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Increase Speed and Reliability While 
Improving Satisfaction and Profitability

Increase Speed, Reliability, and Visibility
Across Your Retail Supply Chain

In order to compete and gain market share, retailers are diversifying and extending the assortment of products they offer to consumers, and selling through more channels than ever before. This includes their stores, eCommerce site(s), mobile, social, and online marketplaces.

They must meet customer expectations for seamless, omnichannel experiences, real-time inventory availability, endless hours, and perfect orders.  They must accomplish all of this while addressing pressures to minimize costs and increase profitability. These competing priorities make complex retail operations even more complicated.

To address all of these needs, many retailers are looking for ways to increase speed, reliability and visibility across their supply chain. They want to speed up communications and eliminate costly, error-prone manual processes. They need better inventory upstream into the supply chain to effectively address surges in demand and to and provide real-time inventory updates to consumers.

They are evolving to a real-time infrastructure—internally and with their suppliers—and are reexamining their B2B platforms as a key enabler for these improvements. By improving their B2B integration capabilities, retailers can:

  • Build and maintain a dynamic supplier and partner community
  • Improve supply chain responsiveness and lead times
  • Ensure product availability across channels
  • Enable buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return to anywhere capabilities
  • Enable cross channel inventory visibility
  • Facilitate cross-channel order orchestration and fulfillment

How We Can Help

Our B2B integration solutions and services help retailers optimize their B2B supplier and partner interactions, increase speed and efficiency, and meet their customers’ omnichannel expectations.

We offer a proven, enterprise-grade suite of services and solutions that enable retailers to:


with all of their B2B suppliers and partners, building and simplifying communications—regardless of partner size, geography or technical sophistication

Streamline and automate

transactions, files, and business processes


supplier information with internal systems


trading partner onboarding and management processes


the complexity of systems required to support B2B and supply chain processes


end-to-end, real-time operational and business visibility

Satisfy quality

Security, governance, and compliance


actionable insights for improving collaboration and decision-making

Our Services and Solutions

Lightwell is an IBM Platinum Business Partner that specializes in the IBM Sterling solution portfolio. Our services and solutions offerings include:

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Honored During Think 2020

IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year

Key Capabilities for Retail

  • Connect
  • Automate
  • Collaborate
  • Secure and Govern
  • Facilitate Growth
  • Respond to Change and Opportunity


  • Support any standard, any protocol, any format for connectivity to any partner—regardless of their communication preference

  • Simplify B2B community recruitment, provisioning, and onboarding, reducing time and expertise required to establish or grow a supplier community

  • Remove technology obstacles to integration with a range of integration options [SOA, ESB, Web Services, APIs, adapters] and choices in data movement patterns [EDI, message, file]


  • Drive cost and inefficiency out of error-prone, manual B2B processes through automation

  • Improve delivery speed and reliability

  • Reduce time spent researching and troubleshooting errors with automated exception handling

  • Enable automation of small partners with web forms, and conversion services (fax, email, postal mail), helping to eliminate manual processes


  • Easily share supplier information in a structured, user-friendly environment

  • Gain visibility to suppliers’ performance to improve relationships and manage KPIs

  • Streamline the way suppliers access and act on information

  • Facilitate buyer-supplier communication with customized or pre-built self-service portal solutions

  • Exchange and predict sales and inventory information with suppliers to ensure inventory replenishment

Secure and Govern

  • Reduce security and compliance risk with advanced data protection

  • Streamline the process of managing SLAs, security, and regulatory compliance requirements through accurate audit trails and real-time access to data

Facilitate Growth

  • On-premise, cloud, and hybrid delivery models provide the choice and flexibility to adapt to change as your business needs evolve

  • Gain rapid access to a large supplier community through a global network of over 300,000 pre-connected trading entities

  • Reduce the time, complexity, and expertise required to manage your trading partners with community self-provisioning, as well as outsourced recruitment, on-boarding, and testing capabilities

Respond to Change and Opportunity

  • Improve decision-making through centralized visibility, management, and control of transactional business processes

  • Strengthen relationships and manage KPIs with increased visibility into your suppliers’ performance

Numerous Benefits

Reduce the time-to-benefit from new suppliers and partners

Reduce security exposure from data exchange

Remove latency and cost from the supply chain

Become easier to do business with

Accelerate resolution of issues

Speed time-to-market for new products, channels, and partners

Improve customer service and satisfaction

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As an IBM Platinum Business Provider with thousands of successful solution engagements, Lightwell has the experience, expertise and talent to help you achieve your goals. Whether your organization is just beginning the B2B integration journey or wishes to expand and optimize its long-established capabilities, we can help.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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Our personalized and flexible approach to B2B integration services and solutions enables us to assist companies of all sizes across multiple industries in achieving their goals.

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