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A proven, powerful engine for reliable EDI and data translation.

Is it time to modernize your B2B Integration capabilities?

Support and strengthen your business partnerships with the world’s most respected EDI translation and communication solution.

Anyone can create complexity. It takes ingenuity to make the complex seem simple. That’s what IBM Sterling Gentran does for B2B data. And it’s what the Lightwell team does for EDI and B2B solutions deployment. We make it seem almost easy.

IBM Sterling Gentran is a powerful B2B communication and translation solution that enables you to exchange EDI and other types of data with your supply chain partners. It simplifies and accelerates the translation of inbound and outbound B2B files and messages. It also provides you control and visibility over when, where, and how documents are processed.

The benchmark for business-to-business commerce for over 30 years, IBM Sterling Gentran processes literally millions of transactions daily. It creates a path for collaboration and paves the way to productive, profitable partnerships.

Leverage decades of Gentran consulting experience to improve outcomes.

Gentran has helped many companies digitally transform their business-to-business communications so they can enjoy the benefits of collaborative business partnerships. And thousands of these companies have relied upon Lightwell B2B integration expertise to help them deploy and optimize it. 

If you’re considering an upgrade from your existing EDI software or solution, we invite you to learn more about IBM Sterling Gentran and the advantages of engaging us as an IBM Platinum Business Partner to guide you through the process.

For most organizations, IBM Sterling Gentran is just the starting point. Once they experience the advantages that Lightwell expertise brings to their business, they engage us to assist them with a wide range of B2B integration projects – routine upgrades, migrations to B2B Integrator, and sophisticated B2B modernization initiatives that engage, empower and enrich stakeholders within their value chain.

Through our end-to-end B2B Integration services, we help them every step of the way. Read on to discover how IBM and Lightwell can help you achieve your organization’s B2B partnership goals.

Exchange information quickly and accurately with a dynamic partner community.

You have a lot of reasons to adopt an EDI and data translation solution like Gentran. Here are just a few that resonate with most organizations:

  • You continue to add new partners from around the world to your supply chain.
  • Your partners range in size and sophistication – from small organizations with legacy systems to huge, technologically adept multinational corporations.
  • You’re exchanging a growing number and variety of documents.
  • You can’t risk lost or corrupted files, delays, or security breaches.
  • Competitive pressures demand that you advance strategic initiatives to differentiate your organization.

Gentran provides numerous capabilities and benefits.
We help you get the most from them.

  • Confidently connect and communicate with any partner, anywhere, anytime.
  • Achieve versatility and simplicity with an open architecture.
  • Gain control over your B2B environment with flexible process control.
  • Accelerate data translation with an intuitive interface.
  • Centralize and monitor activity with an executive and mailbox service.
  • Enhance business partner relationships with simplified setup and maintenance.
  • Exchange data with business partners wherever they are in the world.
  • Translate inbound and outbound B2B files and messages with ease.
  • Communicate over a variety of protocols.


  • Control costs by starting with the basics and add over time as your requirements change.
  • Leverage existing technology to get more out of your current investments.
  • Configure components using common features and functions.
  • Build on your investment over time.


  • Gain versatility to address change and complex B2B business challenges.
  • Directs data to areas inside and outside your enterprise.
  • Provides scheduled or event-driven messaging.


  • You decide how and when documents are processed.
  • Provides an intuitive GUI for data mapping.
  • Displays your application or standard data schemas side-by-side on your screen and allows users to simply point-and-click to establish any-to-any mapping relationships.


  • Eliminate the need for extensive mapping time and training.
  • Start gaining the benefits of partnership more quickly.
  • Monitors activity across the entire Gentran system.
  • Provides a central gateway for all information that flows through Gentran.


  • Provides visibility into data communication and translation activities.
  • Gain visibility and control over your B2B activity.
  • Offers flexibility for setting up new partnerships quickly.
  • Enables your company to trade complex documents.
  • Accommodates business rules designed for further integration across the enterprise.


  • Establish positive business relationships through easier, faster setup, and data exchange.

Choose between three levels of Gentran.

Select the level of Gentran service that works right now, then enhance the solution by adding more capabilities as your requirements evolve.

  •  IBM Sterling Gentran:Basic is a data translation and management system that’s ideal for smaller business needs. It allows you to easily communicate with your trading partners.
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Director is a simple electronic data interchange solution that offers data translation, process control, and partner communication.
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Server is a high performance, versatile EDI solution. It’s the premier product for the translation of inbound and outbound EDI files and messages.

 The bottom line for your organization

  • Achieve a lower total cost of ownership by scaling the solution to your needs.

Comprehensive IBM Sterling Gentran Consulting Services to help you every step of the way.

We combine experience and strategy to help you communicate more efficiently with your business partners. With thousands of IBM Sterling B2B Integration solution implementations under our belt, we know Gentran and how to make it work efficiently for our clients.

We also have extensive industry experience, so we understand exactly what your challenges are and how we can help you overcome them. That’s why so many of our Gentran customers continue their relationship with us beyond implementation and into their future initiatives.

Lightwell B2B integration consultants have been implementing, managing, and optimizing a variety of Sterling B2B Integration solutions for over 20 years.  During this time, we’ve acquired unparalleled expertise around these solutions and have helped many companies and their partners achieve the full benefits from them. We offer a full range of IBM Sterling Gentran consulting services, including:

  • EDI solution upgrades and migrations to Gentran from other translation platforms
  • EDI system specifications and architecture planning including hardware, network, database, and software selections
  • Gentran solution architecture, design, and planning
  • Setup of communications protocols
  • Value added network (VAN) setup, connectivity, and communications
  • Gentran software procurement
  • B2B integration project planning and management of all key milestones and timelines
  • Data mapping and migration along with updates to any new standards or formats
  • Gentran system implementation, configuration, and deployment services
  • Communication and coordination with trading partners
  • Gentran performance optimization services and health checks
  • System troubleshooting, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Detailed documentation and training for users and support personnel
  • Post-production evaluation and discussions including key performance metrics and reporting
  • Ongoing Gentran support services
  • Gentran training and knowledge transfer
  • Managed EDI services and EDI outsourcing for Gentran

With Lightwell as your Gentran consulting services partner, you’ll benefit from extensive technical skills as well as industry and business process knowledge to optimize the solution for your business demands.

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