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Automate Processes, Reduce Complexity,
and Increase Visibility

In the highly-competitive financial services industry, consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations is essential. Today’s corporate clients and consumers are demanding speed, flexibility, innovation, and exceptional service.

They also want to do business with you easily and effectively, where they expect fast, reliable and secure exchange of their critical financial data. They want this exchange to be simple and seamless–or they will seek out another provider.


However, many financial services and banking organizations face numerous technology-related challenges in meeting these expectations. Many have grown through mergers and acquisitions, where they have added multiple B2B integration platforms and a variety of non-integrated, antiquated systems to their technology stacks. This makes it difficult to enable the services clients want, and to support the security, standards and protocols required.  It’s also costly to maintain, difficult to make changes, and leads to a lack of visibility across systems.

Furthermore, because many of these companies have a variety of inefficient, complex point-to-point legacy systems, it’s also more difficult for them to manage the volume, speed and diversity of data required by their clients and partners. Unfortunately, failure to do so can result in penalties for not meeting SLAs, while losing valuable clients to competitors.

In addition, financial services organizations are faced with a number of significant challenges and pressures, including:

  • Communicating with a growing, complex, and diverse global business community
  • Ensuring compliance with ever-changing industry mandates and government regulations, including BASEL III, FACTA, Dodd Frank, CPSS-IOSCO, Payment Services Directive, and others
  • Attracting and retaining clients
  • Competing demands for cost reduction and marketplace expansion
  • Mitigating the increasing security risk of data and networks
  • Creating new and differentiated services for clients

How We Help

Our B2B integration services and solutions help financial services and banking organizations overcome their complex integration challenges, enabling them to connect their systems to customers and business partners and the maze of financial networks.

We also help them automate and streamline business processes, reduce complexity, mitigate risk, and gain visibility into the actionable information that’s needed to better collaborate with partners and meet customer expectations.

We offer a proven, enterprise-grade suite of services and solutions that enables financial services and banking organizations to:

Securely connect

with all of their B2B clients and partners, building and simplifying communications—regardless of size, geography or technical sophistication


client and partner information with internal systems

Streamline and automate

transactions, files, and business processes


high volumes of diverse data


trading partner onboarding and management processes


the complexity of systems required to support B2B processes

Satisfy quality

security, governance, and compliance


end-to-end, real-time operational and business visibility


actionable insights for improving collaboration and decision-making


new and differentiated services while increasing agility for new acquisitions


new transformative technologies such as Blockchain, 7/24 global payments processing and partner ecosystems

As a result, financial services and banking organizations can:

Increase customer satisfaction

Optimize operations and control operating costs

Improve time to revenue

Support consolidation and reuse to help control operating costs

Reduce the risk of security breaches and fines due to non-compliance

Enable “always-on” networks

Improve decision-making

Our Services and Solutions

Lightwell is an IBM Platinum Business Partner that specializes in the IBM Sterling solution portfolio. Our services and solutions offerings include:

Honored During Think 2020

IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year

Key Capabilities for Financial Services

  • Connect
  • Automate
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Collaborate
  • Consolidate
  • Secure and Govern
  • Facilitate Growth


  • Enable information exchange and better process visibility with your partner financial institutions, including correspondent banks, clearing houses, outsourced service providers, fund managers and stock exchanges

  • Support any standard, any protocol, any format for connectivity to any partner—regardless of communication preference—making it easier to do business with you

  • Remove technology obstacles to integration with a range of integration options [SOA, ESB, Web Services, APIs, adaptors] and choices in data movement patterns [EDI, message, file]

  • Accelerate time to revenue with tools and services to simplify B2B community recruitment, provisioning, and onboarding


  • Drive cost and inefficiency out of error-prone, manual B2B processes through automation

  • Improve delivery speed and reliability

  • Reduce time spent researching and troubleshooting errors with automated exception handling

  • Enable automation of small partners with web forms, and conversion services (fax, email, postal mail), helping to eliminate manual processes

Ensure Compliance

  • Support any-to-any data transformation

  • Keep up to date with changes and requirements for SWIFT, NACHA, ACH, EBICS, AS4 and more


  • Better serve B2B clients with increased visibility and improved SLA management

  • Web-based tools make it easy for you and your trusted business part­ners to see the status of your data transmissions at virtually any time


  • Consolidate on a single integration gateway and a data transformation engine that support most integration use cases, integration patterns and industry-specific communication and data standards

  • Consolidating onto one platform can help you reduce complexity and associated costs

  • Consolidated control, content analysis, intelligent data routing, and process visibility helps you manage risk cost-effectively

  • Converge payment operations onto a single platform, creating an end-to-end payment services hub

Secure and Govern

  • Reduce security and compliance risk with advanced data protection

  • Integrate with your enterprise security infrastructures (LDAP, Active Directory)

  • Streamline the process of managing SLAs, security, and regulatory compliance requirements through accurate audit trails and real-time access to data

Facilitate Growth

  • On-premise, cloud and hybrid delivery models provide the choice and flexibility to adapt to change as your business needs evolve

  • Gain rapid access to a large customer and supplier community through a global network of over 300,000 pre-connected trading entities

  • Reduce the time, complexity, and expertise required to manage your trading partners with community self-provisioning, as well as outsourced recruitment, on-boarding, and testing capabilities

  • Ensure 24x7x365 global availability of document exchange

Spotlight: B2B Integration and
File Transfer Solutions

Secure exchange of internet-based files transfers

  • A centralized, secure and scalable file gateway
  • Supports most secure communication protocols
  • Multiple encryption standards (PGP, SSL/TLS, S/MIME)
  • Encrypt both in-flight and at-rest files
  • A single sign-on, LDAP and user authentication
  • Certification to industry standards

Demilitarized zone (DMZ) security of your B2B networks

  • DMZ based security to help ensure perimeter security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure socket layer (SSL) session breaks
  • Certification to industry standards
  • No data stored in the DMZ
  • Dynamic routing to help migrate between different internal systems and insulate them from internal system changes

Governance, visibility and audit controls over the exchange of data with your B2B community

  • Centralized visibility and monitoring
  • Tracking—audit logs of a file journey
    • who sent it
    • where it went
    • who received it, when
    • and more
  • Proactive alerts and governance
  • Role-based access

Secure and reliable point-to-point exchange of files

  • Enables secure point-to-point file transfers
  • A protocol that has never been breached
  • Automated scheduling, checkpoint restart and automatic recovery
  • Supports regulatory compliance measures to keep customer information private
  • Handles the most demanding workloads, from high volumes of small files to multi-gigabyte files
  • Offers a “high-speed” add-on to increase the speed of larger file transfers

Simplifies Corporate Customer onboarding

  • Partner Engagement Manager offers an open, extensible solution to help banks manage their B2B relationships with corporate customers.
  • Captures profile and technical requirements data; The data management is independent from the applications that consume it
  • Open REST API design supports integration with IBM, third-party or customer applications
  • The self-service feature allows customers to take ownership of their contact and certificate data to reduce process failures
  • A local cloud option puts sensitive customer data behind the client’s firewall
  • Software-as-a-system (SaaS)-based deployment model scales with your business

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IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Business Partner

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