360 Degree View of Customer Data

Improving Marketing Effectiveness with Customer and Household Matching

Explore how an Insurance Industry leader improved how it analyzes its customers and their relationships to increase marketing campaign effectiveness.

360 Degree View of Data Success Story

Explore how an Insurance Industry leader created a high-performance environment to analyze over 100 million records, gain a complete picture of the customer and their relationships, optimize their marketing campaigns, and empower their agents.



Effective marketing campaigns target recipients with meaningful opportunities — ones that accurately address the needs of the individual. In the insurance industry, understanding and addressing the needs of the household are critical elements of success.

Our client — a leader in the insurance industry — leveraged Lightwell’s extensive experience with data integration and customer matching to develop a high-performance analytical environment. The resulting solution centralized the analysis and monitoring of customer-product penetration and optimized the planning and tracking of marketing campaigns.

Business Challenge

To improve the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, the leading insurance company sought to refine how it targeted customers and improve the relevance of its messages. This required their marketing team to become more acquainted with its customers and the products they own.

However, the required data occupied multiple information systems, each of which represented the customer differently. Given the varying portraits of customer data, how could the team uniquely identify its policyholders and relate them together as members of common households to truly understand product penetration?

B2B Integration and Collaboration


With the help of the Lightwell Data Analytics Team, the company optimized its data collection and modeling strategies, created architectural processes to standardize the presentation of customer and household information, and created a customized CRM solution to support agents’ sales efforts.


100 million+ Customer Records

from multiple information systems were processed by the matching routines

85 million+ Customer Addresses

underwent cleansing routines to facilitate customer and household matching

50 million+ Households

were identified and monitored within the solution

4000 Insurance Agents

utilized the solution to more surgically promote products and services to customers

The Story

Business Challenge: The Camouflaged Customer

The insurance company’s customer information existed within myriad locations:  policy billing systems, claims processing systems, quote management systems, CRM systems, and more.  Though these systems contributed to the operation of a successful insurance company, they weren’t always perfectly coordinated. 


The manner in which a customer was recorded on one system was not the same in another.

Names were often subtly different (e.g. formal vs. informal; married vs. maiden; properly spelled vs. improperly spelled, etc.).  Addresses were also subject to disparities (e.g. former address vs. current address; abbreviated vs. non-abbreviated; business vs. home, etc.).

These inconsistencies handicapped the Company’s ability to relate customers to all of their associated products.  

Similarly, the company was unable identify individual customers that share a common household.

As a result, the insurance company’s direct marketing efforts often subjected customers to promotions for products that were already owned or not applicable.

Moreover, lacking the necessary insights, the company often missed opportunities to upsell customers to more comprehensive products.

business woman

Transformation: Putting The Pieces Together

The company sought an effective, reliable architecture to translate its data into a complete picture of each customer and their interrelationships. They decided to work with Lightwell based on its proven, rapid methodical approach to data integration and its extensive experience with industry-leading matching algorithms.

analytics developers

Lightwell utilized a team of multi-dimensional experts in technology and financial services to:

Gracefully collect and validate the company’s customer data.  Lightwell then deployed its proven development methodology and proprietary software (Lightwell EDGE) to rapidly deliver the transformation architecture, customer address cleansing, and standardized data models.

The solution leveraged sophisticated customer data parsing, cleansing, and matching technology to:

Assign unique customer and household identifiers. This supported the incorporation of external demographics, and the identification of prospective customers. Lightwell then utilized the matched data in the development of a CRM solution to push targeted, intelligent marketing opportunities to the company’s agents.

Results: Meaningful Marketing

The Lightwell solution was a tremendous success: Armed with a more precise picture of its customers, their relationships, and their potential needs, the insurance company transformed the way it crafts and executes marketing campaigns.

Now the company designs campaigns for specific customers and households based on actual product ownership.

The enhanced analysis of customers’ products also improves its ability to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

The subsequent insights has resulted in improved campaign tactics, quote-to-policy conversions, and customer retention.

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