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Comprehensive cloud consulting services and solutions – from vision to implementation to optimization – to help you succeed throughout your cloud journey.

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Transform, innovate, and accelerate with the cloud

Through an experienced team and a wide range of integrated capabilities, we provide end-to-end services to help organizations unleash the power of the cloud, overcome complexities, avoid pitfalls, and accelerate success during every step of their cloud journey.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Develop an effective cloud strategy and architecture
  • Migrate data and applications to the cloud
  • Modernize and transform technologies for the cloud
  • Leverage cloud applications
  • Or optimize your processes and operations with the cloud

You can count on us for the expert guidance, real-world experience, and best-in-class solutions needed to succeed.

By working with our team, you’ll benefit from faster time-to-benefit, increased agility, improved processes and operations, reduced risk, and greater business value.

Partnering throughout your cloud journey

Through a wide range of cloud services and solutions we can assist your organization every step of the way, whether you are:

  • Running applications on-premise
  • Already leveraging the cloud
  • Considering a cloud migration
  • Or just getting started in your cloud journey

Comprehensive cloud services to assist you from vision to implementation to optimization

We provide the strategic, technical, and operational expertise needed to transform your business and harness the benefits of the cloud. By combining extensive experience across Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Application Development, Data Analytics, DevOps, managed services, and more — with deep business process and industry knowledge — our team can help to accelerate cloud benefits, overcome challenges, and optimize business outcomes.

As your trusted partner for your cloud journey, we can help you:

Develop and execute a successful cloud strategy

that connects your business goals and technology investments

Design and implement

the right cloud architecture, solutions, and tools

connect integrate
Migrate, modernize, and transform

your systems, applications, and data for the cloud

Enable seamless integration

between your applications, systems and data sources

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Manage and optimize

your data, applications, and workloads in the cloud

360 degree view
Seize the opportunity

to leverage cloud technology for agility, growth, and innovation


Educate and empower

your organization to get the most from your cloud investments

Our end-to-end cloud services include:

360 degree view

Cloud Strategy & Advisory Services

We’ll explore your current capabilities, needs, and goals, assess your cloud readiness and maturity, create a detailed and actionable roadmap and plan, and develop a cloud strategy aligned with your business goals.

connect integrate

Cloud Architecture and Design

We help you design and implement an optimal architecture for the cloud to meet your current and future needs leveraging proven frameworks, best practices, and leading technologies.

Cloud Integration

Leveraging leading tools and techniques, we’ll help you ensure seamless and secure integration and connectivity between systems and applications, helping to unleash the full potential of the cloud while working more efficiently.


Cloud Migrations

We’ll help you determine the right cloud approach, define your cloud roadmap, plan, prepare and execute your migration to the cloud, and migrate your applications to advantage of new cloud-based solutions.

360 degree view

Application Development and Modernization

Through extensive application development capabilities, we'll build new applications for the cloud, and modernize your legacy applications to support new digital, cognitive, and analytics workflows.


DevOps and Automation

Our DevOps services will help you increase the speed and effectiveness of your solutions and operations, applying everything from process improvements to test automation to CI/CD toolchains.

360 degree view

Cloud Managed Services

Our team can help maximize your cloud investment and ensure operations run smoothly by managing your applications, infrastructure, and databases 24x7; leveraging automation to lower your operational costs; optimizing performance; and providing proactive, timely support when you need it.


Cloud Data Analytics

We’ll help to develop a cloud data strategy, evaluate the best technologies and architectures, organize and migrate your data to the cloud, implement and manage your data warehouse and analytics applications in the cloud, and ensure seamless integration between your data sources wherever they reside.

Extensive cross-functional expertise

Lightwell Cloud Transformation Practices

Tap into our team’s wide range of expertise. Our experienced architects, developers, and technologists bring together knowledge, experience, and best-in-class capabilities from across our practice and solution areas to help you achieve the full benefits of the cloud. 

Expertise to optimize your business outcomes

Working together, we’ll help you achieve the outcomes you want quickly, while providing the actionable roadmaps, strategies, guidance, and resources you need to ensure your success—now and in the future. By combining our technology expertise with a deep understanding of your business, challenges, and goals, we’re highly effective at helping you improve your business and achieve numerous benefits.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Achieve strategic alignment
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Become more agile and responsive
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Simplify IT and reduce complexity
  • Increase performance and agility
  • Achieve faster-time to benefit
  • Increase revenue growth

We support your preferred approach and cloud partners


Your Preferred Cloud

Private Cloud

microsoft azure

Public Cloud

amazon web services

Hybrid Cloud

Multi Cloud

ibm cloud
Application Development Solution IMplementation

Why work with Lightwell for your cloud initiatives?

  • End-to-end cloud consulting services to support your full journey
  • Comprehensive approach including cloud strategy, architecture, development, management, and support
  • Unique, integrated capabilities and areas of expertise
  • Combination of deep technology, business, and industry expertise
  • Experience across leading cloud platforms
  • Full stack development capabilities
  • Flexibility to support your unique needs
  • Proven frameworks and best practices from over 20 years of success
  • Practical and actionable advice
  • Proven performance
  • Global reach with a team spanning multiple geographies
  • Your partner for the long term

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