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Business in the Front, Party in the Back: EA Success Stories

Enterprise Architecture Maps Business Goals in Technical Terms

Beverage and brewing company

A beverage and brewing company with over 250 locations wanted to automate and modernize its complex brewing operations. The team heading up the initiative spent 18 months seeking funding and alignment from senior leadership without success.

To close the gap on the project’s promising ROI, Lightwell assessed the company’s 50-plus applications, mapping them to a business capability model. We then linked the model to the company’s existing process frameworks and KPIs, enabling effective benefit and financial impact analyses.

The project was greenlit, and Lightwell continued to engage the team, optimizing the annual investment in automation.

Enterprise Architecture Opens up the Opportunity for Partnerships

Large healthcare payer

A large healthcare payer had enterprise architects—but the organization lacked a well- rounded and effective EA program. When the new CIO came in, they immediately recognized widespread resistance to design change and governance. As a result, the organization faced significant technical debt and unnecessary IT complexity.

Lightwell was brought in for an EA assessment, developing a set of recommendations to close the gap between capability and need. With a roadmap in place, Lightwell worked with the healthcare payer to create changes in accordance with organizational culture and hire resources into EA-specific roles.

Over time, Lightwell became an extension of the healthcare payer’s team through a partnership that has lasted many years.

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