensures your IT investments are aligned with your business goals before, during, and after the cloud transformation initiative.

With our S2I methodology, you bring together the full scope of cloud transformation, from initial goals to a strategic roadmap and implementation.

The roadmap, based on initial assessments and tied to the S2I methodology, provides an actionable plan that addresses the complexities of:

  • Navigating a cloud/hybrid cloud/multi-cloud environment
  • Bringing business, IT, and solution architecture together
  • Taking your B2B or supply chain into account
  • Moving and analyzing data in the new cloud reality

To reduce complexity as much as possible, each deliverable on the roadmap is tied back to a specific capability or application change from the original assessment. Learn more about our  Strategic Initiative Planning services. 

Long-Term partnership: Cloud Managed Services and Architect In-Residence programs

Cloud transformation is an ongoing process, not a single event. From implementation on the roadmap to monitoring performance, our experts will partner with you throughout the change initiative.

Though most of the transformative change will likely be complete within the plan laid out on the roadmap, you’ll need to manage your cloud environment to ensure continued business value.

We provide Cloud Managed Services for a variety of applications, where our expert resources can manage applications in your preferred cloud environment. Also, our Architect In-Residence program gives you a flexible resource approach, where you can access our expertise on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your Enterprise Architecture and cloud transformation goals.

You’ll benefit from our guidance at every stage to help address the complexity of cloud infrastructure, integration, and applications. You’ll see true cloud transformation for years to come. 

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