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Data Warehouse &
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Comprehensive services to support your efforts throughout the entire data management lifecycle

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Optimize your data management processes and technologies

We provide a comprehensive range of data management services that include design,
architecture, integration, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), management, and optimization.

Although we are tool-agnostic in our approach, we have expertise in a wide variety of
data management tools, including Informatica, IBM, and Ab Initio.

Our data management services include:

We offer a full range of consulting services to support your efforts across the entire data management lifecycle.  Working closely with you as your trusted partner, our team can help you overcome your data management challenges and build and execute an optimal, customized data management strategy. We’ll help you gain control over your data and reduce the chaos and complexity.

Many companies have an assortment of disconnected systems and data repositories that have resulted from mergers and acquisitions. In addition, most companies have separate systems to manage a variety of functions across the organization—such as marketing, CRM, ERP—and different systems to support a single function or process. Most of these systems are operating in silos, and house a wide variety of data formats that aren’t compatible with one another. We’ll help you address the integration challenges that result from this, and combine and standardize data in your desired format, where you want it.

Data Warehouse

We’ll help you access, manage, and transform your data through a wide variety of data warehousing services, including:

Data Warehouse Design

We’ll design a high-performance, scalable data warehouse solution to meet your specific requirements.

EDGE Metadata Repository and ETL Accelerator

We created EDGE to help companies accelerate the process of developing sound data warehouse solutions. Used in conjunction with leading ETL tools and relational database management systems, EDGE helps to shorten development timelines and ensure consistent, proven, and high-quality ETL code.

Data Acquisition

We can enable you to extract data from a variety of sources.

Data Organization

We’ll help you aggregate, group, and organize your data.

Data Profiling

We’ll examine your data—determining its structure, content, and relationships—and help determine the best way to organize, manage, and transform it.

Data Cleansing and Validation

We’ll identify and fix data that is incomplete, inaccurate, invalid, misspelled, or inconsistent. We’ll suppress invalid data, and ensure that your data is clean and free of free of errors, duplicates, misspellings, and anomalies that can wreak havoc on your processes.

Data Transformation

We’ll help you transform data from multiple systems into your desired format and destination.

Data Modeling

We’ll provide comprehensive data modeling services—from conceptualization to data model execution—to meet your company’s specific requirements. Our data modeling approach is based on best practices, well-defined standards, and proven techniques. We’ll help you model data in a consistent, reliable, and predictable way while providing the flexibility you need to adapt to change.

Data Warehouse Optimization

We’ll identify and address data warehouse performance issues while helping you determine and address what should be done to optimize performance going forward.

Our team can guide you through the best practices for responsibly collecting, documenting, and assessing your organization’s structured data. Our Structured Data Lake is a rapid, durable first step towards high-performance, self-service analytics.

We’ll assist you with Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives, including strategy and planning, tool selection, solution implementation, integration, migration, process re-engineering, management, and more.

We’ll monitor the quality of your data, and help you fix and prevent errors on an ongoing basis. This helps you lower cost, reduce legal and compliance risk, and improve the effectiveness and accuracy of business intelligence and analytics.

Also part of our governance and quality-focused services, we’ll monitor and manage your metadata to ensure information can be properly accessed, integrated, maintained, and analyzed.

We’ll monitor the quality of your data, and help you fix and prevent errors on an ongoing basis. This helps you lower cost, reduce legal and compliance risk, and improve the effectiveness and accuracy of business intelligence and analytics.

Let us help you get the most from your data

For over two decades, our team has helped companies establish the foundation and capabilities necessary to support nimble, highly-effective enterprise analytics.

Through comprehensive consulting services and innovative, customized solutions, we help to improve how data is understood, simplify how it is navigated, and optimize how it is delivered.

We work closely with our clients to help them get the most from their data. Let’s explore how we can help you do the same. 

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