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Gain an in-depth understanding of your current architecture and create a strategic plan to modernize it for the cloud.

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Create an optimal cloud environment—without the usual trial and error.

It’s tough to start anything from scratch, but working with someone who knows what they’re doing is the best way to get a solid start.

Whether you’re beginning a digital transformation initiative or looking into the promise of multi-cloud, having a sound cloud architecture is critical for both short-term and long-term success.

But building out the necessary cloud expertise internally takes time—more time than you have to deliver business value. We’re here to work right alongside you.

The cross-functional expertise needed for an optimal cloud architecture.

Our team has the cross-functional expertise needed to optimize your cloud architecture, design, and implementation. They have extensive experience across variety of areas, including Enterprise Architecture, Integration, and Cloud Managed Services

By taking advantage of our cloud architecture and design services, you ensure your cloud technology environment supports your business goals and needs—now and well into the future.

Gain an in-depth understanding of your current architecture. Create a strategic plan to modernize your architecture for the cloud.

Working closely with your team, we design a cloud architecture that covers infrastructure, processes, performance, security, and more. Engage with our cloud architecture services to receive:

  • A roadmap for cloud implementation
  • Specific recommendations for tools, standards, and methodologies.
  • Detailed time, effort, and cost estimates.

Our Cloud Architecture and Design Services

Cloud Assessment

We begin with a deep dive into your current state. Initial assessments will uncover what’s working (and what’s not) in your current architecture, processes, workflows, tools, and operations.

We use this current state assessment as a springboard to deliver you business value, faster. With the baseline established, we’re able to provide both specific, time-bound actions and a long-term plan for implementation.

Cloud Design and Plan

Our cloud architecture design and plan provide recommendations for:


The specific containers, tools, and services you’ll need to build out your cloud capabilities


The standards and methodologies we know foster success.


The technology platforms to build on top of.


The sound security, compliance, and governance frameworks you’ll need in place.

Cloud Service Management

Beyond the specific recommendations for each piece of the cloud puzzle, we set you up with a plan to solve it. Our cloud service management is designed to ensure consistent measurement and handling across all of your platforms.

We deliver a prioritized roadmap for implementation and a detailed migration plan, complete with effort estimates.

Why Work With Us?

  • Move forward with confidence that you have a solid foundation to build upon.
  • Enjoy a greater ability to keep pace with evolving cloud capabilities.
  • Innovate faster with more agility in your tech stack.
  • Minimize risk and reduce downtime for your development projects.
  • Optimize costs by ensuring alignment between technologies and business priorities.
  • Break down the silos in your data, applications and workflows.
  • Reduce complexity across systems and processes.
  • Optimize the use of people skills and experience across functions.
  • Align processes with business goals instead of particular technologies.

Partner With Lightwell on Your Cloud Journey

We aren’t in the business of one-off, thrown together cloud solutions.

Instead, we focus on creating true partnerships to help our clients thrive in a cloud environment. With our technology expertise and deep understanding of your business, you will accelerate your cloud migration and achieve more with your cloud optimization.

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