B2B Integration Solutions

Reduce Risk, Cost, and Complexity
Across Healthcare Processes

We provide the proven capabilities healthcare organizations need to securely exchange healthcare data with all partners, quickly transform high volumes of data, and automate complex healthcare processes.

We also help healthcare organizations overcome numerous challenges, address HIPAA requirements (levels 1-7), and reduce risk, cost and complexity across healthcare B2B processes.

The Lightwell Healthcare B2B Gateway Solution

Leveraging the best-of-breed capabilities of the IBM B2B Integration and IBM Managed File Transfer solutions, along with Lightwell’s B2B Framework, the Lightwell Healthcare B2B Gateway solution helps healthcare organizations:


complex B2B processes, including enrollments, eligibility, authorizations, claims, and payments

Securely exchange

all transaction types and formats with partners


transaction errors and the costs of addressing them


the time and effort required to research and reconcile transactions


end-to-end, real-time visibility and control throughout the transaction lifecycle


authorized staff and partners a secure, self-service web-based environment for viewing and managing transactions

Satisfy quality
Identify and address

problems proactively


penalties while ensuring HIPAA (all SNIP levels 1-7) and SLA compliance


the risk of security breaches

Furthermore, it helps to provide personalized dashboards and reporting to key individuals, helping them keep a pulse on activities as they happen, while helping them view valuable trends around transactions, performance, payments, and more.   All of this can help them address the source of problems while gaining insights for better decision making.

As a result, companies reduce costs, improve processes, increase security, reduce risk, and increase patient and partner satisfaction.

Learn more about our B2B integration solutions and Healthcare B2B Gateway in our Healthcare B2B Gateway solutions guide, or contact Lightwell today for assistance.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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