Data Modernization

Improve outcomes across the business by modernizing your data architecture, processes, and technology solutions.

Leveraging Data Keeps Companies Competitive

Enterprises today are data driven. But not all enterprise data solutions are driving at the same speed. The growing need for data analytics and higher workloads from business users is magnifying the poor performance and weaknesses of traditional data warehouses.

While trying to keep up with this growing demand, companies like yours are also struggling with data silos and the lack of a single source of truth. Duplicate customer records from disparate data sources is only adding to the complexity.

Data leaders are facing immense pressure to overcome these issues, and also determine how to leverage the cloud for perceived cost, scalability and performance benefits. At the same time, they’re experimenting with big data, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and more to remain competitive.

With all of this in mind, as a data leader you may be wondering…

What is the right solution to meet my company’s needs for faster access to more trustworthy data—while also lowering our total cost of ownership?

The answer will be different for each company. And that is why it is critical to partner with experts that can gain an intimate understanding of how your business uses data and what is truly needed — technology, tools, process and training — to improve outcomes.

Do I Need to Modernize My Data Architecture,
Processes, or Technology Solutions?

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Companies are great at collecting data. Applications continue to increase the volume and variety of data that can be collected and business users are asking for more and faster visibility into disparate data. 

Without improvements to their data platforms, data warehouses or data lakes, it struggles to keep up with the data volume, noise and increasing user needs for quick access to integrated data sets and actionable analytics.

But is the pain great enough to justify taking on a data modernization project?

The following are indicators that it may be time to modernize. 

Are any of these true for your company?

  • Your data warehouse is becoming difficult to maintain and has a high cost of ownership relative to modern solutions like the cloud.
  • Reporting from your data warehouse is disjointed and often based on a variety of sources.
  • Getting the data the business needs requires manual processing from analysts.
  • Departments have brought in other solutions to manage their data needs which is taking the company further away from having a single source of truth.
  • Multiple data records exist for critical data such as customer information.
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The “Modern” Solution for Your Data

Modernizing your data effectively requires finding an approach and solution that fits the needs of your business today and tomorrow. A modernized solution must provide a robust, scalable platform with integrated, validated, and trustworthy data. It also must enable fast, self-service access to critical business insights.

The solution to get to this goal may be different depending upon the current state of your data warehouse, the data you have, and how it is accessed and utilized by business users. That solution could involve better data integration and updated tooling, moving your data to the cloud, or even creating a cloud data lake. 

Determination of the right solution requires data experts to learn about your business and create a journey for your data warehouse that will fit current needs and scale to meet future business needs.

We’re Obsessed With Your Data

At Lightwell, we have a team of data experts that obsess over your data. We gain a deep understanding of your business in order to recommend the best data modernization solution to make your company efficient, competitive and successful.

Our analysis goes so deep into your data and how it is used that our clients tell us we are the experts in their data. It is that comprehensive understanding of how the business operates and how operations are impacted with modern data analysis and insights that make us such a trusted partner to our clients.

We take an end-to-end approach to deeply understand and improve your data, and help you determine and execute the best approach to modernizing your data systems and environment:

1. Meet with data leaders and managers

to understand the current state of the data warehouse and where it is failing to meet business needs.

2. Meet with data stakeholders

to understand where they get their data and how they use it. But more importantly, we find the data gaps where there are opportunities to improve their outcomes with better data.

3. Determine data integrations needed

and the best way to cleanly and securely make the integration happen.

4. Integrate data

without interrupting business workflows. We design and implement integrations with the business in mind thanks to our intimate knowledge of the data and processes.

5. Determine the appropriate data model

that will meet the data needs assessed, as well as scale to the future needs of the business.

6. Adjust the model to filter out noise

so that business users get clean, reliable data and IT only manages necessary data.

Satisfy quality
7. Validate the data model

to ensure that it produces the required answers, is high quality, and complies with appropriate data governance.

8. Document the data warehouse

so that the environment can be maintained easily and consistently going forward as well as meet compliance standards.

9. Train the business and IT

to use new analytics applications, support data analysis and monitor data quality and performance.

We meet you where you are at to learn your business needs, help you determine the optimal approach, and get the most value out of modernizing your data warehouse.

Our Secret Sauce for High Quality Data Architecture Design

After over 20 years of field execution on data projects, we’ve developed our own tools and methodology to centralize and automate the development of integration architecture. Designed by master data warehouse architects, our tools and methodology shortens development time, increases business and technology collaboration, and simplifies the ongoing maintenance for your data warehouse environment.

Our “secret sauce” tools help to ensure that:

  • Data transformations and data quality processes are always aligned with the current understanding of the data.
  • Misleading, unknown, or invalid data is properly (and uniformly) quarantined and/or identified.
  • ETL processes are all consistently structured and named, simplifying diagnosis, maintenance, and enhancement.
  • Users and data stewards can identify whether any missing, unknown, or non-applicable data was encountered along the way, and what corrective actions were taken.
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Modernizing Your Data Improves Outcomes
Across the Business

Access to the right data at the right time is critical for nearly every business function. Additionally, data architecture and management are key part of IT Operations. Combining these factors makes modernizing your data a high impact initiative. From cutting costs to improving productivity, the benefits will be felt across the organization.


Benefits from Data Modernization

Data Leaders

  • Deliver data for new initiatives quickly
  • Gain visibility into data and its lineage to meet compliance
  • Can stand up new analytics systems quickly and integrate with on-premise and cloud

Data Architects

  • Add new analytics systems without disrupting the business
  • Gain a fully governed architecture with full data lineage
  • Analysts can self-serve and share data without help

IT Leaders

  • Reduce TCO of data warehouses
  • Gain the flexibility to manage new data volumes and new data workloads in the most efficient and cost-effective infrastructure
  • Improve innovation with critical resources that have more time thanks to automated data processes and integrations
  • Easily maintain high data quality and compliance

Business Users

  • Access data in the desired format and frequency
  • Can trust data is correct
  • Gain access to data insights from multiple sources
  • Real-time data improves customer facing service functions

Business Leaders

  • Get a trusted, single pane of glass for business data
  • Improve M&A integration for faster business benefits
  • Discover and respond more quickly to business optimizations and opportunities
  • Improve decision-making with real-time data

Why Work With Lightwell?

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There are many companies who claim to have the right solutions and expertise to help you improve and modernize your data warehouse.

At Lightwell, we are tool-agnostic, so we help select the right tools that fit your business requirements.

We also have a highly experienced team that has worked with enterprises across multiple industries with complex data warehousing and analytics projects.

The Lightwell Advantage:
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True business consulting

with deep technical and business expertise – did we mention we’re obsessed with data?

Check 1

A team of experts

with an unparalleled level of experience in optimizing complex Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, and Retail industry data.

Check 1

Comprehensive knowledge

of improving end-to-end data processes and ensuring actionable, reliable analytics.

Check 1

Better data quality, consistency and reliability

through improved data cleansing, metadata management, automated DQ checks, standardization, and governance.

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Complete documentation

through faithful execution of the methodology and central metadata capture.

Check 1

A single vendor

for value-added data transformation and integration.

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Proven, powerful tools

to reduce ETL development and data integration time by up to 70%.

We’ve modernized data foundations and optimized analytics
insights for variety of industries and functions:

Financial Services

Risk Management

Customer Relationship Management

Consumer Marketing

Pricing Optimization

Operations Analysis

Supply Chain Analysis

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Comprehensive Data Services to
Transform Your Business

With the incredible rate of data growth, companies need a long-term strategy for data that includes collection, filtering, modeling, analytics, business intelligence and of course the technology, solutions, and processes to make it happen.

Through comprehensive data analytics consulting services, we provide expertise across the data lifecycle and industry-leading solutions to help you drive competitive advantages in this rapidly evolving landscape.

We’re here for you.

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