Lightwell Visibility Portal for IT

Gain Greater Visibility, Control and Insights Across Your Critical Information and Systems

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Powerful Visibility and Management Tools for IT

The Lightwell Visibility Portal helps technical users, administrators, and
IT management in many ways including:

Centralized Visibility and Control Across Multiple Solutions

Monitor and manage information flowing through IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling File Gateway, ITX, ITXA, App Connect Enterprise (IIB), and MQ through a single, user-friendly interface.

Simplified Management

Powerful search capabilities, end-to-end visibility, and 360-degree tracking of document, transactions, and files dramatically streamline and improve day-to-day management.

Rapid Response to Inquiries

Reduce the time spent researching, determining status, and resolving issuesreducing delays and increasing satisfaction.

Easy Error Remediation

Reprocess and resend transactions quickly with a click of a button.

Fast, Proactive Issue Resolution

Monitor for problems, receive alerts, and act on issues quickly before they become more significant problems.

Real-Time, Easily-Configurable Reports

View performance and transaction trends in real-time via powerful, individualized dashboards—with easy access to the detailed data behind them.

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