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Data Analytics initiatives are consistently
falling short of their potential

The amount of data created each year is growing faster than ever. The numbers are staggering.  According to IDC, by 2025 worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes, with as much of the data residing in the cloud as in data centers.

Unfortunately, most companies are struggling to manage and leverage their data effectively today.


80% of analytics insights will not deliver business outcomes through 2022


More than 87 percent of organizations are classified as having low business intelligence (BI) and analytics maturity


85% of big data projects fail


77% of businesses report that "business adoption" of big data and AI initiatives continues to represent a big challenge for business


87% of data science projects never make it into production


By 2022, augmented analytics technology will be ubiquitous, but only 10 percent of analysts will use its full potential

Companies face many challenges around managing and leveraging data

  • Data quality and accuracy issues
  • Outdated, complex systems and processes
  • Incomplete view of the customer
  • Manual, complex processes
  • Barriers to the Cloud
  • Readiness gaps with modern tools

Data quality and accuracy issues

  • Important data is scattered across the enterprise, and is often inaccessible, outdated, incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent.

  • Leaders and users don’t trust the information for making critical decisions, and/or analytics results are misleading.

  • Excessive time, effort, and resources are required when trying to resolve this.

Outdated, complex systems and processes

  • Business users need fast access to current data for analysis, but outdated, disparate systems can’t provide this.

  • Legacy data warehouses and architectures are unable to adapt.

  • With so much complexity, there are long delays waiting on IT to retrieve outdated information.

  • There is a constant struggle to keep up, and developers aren’t able to deliver what business users want.

Incomplete view of the customer

  • Customers expect personalized, consistent experiences but organizations can’t support this with incongruent, disparate customer data.

  • There is no single source of truth about the customer.

  • Customer-facing systems are out-of-sync.

  • Customer experience and marketing programs are negatively impacted.

Manual, complex processes

  • Preparing data for analytics requires extensive, costly manual coding and lengthy timelines, increasing costs and delays.


  • Lack of standardization due to quality, style and accuracy variances.

  • Data management tasks and processes are often manual, labor-intensive, and error-prone.
  • Automation is impeded by underlying data architecture and process problems.

Barriers to the Cloud

  • Moving to the cloud is a company imperative, but current systems aren’t ready for the cloud.

  • Companies lack the resources and skills for determining the right cloud data architecture, migrating data and data warehouses and applications to the cloud, integrating data sources in the cloud, and many other requirements.

Readiness gaps with modern tools

  • Data isn’t always accessible or readily usable by modern BI and advanced analytics tools, resulting in skewed insights and failed modern analytics initiatives.

  • Advanced tools for AI, machine learning, and others are out of reach because the current architecture, processes, tools, and skills aren’t ready to support them.

Companies are facing people and organizational challenges as well

  • Lack of detailed knowledge around source system data, or all the sources of data across the enterprise.
  • Building data warehouse integration processes haphazardly over time without regard to the process consistency needed for maintain them.
  • Tribal knowledge about data and systems that remains inaccessible to others.
  • Failure to document the information contained in data warehouse or data lakes, or the processes that provide that information.
  • Information needs are constantly expanding, but personnel can’t keep up with the knowledge and skills required

Data complexity has a serious impact on the business

  • The total cost of the data analytics initiative skyrockets
  • The overall quality and reliability of business intelligence reporting plummets
  • Lost revenue and missed opportunities due to data errors
  • Wasted resources on fixing problems resulting from bad data
  • Regulatory fines due to inaccurate regulatory reporting
  • Damaged reputation with customers prospect and partners, due to errors or when data reaching the wrong audience
  • Poor business decisions resulting from flawed, untrustworthy reports and data

Taking on these challenges alone can be overwhelming

data analytics

Many leaders and innovators recognize these problems but feel overwhelmed by determining how to solve them. Few have the time, expertise, and internal resources available to resolve these underlying data and complexity issues.

When looking outside for help, many companies find themselves lost navigating a crowded marketplace with providers that can only address part of the picture. And even the best tools in the market can’t address many of these challenges out-of-the-box.

Companies need a partner that understands their data, business, and its goals, and can guide them throughout their data analytics journey.

We’re here to help.

Count on us as your trusted data analytics partner

20+ years of experience

With over 20 years of experience, our team knows first-hand what it’s like to juggle the growing demands while faced with endless complexity.

Technical and business knowledge

Our team brings the deep technical, business and industry expertise needed to address the whole picture and help our clients optimize their data and insights.

End-to-end services

Through end-to-end services, we can support your efforts across the entire data management lifecycle.

Proven approach and tools

Our proven methodology and proprietary tools enable companies to develop and maintain a strong, future-ready data foundation for high-performance analytics.

Cross-discipline expertise

The Lightwell team’s expertise spans multiple disciplines beyond Data Analytics, enabling you to tap into extensive experience around Integration, Cloud, Enterprise Architecture, Supply Chain, Application Development, DevOps, and more.

Focus on business results

We're more than technologists. We strive to help you achieve your business goals and get the most value from your investments. We strive to deliver solutions that help to reduce costs and generate positive outcomes for your company and your staff.

We’ll help you overcome your data challenges and complexities

We’ll help you overcome your data challenges and complexities to streamline data management, reduce costs, and deliver insights that are clear, actionable, and impactful. By working with us you’ll:

Simplify and accelerate

your data management processes, leveraging proven methodologies, best practices, and automation

Ensure your data

is always accurate, high-quality, reliable, and secure

Quickly deliver on business expectations

no matter how fast data volumes grow or how complex your data sources are

Capitalize on modern and advanced technologies,

enabling you to to leverage Cloud, AI, automation, and advanced analytics tools effectively

Deliver valuable, relevant, timely, and actionable insights

that drive competitive advantages for your enterprise

Enable your team and organization

to maintain these benefits going forward and take on new data sources and tools with ease

Comprehensive, end-to-end services to help you every step of the way

Comprehensive, End-to-End Services

Data Strategy and Design

•      Assessments

•      Strategy Development

•      Roadmap Creation

•      Architecture

•      Solution Selection and Evaluation

Data Management and Optimization

•      Data Engineering

•      Data Integration

•      Data Warehousing

•      Data Lakes

•      Master Data Management

•      Data Quality

•      Metadata Management

•      Data Governance

•      Data Privacy & Security

•      Data Modeling

•      Data Visualization 

Analytics and Insights

•      Reports and Dashboards

•      Business Intelligence

•      Advanced Analytics

•      Supporting a wide range of use cases

Industry-Leading Data Analytics Solutions

Compute and Storage Platforms (On-Premise, Cloud, and Managed)

Benefit from our Technical + Industry + Business Expertise

Central to our approach to helping you overcome your data challenges is leveraging deep technical, industry and process expertise needed to understand, optimize, and leverage data effectively. 

Knowledge from all of these areas helps to:

Identify and connect the right data sources

Gain a consistent understanding of data meaning and lineage

Improve and accelerate your complex business and industry processes

Gain new efficiencies based on best practices

Leverage your data more effectively across the business

Uncover new insights that will help you achieve your goals

And apply best practices to transform your business

A proven process and methodology, starting with a comprehensive assessment

  • Data Analytics Assessment and Roadmap
  • Data Architecture and Design
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Automation Tools

To understand your needs and vision we start with a thorough assessment, examining a number of your processes and technologies in-depth. We identify and assess:

  • Business requirements
  • Stakeholder needs
  • Data and infrastructure architecture
  • Source systems
  • Target data models
  • Data engineering processes
  • Data analytics capabilities
  • Data management processes
  • Business analysis priorities

We’ll explore and document your current tools, architecture, processes, and requirements, and compare them with best practices. 

After gaining a thorough understanding of your analytics vision and goals, we’ll develop a detailed roadmap for aligning your resources, processes, and technologies with them.

Explore our Data Analytics Assessments

Next, we design and implement the architecture, tools, and processes for ensuring that data that is high-quality, reliable, accurate, and complete.

As part of this, we’ll help you capture, define, and document your ongoing data management processes and resource requirements

This equips your organization with a common understanding and valuable guide as it embarks on new initiatives, adds new data sources, and addresses changing business needs.  

We’ll assist you with designing, implementing, executing, and optimizing your ongoing data management processes including services for improving:

  • Data discovery and ingestion
  • Data architecture
  • Data integration
  • Data visualization and modeling
  • Data warehouses
  • Data lakes
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Data security and privacy
  • Data governance
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Data management tools and platforms

We can help you optimize the full lifecycle of your data, from its ingestion, storage, and transformation, to how it is leveraged and optimized for analytics.

At the heart of our approach is our proven methodology: a coordinated set of prescribed activities that promote the rapid development of a durable, modernized data warehouse foundation.

Explore our Data Management Services

During this process, we can leverage our proprietary tool we call Lightwell EDGE to automate, accelerate, and ensure a high-quality foundation. It prescribes and automates the development of the key structures and architectural processes that high-performance data analytics environments require.

EDGE was developed based on decades of data analytics experience and best practices gained from assisting some of the world’s leading organizations in finance, insurance, banking, and retail. It provides technical and business users a powerful roadmap to a successful data analytics foundation, based on proven approaches and techniques.  

Achieve numerous advantages and benefits by working with our team

As a result of leveraging our expertise plus our proprietary tools, we’ve helped companies not only overcome their data challenges and complexities but also:

Reduce ETL development and data integration time and costs by up to 70%
Double productivity by increasing reusability
Shorten the learning curve and reduce training costs
Improve collaboration and alignment between business and technical users
Increase data quality and governance significantly
Enable rapid time-to-value for new data sources and greater agility in addressing new requirements
Satisfy quality
Increasing scalability and flexibility, with the agility to adapt to rapidly-changing requirements
Drastically reduce ongoing data management and maintenance costs
Enhance BI and Analytics accuracy, optimizing data for better business insights and outcomes

Our approach ensures that our clients can maintain the quality, consistency, and reliability of their data—now and in the future—for sustained advantages. It also helps them optimize data for better insights and business outcomes.

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