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Why it’s time to modernize

Everywhere we look, we see change. Cultures are shifting. Organizations are re-thinking their purposes and practices. Individuals are questioning the status quo and how each of us can do better. Digital transformation initiatives are now a top priority for many companies.

This time of monumental reflection and reinvention is accompanied by a period of astounding technological advancement. This applies to B2B Integration and supply chains as well. There are many reasons companies are investing in modernizing their B2B Integration capabilities, including:

A dynamic and growing business partner ecosystem

The need to streamline and automate B2B processes

Increase in the volume, variety, and diversity of data formats, protocols, and documents being exchanged

Increased expectations for real-time visibility and transparency

Geographic expansion and globalization

Increased compliance and security demands

Financial pressure to reduce costs and increase return-on-investment

While these are significant challenges to tackle – there are numerous benefits to be gained. We’ll help you achieve them.

Leveraging experience delivering B2B integration solutions for thousands of companies over the last two decades, we’ll help you modernize, transform, and optimize your capabilities successfully. Our comprehensive B2B integration services and solutions will help overcome these challenges and realize the benefits of B2B modernization. We’ll also help you achieve unprecedented business value from your investments. 

The Benefits of Modernizing
B2B Integration and EDI

  • Easily connect and integrate with every partner.
  • Reduce the complexity of your disparate B2B ecosystem.
  • Gain extensive visibility into B2B processes and exchanges.
  • Reduce unplanned outages with greater reliability.
  • Ensure quality data and eliminate the frustration of errors.
  • Gain agility and scalability to adapt quickly to change and accelerate speed to market.
  • Harness the power of the cloud to achieve optimal flexibility.
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance.
  • Strengthen partnerships and turn them into more collaborative relationships
  • Take the time and trouble out of trading partner onboarding and management.

Most organizations strive to achieve 100% connectivity with their B2B partners. When all transactions are digitized and automated through new technology, the operation runs smoothly, quickly, and accurately. There’s no longer the need for slow, error-prone manual processing. Modern, innovative technologies make secure, scalable, always-on connectivity possible with all your large and small B2B partners. And, we can help you implement the solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

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You have many different partners at varying levels of technological sophistication. And with continuing market growth plus consolidations and acquisitions, you need to connect with new organizations all the time.

When you are faced with a wide variety of platforms, formats, and processes, you need a fast, universal solution that handles it all. Today’s innovative B2B integration and connectivity solutions and services help you quickly connect and easily translate everything from faxes to monumental files into a format you can use.

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Speed and accuracy and two critical attributes of visibility. When you and your business partners have instantaneous, self-service access to real-time information, you can conduct business with greater trust and confidence.

New technologies make it possible for everyone in your B2B ecosystem to achieve customized visibility into the entire transaction lifecycle and to be able to drill down to get more granular information when needed. So, you can check on everything from the status of purchase orders to estimated delivery dates. You’ll also avoid the delays of waiting on a busy IT team to help you.

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Downtime is expensive to everyone in the B2B ecosystem – in time, money, and reputation. A disruption at one point can send ripples of disturbance across the entire supply chain, create compliance issues, reduce revenues, precipitate SLA penalties, and impact customer satisfaction.

This is why organizations must utilize the most reliable B2B systems available – systems that promise and deliver on unimpeded uptime, and highly-dependable business networks that ensure always-on connectivity.

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Garbage in, garbage out. It’s an old adage, but one that continues to have meaning because its impact is so profound and far-reaching. When you’re juggling dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of B2B partners, you need to be certain of the quality of the data you’re both sending and receiving.

One huge source of errors is in manual processing. Another is in faulty machine translation. Modern B2B technologies make it possible to perform any-to-any translation accurately. Even telephone calls and paper documents with handwriting or images can be transformed into reliable, usable data. The need for re-keying is eliminated, and your B2B processes run smoothly with detailed data you can depend on.

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In a business world that’s moving at the speed of thought, you need to pivot without hesitation. But unless you have modern technology to handle large volumes of information from an onslaught of transactions at high velocity, it’s almost impossible to do. Additionally, when the market demands a new product introduction, new technologies, such as the cloud, allow you to deploy and distribute new products or updates instantaneously.

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Almost every organization is now using cloud technology to some degree. But many are lagging due to fears about security or cost. Modern cloud services offer on-premises, public or hybrid options to suit every organization’s risk requirements and financial resources. Cloud technology also opens up new opportunities to help you become more competitive. With Lightwell helping you deploy and manage a secure, high-performance B2B integration solution in the cloud, you can engage and transact with your B2B partners faster and with greater visibility and confidence.

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Governments, regulatory bodies, and industry standards commissions each have their areas of concern and their unique requirements for doing business. Some are concerned with product standards, others with security and privacy. And each of these groups is adding new regulations all the time. Additionally, many organizations enact strict SLAs with B2B partners.

When you consider how many geographies your enterprise is operating in, and how many different sets of regulations apply, you may become overwhelmed. Today’s modern B2B integration technologies have built-in capabilities to accommodate these evolving standards and provide alerts whenever anything is amiss. You’re protected from the risk of fines and are assuring your B2B partners of security.

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Good relationships are built on trust. And trust is created through honesty and transparency. Modern B2B Integration solutions deliver the capabilities that allow every member of the relationship to see what’s happening in the process, and to prepare for – or prevent – any disruptions. They also provide great communication tools so you can exchange critical information or resolve issues together.

With modern B2B technologies, you can give your business partners visibility and self-service access into transaction status and provide user-friendly tools that enhance your collaboration. Both you and your partners can see the status of transactions throughout their lifecycle. Easy, customized dashboards that provide secure access can be examined by your business users and your partners. You speed the delivery of information while eliminating the need for extensive IT support. This helps to strengthen relationships with partners, helping to improve your overall supply chain performance. You’re not only investing in your operations, but you’re also contributing to positive, productive, permanent relationships.

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Historically, the onboarding of trading partners has been a lengthy, complicated, resource-intensive process. This becomes a significant problem when you’re consistently adding new partners or changing information about existing ones.

Modern B2B Integration solutions help to accelerate trading partner setup and onboarding, using a variety of pre-built tools and easily configurable assets. Onboarding time can be reduced from weeks or months down to minutes.

Furthermore, B2B partner engagement systems and services not only allow you to provide self-service access so these partners can onboard themselves, but they also do so with simple interfaces that allow them to complete the process quickly. This means you don’t need staff to deal with phone calls and faxes and the re-keying information gleaned from other sources.  Your partners are up-and-running in hours rather than days or weeks, and you can both reap the benefits of the relationship by generating revenue immediately.

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B2B Modernization also helps you reduce
costs and get more from your resources.

The cost of maintaining your technology infrastructure is high. And the cost of maintaining outdated legacy systems is even higher. You not only require the staff to run these antiquated operations, but you pay the price of slow performance, costly updates, the inability to easily implement change, and phenomenal complications when trying to integrate B2B partners with all their disparate systems.

Modern B2B solutions help you better manage financial resources.

cohesive pragmatic integrate
Get more from your existing IT investments
Reduce operational costs
Achieve faster time to revenue
connect integrate
Invest in innovation for the future
Pay for usage vs. up-front investments
360 degree view
Enhance ROI from your new investments

They also help you make better use of your staff.

We used to assume that 10,000 Boomers were retiring every day. Recent events have pushed that number even higher. These experienced, knowledgeable professionals are leaving, and they’re taking with them a wealth of information that you need to capture.

Additionally, their departure from the workforce is exacerbating an already critical IT staff shortage. Modern AI-powered B2B Integration solutions, such as IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network, IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights, and IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence provide the capabilities to help capture and utilize the information that Boomers have acquired in their years of service. These solutions analyze information and issue alerts when they recognize discrepancies and emerging issues. They learn over time to help prevent or prepare for disruptions.

Rather than use your expensive IT staff for mundane tasks that can easily be automated, give them the time to focus on critical strategic issues.

…And help you contribute positively to your community.

If it weren’t enough that new B2B technology helps you perform better operationally, consider the impact that this innovation has on your community. By helping your organization perform better, you’re helping people be productive and happy in their work. You’re economically supporting your community. And it isn’t just the community that you live in; it’s the communities of all the business partners who also benefit from your success. Not only benefit – but share in it.

Finally, the elimination of paper-based processes helps reduce the need for paper and its transport. The fewer resources we consume, and the more we rely on technology for transactions, the better off we’ll all be.

Application Development Solution IMplementation

Don’t wait until tomorrow.
The future starts now.

Modernizing B2B Integration is essential to your organization’s future success and that of your business partners. Your competitors know this as well as you do. And, like you, they’re exploring every opportunity to gain an advantage using affordable, effective new approaches. Don’t let them get the upper hand.

Be the innovator who gets ahead of the market to gain a superior position with your customers and a more productive and profitable relationship with your B2B partners.

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