Optimizing Data for Analytics

Creating a High-Performance Analytics Environment for Holistically Managing Credit Portfolios

Learn how an Automotive Finance leader created a comprehensive data environment to analyze over 600 million records.

Data Analytics Success Story

Explore how an Automotive Finance Leader overhauled its data environment to analyze over 600 million records, make better and faster decisions, and gain powerful, predictive insights.

Data Analytics


To analyze the health and performance of credit portfolios, seamless integration of data from multiple systems is critical. Utilizing Lightwell’s data integration methodology and its automated architecture creation, Lightwell’s client — a leader in Automotive Finance — established a comprehensive data environment to nimbly support the analytical needs of its various business lines and operational units.

Business Challenge

Like virtually all lending institutions, the Automotive Finance Leader utilized multiple information systems to create and administer retail and commercial loans. Customer and account information related to promotions, underwriting, funding, billing, collections, and customer service existed on separate systems, from different vendors. How could the company simplify the seamless analysis of all this information?

Enterprise Architecture


By creating a transparent environment to nimbly integrate data and deliver comprehensive analytics to internal customers, the company’s IT team transformed their data collection and delivery strategies while also fostering a closer working relationship with their internal customers.


21 Subject Areas

illustrating the various business lines, operational activities, and lifecycle states of retail and commercial accounts


600+ Million Records

reflecting historical retail and commercial credit performance across the entire repayment lifecycle

77 Dashboards

to support self-service, interactive analysis of credit and borrower KPI’s

50% Fewer Resources

required to support the newly built, vastly more comprehensive solution

The Story

Business Challenge: The Clunker

The Automotive Finance Leader recognized that the success of its business depends on growing loan volume while minimizing credit losses.

application architecture development

In pursuit of this success:

Many of the company’s teams executed independent analyses against raw source data from the various servicing systems. However, they would routinely report incongruent results. These disparities handicapped their decision-making and distorted the presentation of portfolio health.

To support uniform reporting, the company developed a rudimentary data warehouse to centralize and transform data.

However, the initial warehouse was not methodically developed:

  • Source data was not responsibly and comprehensively collected
  • Data transformations were not uniformly or predictably executed
  • The data model was not sufficient to support critical analysis
  • No data quality architecture was employed
  • No available metadata for source or target data

The lack of methodical design prevented the IT team from nimbly troubleshooting or extending the warehouse. Business users’ trust of IT and data warehouse adoption consequently suffered; rogue analytic solutions and disparate results continued to plague the Company.

Transformation: An Engine Overhaul

The company sought a rapid method of re-evaluating their data assets and overhauling their analytics environment. They chose the Lightwell Analytics Team to lead this turnaround because of their deep experience with credit data, their ability to automate the generation of critical data architecture, and their ability to quickly propose a proven data model to support best-practice industry analytics.

data anlalytics team

Utilizing a team of multi-dimensional experts in technology and finance:

Lightwell quickly identified, profiled, documented, and centralized the Company’s critical data assets. Its proven development methodology and proprietary software (Lightwell EDGE) enabled Lightwell to rapidly generate the dimensional model, transformation architecture, and data quality routines required for reliable enterprise analysis.

To jump-start adoption of the overhauled data environment:

Lightwell then designed and deployed a suite of interactive dashboards offering best-practice analysis of new loan volumes, delinquency behavior, and credit losses. Lightwell supplemented these dashboards with a variety of online, interactive metadata resources to highlight data lineage, transformation calculations, and field definitions.

Results: The High Performance Racer

The flexibility and reliability of the company’s enhanced analytics environment has been incredible:

Greater reliability and trust

Many teams that were maintaining rogue data environments abandoned their applications for the more reliable information within the new environment.

Improved adoption and usability

This rich collection of metadata, the user-friendly data models, and transparent data quality reports increased user adoption and self-service analysis.

Unified insights for better, faster decisions

Together, the two outcomes unified the measurement and interpretation of key performance indicators throughout the company.

Blazing fast improvements across millions of records

The company subsequently employed the scalable Lightwell methodology to rapidly expand its initial overhaul to include 21 different subject areas, and present 13 years of historical credit performance including over 600 million records.

Advanced Business Intelligence capabilities

To properly leverage this rich collection of data, Lightwell assisted the company with the selection and configuration of its Business Intelligence toolset and developed hundreds of dashboards and reports.

Powerful, predictive analytics

Lightwell also assisted the company with models that predict customer retention, vehicle inventory incubation, and collateral sale prices.

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