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Optimize your application portfolio for cost savings, modernization, and cloud transformation

The secret to lower costs may be hidden
in your application portfolio

Reactive management is a fact of life in complex IT environments. Maintaining production will always take priority over big-picture perspectives.

IT application portfolios usually evolve over time, growing organically, rather than through holistic design. The inevitable results include loss of visibility, redundancies, and inefficiencies tied to aging and duplicative technology that lingers long past its useful lifetime.

Left unchecked, these invisible factors will siphon off a disproportionate share of your resources. This insight is supported by research that consistently finds that when companies take the time to actively manage their application portfolios, IT expenditures decline by 15-20% — with no significant side effects.

The fact is that these unrecognized redundancies and inefficiencies represent a very significant opportunity for IT cost savings and quality improvements. The question is: how do you get there while maintaining day-to-day operations? We’re here to help.

A fast, low-cost path to savings: Application Portfolio Assessment

Because few companies have a process—or even the organizational structure in place—to assess and optimize their portfolios, we developed our own Application Portfolio Assessment Methodology.

As part of our Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture Consulting services, this proven service helps our clients determine how to optimize their application portfolio as a path to:

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Reducing IT costs

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Improving IT quality

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Modernizing Applications

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Freeing up resources for high-value strategic initiatives

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Achieving Digital Transformation

Among the powerful benefits of our Application Portfolio Assessment methodology is how it identifies wasted IT support. Along with reducing unnecessary expenditures resulting from redundancies and inefficiencies in an enterprise’s (or business unit’s) application portfolio, application rationalization and optimization enables companies to invest more in strategic programs like digital transformation, IT modernization, and moving to the cloud.

See the case study below of a Lightwell client assessment, in which it was determined that 42% of enterprise applications should be retired or replaced.

By doing so, we estimated that the company would save over $3.4 Million per year and $10.2 Million over 3 years!

Realize ROI today with a reality-based, stakeholder-driven process

A key tenet of our Application Portfolio Assessment service offering is that it meets our clients where they are, as opposed to where they aren’t.

We understand that most companies do not have detailed, documented, quantitative information about all of their applications. However, your company has excellent SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) that have detailed knowledge of their applications.

Our methodology pulls together a small team of your SMEs and applies their subjective inputs in a structured environment, facilitated by one of our highly-experienced Application Portfolio Architects.

This enables us to fast-track a meaningful portfolio assessment, produce a practical and executable (as opposed to aspirational) roadmap, and help you optimize your application portfolio as effectively as possible.

Get actionable answers in days, not months

Our Methodology

  • We provide a proven process and effective tools for assessing the business value and technical value of each application
  • Our team evaluates each application and places it in one of the four quadrants

Assessment Quadrants

  • We assess each of the applications based on how its technical value compares to its business value, with a good-to-poor rating on each value
  • We place applications in quadrants to identify which applications to 1) Grow; 2) Need Technical Remediation; 3) Require Detailed Business Re-evaluation, or 4) Retire

An Actionable Roadmap

  • Ensuring that your people have the tools, preparation, and motivation to ensure your change is a success.


As part of the Application Portfolio Assessment, we’ll deliver:

  • Quadrant recommendations for each application
  • Associated rationale and application attributes in a “dashboard”
  • A Portfolio Roadmap encompassing all of the applications under consideration

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Seize Your Opportunity

Investing a few hours in preparation, followed by a Lightwell-facilitated team assessment, our exclusive methodology can be applied to transform your application portfolio, realize significant savings in labor and licensing costs, and achieve your digital transformation goals.

Contact us today to explore how it can help your company.

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