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Overcome complex data challenges, improve how you manage your data, and generate analytics insights that drive significant advantages.

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data

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Lightwell helps organizations overcome their complex data challenges, optimize how they manage, transform, and analyze their data, and drive competitive advantages through clear, actionable insights.

We’re an experienced team that has assisted companies across multiple industries with large and complex data warehousing projects for over twenty years. Leveraging deep business and technology expertise, best practices, and proven methodologies, we provide comprehensive services.

Our services help companies:

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Develop and maintain a scalable, high-quality data architecture and foundation for optimizing analytics and accelerating business outcomes


Modernize and simplify their data analytics processes, tools, and platforms, wherever they reside


Consolidate sprawling, disparate data sources and enable a comprehensive understanding of their data


Implement and optimize industry-leading solutions major data management, data integration business intelligence, and analytics solutions – on-premise and in the cloud

Eliminate costly manual processes, leveraging automation to accelerate and improve performance


Accelerate the move to the cloud and leverage cloud-based technologies

Ensure readiness for modern BI, analytics, and advanced technologies, including AI and Machine Learning

Along with deep business and industry knowledge, our team brings together a rare combination of Data Analytics, Integration, Cloud Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, and Application Development expertise to help companies overcome their complex business challenges, drive business results quickly, and thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment. 

Get Expert Guidance to Accelerate Your Key Data Analytics Initiatives

We help to address some of today’s top initiatives, including:

Data Modernization

We help you modernize your data and analytics platforms and processes for improved outcomes, achieving greater speed, flexibility, and agility to address today’s increasing, real-time demands.

Cloud Data Migration

We help you migrate your data and platforms to the cloud with speed and confidence.

Data Centralization and Consolidation

We enable a comprehensive view and understanding of your data inside and outside the enterprise, and help you consolidate sprawling, disparate data sources into centralized, trusted data sources and single “sources of truth.”

Customer 360 and Customer Experience

We enable a clear, 360 view of customer data, helping you bring together and manage the multitude of customer data points and communication paths.

Advanced Analytics and AI

By improving and standardizing data processes, ensuring clean, high-quality data, and optimizing the data foundation, companies can apply AI, automation, and advanced analytics capabilities with confidence.

Get the Right Support Every Step of the Way with Comprehensive Data Analytics Services

We take a comprehensive, holistic approach, helping our clients every step of the way:

  • Strategic Guidance and Design
  • Development and Implementation
  • Operations and Optimization

Strategic Guidance and Design

  • Data Analytics Assessments
  • Strategy Development
  • Roadmaps and Planning
  • Health Checks
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake Design and Architecture
  • Process Design and Improvement

Development and Implementation

  • Data Management & Integration
  • Data Warehousing & Data Lakes
  • Data Governance & Quality
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards
  • BI & Analytics Solutions
  • Software/Solution Implementation
  • Custom Solution Development
  • Solution Modernization
  • Cloud Migration
  • Frameworks and Accelerators

Operations and Optimization

  • Platform Management
  • Managed Services and Support
  • Application Support
  • Cloud Hosted Solutions
  • Process Optimization
  • Change Management
  • Training and Education

Highlights include:

Data Analytics Strategy and Design

Advise on developing and executing an effective data analytics strategy and roadmap. Design an optimal data and infrastructure architecture based on your needs and proven best practices.

Data Analytics Solution Implementation

Identify, select, and implement the right data analytics technologies and ensure successful migrations to new technologies and environments.

connect integrate
Data Integration

Enable rapid ingestion of data and seamless integration between a wide variety of data sources and applications leveraging deep integration expertise.

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Data Modernization

Modernize your data architecture, processes, data warehouses, data lakes, and analytics capabilities, ensuring they are cloud-ready and able to take advantage of advanced technologies.


Build new data and analytics applications and enhance the UIs and capabilities of your current tools.

360 degree view
Data Management and Governance

Enable improved governance, management, visibility, and control, ensuring sources, systems, and processes are thoroughly documented.


Data Analytics Optimization

Optimize data and applications, enabling you to keep up with today’s real-time demands while generating the optimized insights needed to take precise action.

Tap into Our Partnerships

We partner with technology leaders to deliver best-in-class, scalable solutions, on-premise, and in the cloud, including:

Why Partner with Lightwell for Data Analytics?

Extensive Data Analytics Technology Expertise

We have worked with a wide variety of technologies, tools, platforms, and approaches, spanning the full data lifecycle. You’ll get access to a team of highly-skilled subject matter experts to ensure the best outcomes for your initiative.

Experienced, Integrated Team

Together our team has created solutions for leading companies across industries, bringing together a rare blend of skills and expertise across our solution areas. We can provide the right expertise when and where you need it.

Deep Business and Industry Knowledge

We’re not just technologists. We’ve developed a tremendous amount of industry and business knowledge through decades of helping our clients succeed.

Proven Methodologies

Through our proven processes, testing, and automation capabilities, we ensure high-quality, cost-effective, and timely solutions for our clients, even while dealing with rapid change and complexity.


Our experienced team will help you deliver quickly and see fast results. Also, we’re always looking out for the best outcomes for our clients, and continually seek ways to help them accelerate ROI and make the most of their investments.

Proven Track Record

For over two decades, we have helped many leading organizations modernize, transform, and create their mission-critical applications, helping them achieve their goals and drive exceptional results.

Achieve Numerous Benefits by Working With Us

  • Develop a Winning Data Strategy
  • Ensure Higher-Quality, More Reliable Data
  • Protect Your Business
  • Access and Leverage the Right Data Faster
  • Implement New Data Sources & Solutions Faster
  • Achieve Greater Visibility
  • Modernize Your Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
  • Migrate to the Cloud with Ease
  • Improve the Value of Insights

Understand the full picture of your data and implement a comprehensive data analytics strategy

Improve how data is processed, stored, and managed to ensure data is consistent, high-quality, and reliable.

Address governance, risk, privacy, security, and regulatory requirements.

Improve the way you gather, ingest, access, and transform data from a wide variety of disparate sources, leveraging best practices and automation to accelerate and optimize.

Deploy, integrate, and optimize data analytics solutions, on-premise or in the cloud, from industry-leading companies.

Enhance operational visibility and control of data sources and processes to take fast action.

Develop, modernize, and automate the creation of optimized data warehouses and data lakes. Store and process data in a centralized location for consumption by different users.

Whether moving your data workloads to the cloud or a hybrid environment, we can help you plan, implement, manage your migration.

With access to a wider variety of timely, trusted data sources, and a more comprehensive view, leaders can make better decisions and take actions quickly.

Our Data Analytics Consulting Services

Data Analytics Strategy and Planning

Data Management and Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

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