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Over time, the content your company’s information systems may change dramatically. Older systems will be upgraded to newer versions, obsolete systems will be fundamentally replaced, and incremental systems will be introduced through mergers and acquisitions.

Analysts seeking to combine data from these myriad sources must often cobble together results from multiple, customized queries—each with their own transformation processes. This cumbersome process impedes analysis and often yields inconsistent results from individual analysts employing dissimilar combination techniques.

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Lightwell simplifies the analysis of disparate data sources through the rapid creation of a comprehensive integration architecture. Ours is a principled, metadata-driven methodology that moves source data through a phased process in order to create standardized, Master Data structures. These stages include:

Structured Data Lake (Staging)

We establish a rich, curated reservoir of data that is the critical first step towards a high-performance analytical environment.

Metadata Optimization

We clearly and fully document data’s origins, logical and physical content, domain value decodes, population patterns, and applicability conditions. This promotes a common, enterprise-wide understanding of your data.

Content Validation

Our validation activities help to automatically identify any applicability or domain violations, and track any corrective actions taken. To ensure the quality and validity of data, our architecture can suppress or default offending field values, quarantine potentially bad data, or halt the transformation process when applicable.

Master Data Management

Transformation is done in the service of simplifying and idealizing the form of the data being analyzed. The source-specific expression of content is replaced by the Platonic attributes and measures that ideally, thoroughly, and generically, describe the entities (e.g. accounts, customers, products, processes) within. This phase creates your company’s Master Data structures.

Model Construction

To simplify navigation and storage of the Master Data structures, the Lightwell methodology utilizes an optimized form of Kimball-based star schema data models. These models include BI-optimized structures to simplify integration with leading BI tools.

Rapid, automated architectural design

The Lightwell team leverages our own innovative tools–designed by master data warehouse architects–to centralize and automate the development of the integration architecture. 

Based on a best-in-class methodology, hardened and perfected over 30 years of in-the-field execution, these tools shorten development timelines, increase business and technology collaboration, and simplify the on-going maintenance of analytical environments.

data analytics

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For over two decades, our team has helped companies establish the foundation and capabilities necessary to support nimble, highly-effective enterprise analytics.

Through comprehensive data analytics consulting services and innovative, customized solutions, we help to improve how data is understood, simplify how it is navigated, and optimize how it is delivered.

We work closely with our clients to help them get the most from their data. Let’s explore how we can help you do the same. 

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