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Comprehensive Services for B2B Integration and EDI

Whether your organization is just beginning the EDI and B2B integration journey, or wishes to expand and optimize its long-established capabilities, Lightwell has the essential experience, tools and talent to help your company achieve its goals.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, our services and solutions encompass every element of B2B integration using the IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio.

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end services and innovations including:

EDI & B2B Integration Solutions

B2B Integration Strategy and Design Services


We’ll review and assess your B2B and EDI systems, processes and architecture, identify areas of opportunity, and isolate issues before they become problems.

Software selection

We can execute an objective and quantifiable vendor and solution selection process with you, enabling your business to make a sound, rational EDI or B2B integration technology solution choice.

Solution architecture

Lightwell will develop a comprehensive architecture for your EDI and B2B integration solutions that will meet your business needs while remaining cost-effective.

Implementation services

We provide an array of B2B integration and EDI implementation services for new installations, configuration changes, and system upgrades.

Project management

For new implementations or upgrades to B2B and EDI software, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of services from end-to-end project management to specific implementation task management.

Upgrade and migration services

With hundreds of successful upgrades and migrations under our belts, we can help you minimize risk, save time and ensure a successful software upgrade.

EDI mapping and B2B translation services

The basics behind every B2B or EDI operation is the data translation that must take place. Lightwell ensures this essential task is expertly managed and executed.

EDI trading partner management

Lightwell works directly with your business and trading partners to implement changes and bring new transactions online in a timely, cost-effective manner.

EDI and B2B integration flex services

Your IT resources are freed to work on other projects while Lightwell keeps your EDI and B2B operations running smoothly.

EDI outsourcing and B2B integration managed services

Leveraging Lightwell’s expertise, people and processes, you can outsource some or all of your EDI and B2B integration activities to us, and stay focused on your core business.

Managed file transfer consulting services

We offer a full range of Managed File Transfer (MFT) consulting services and solutions to enable, secure, and optimize your file transfer management processes.

B2B Solution Optimization Services

Performance optimization

Fine-tuning your EDI and B2B integration systems should be a regular part of your systems review. Lightwell provides expertise and guidance to optimize your system’s performance.

Solution health checks

We conduct a thorough examination, diagnosis, and where appropriate, offer treatment options to ensure your B2B integration system remains in peak condition.

Software Training and Support

Training and education

We offer flexible knowledge transfer and training options, tailored to your business and user needs.

Ongoing support services

We can provide multiple levels of ongoing support including troubleshooting and monitoring of EDI and B2B integration systems.

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B2B Integration & MFT Services Tailored for You

Our personalized and flexible approach to B2B integration services enables us to assist companies of all sizes across multiple industries. Regardless of whether you’re a global manufacturing company, a mid-sized retailer, a small pharmaceutical company, or a large CPG company, Lightwell can tailor its B2B integration services for your unique needs and budget.

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