B2B Integration Support Services

Part-time or full-time ongoing support services required to keep your B2B environment running at optimal levels

The value of your B2B integration support team

Once a B2B integration solution project is completed, the whole team breathes a sigh of relief. In many cases, however, the real work has only just begun.

Now that your systems are live, ongoing B2B support is needed to make sure all tasks perform normally and issues are resolved quickly. There are scheduled tasks, file transfers, backend system connectivity, and other processes that must run as planned – otherwise, the business could lose transactions, lose productivity, and lose sales.

Therefore, your support team must be proficient in a wide variety of tasks.

However, you may find your staff is stretched a bit too thin to do so.

Or perhaps they simply lack the experience and could use a little help from trained professionals—for at least the short term.

Either way, we’re here to help.

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Expert B2B integration support services

Lightwell provides expert B2B support services that can be tailored for any type of B2B integration solution.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner and authorized support provider, we can provide support for the IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including:

Part-time or full-time ongoing support

After completing the implementation of your B2B integration solution, Lightwell can provide the part-time or full-time ongoing support services required to keep your environment running at optimal levels.  Our operational B2B support services include:

  • Routine monitoring of EDI processes with escalation hierarchy
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics of errors relating to EDI or B2B systems
  • Review of system error messages and notifications with resolution
  • Proactive follow up with trading partners, business users or IT when needed
  • Single point of contact for business users and IT
  • Operations administration including reporting, metrics, and analysis
  • Documented procedures and incident reporting
  • Recommendations for optimizing and streamlining processes
  • Onboarding and coordinating for new trading partners
IT Support managed services

Flexible EDI and B2B support services for your changing needs

Because our support services are flexible, your company can begin with a small initiative and then ramp up when needed.  Transition coordination is made simple because Lightwell has the knowledge and proficiency to step in and assist in whatever capacity necessary—from strictly second-line support or help desk all the way to full system management and administration

Beyond problem-solving, your Lightwell support team can bring to your business industry best practices and benchmarks to optimize your B2B support processes and make your B2B systems more efficient.  Our consultants have experience in a variety of industries from manufacturing to distribution, retail, logistics, and more.

Rely on Lightwell for expert
B2B solution support

Your EDI and B2B integration systems are integral parts of your operations, and your company cannot afford for these systems to malfunction.  

Through a full range of B2B integration consulting services, Lightwell will provide you the skills needed to keep your B2B systems running smoothly and resolve issues quickly when they arise.

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