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Achieve the full benefits of B2B integration while reducing the burden on your resources.

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Why consider Managed Services for B2B Integration and EDI?

B2B Integration Team

Your company’s EDI or B2B integration operations team is faced with a seemingly endless number of demands, changes, and challenges, including:

  • Mandates for supporting new connectivity such as AS2, protocols, or data formats
  • Keeping up with trading partner changes and requests
  • Changes in source data from ERP, accounting, or other systems
  • Updates to EDI or B2B integration software
  • The addition of new trading partners
  • System reliability and performance

And when it comes to EDI and B2B integration systems, managing changes and keeping performance at ideal levels can be a daunting task for IT departments—particularly those with a large number of trading partners. Technology teams are typically stretched thin with multiple priorities, and keeping EDI and B2B processes running smoothly is just one aspect of their job.

A comprehensive and flexible approach

Leveraging Lightwell’s expertise, people, and processes, you can outsource some or all of your EDI and B2B integration activities to us and stay focused on your core business. We provide comprehensive B2B integration managed services, including:

  • Administration and management of EDI / B2B tasks
  • Mapping and production support for all EDI transaction sets
  • Management and monitoring of all scheduled and special run jobs
  • Troubleshooting processes and systems
  • Incident creation, escalation, and resolution
  • Coordinating with trading partners to address and resolve questions or issues
  • Monitoring overall EDI activities with reports and statistics

We can provide the full management, operation, and facilitation of your EDI or B2B program—and if you wish, we can even provide the infrastructure as a hosted or flexible Cloud B2B Integration solution.

A cost-effective solution

Our B2B Integration Managed services are a cost-effective alternative to managing these activities in-house.  And you don’t have to lose your current B2B integration solution investment to work with us. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we can manage any of the solutions within the industry-leading IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including:

It’s a great solution for businesses that need resources, data translation services, mapping and production support for EDI transaction sets, plus EDI administration services from dedicated program managers.

Through our EDI and B2B Integration Managed Services, you’ll achieve numerous benefits, including:

Expert management of your B2B processes and communications

Increased efficiency

Faster response to ever-changing demands

Exceptional visibility across your value chain

Lower internal technology and resource costs

Increased customer satisfaction

By letting Lightwell manage your EDI and B2B integration activities, your business gains greater cost and resource flexibility while gaining added value through highly trained experts in integration, project management, and trading partner management.

In addition, onboarding of new trading partners will be completed quickly, trading partner integration challenges will be resolved in a timely manner, and you’ll experience a rapid turnaround on translation services and transaction set updates.

The perfect combination of EDI and B2B services, solutions, and expertise

Our B2B integration managed services will help you achieve the far-reaching benefits of B2B integration and collaboration while significantly reducing the burden on your company’s internal resources. Our offering combines:

And because we believe there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to B2B integration, we offer four levels of managed services.

So, whether you simply need a few skilled resources to assist you with your current B2B project or upgrade, need us to manage your on-premise solution, or wish to outsource the management of your entire B2B environment and business partner community to us—we have a solution to meet your current and future needs.

B2B Managed Services Components

With our skilled team assisting you, you’ll benefit from decades of experience in EDI and B2B integration strategy, implementation, optimization, management, technical support, and business partner community management. We provide the following services and capabilities as part of our B2B managed services offering:





Technology Components

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

A best-in-class solution that enables you to integrate complex B2B processes with your diverse partner community. It supports a broad range of industry B2B communications standards and provides high-performance data translation capabilities.

You’ll be able to communicate and exchange information with any of your customers and partners in virtually any data format.

Lightwell B2B Framework

A powerful toolset that enhances the capabilities of B2B Integrator through hundreds of pre-built components, business processes, and advanced features. It reduces implementation time and cost and minimizes the need for custom development, ensuring you’ll be up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

B2B Framework also ensures standards and best practices are followed, streamlines trading partner onboarding and management, and enables an exceptional level of visibility and control. This helps you get the most out of your system while keeping startup and ongoing management costs down.

World-Class Infrastructure

When we host your B2B solution in the cloud (your preferred cloud like Azure, AWS, IBM, or ours), you will benefit from industry-leading performance, high availability and scalability, data archiving, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

Flexibility to accommodate your changing needs

We offer four levels of B2B managed services to meet your needs now and in the future. These are designed to enable you to move between these levels as your needs change.

EDI/B2B Staff Augmentation

We’ll provide skilled resources to assist you with your on-premise B2B integration initiative during specified hours and timeframes.

Manage Your Existing B2B Integration Solution

If you have an existing IBM Sterling B2B integration solution in place at your location, such as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Sterling Gentran, you can outsource the management and monitoring of the solution to us.

We will engage in an initial discovery process, freshen up your existing implementation, apply best practices, become an extension of your staff, and proactively manage and monitor your application for you. We can manage it remotely for on-premise solutions, or we can manage your solution in your preferred cloud.

New B2B Integration Solution Implementations or Upgrades

If you wish to migrate to the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution from another EDI or B2B integration solution, or upgrade to the current version of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, we’ll perform all of the above, in addition to completing a new solution design and implementation at your location or in your preferred cloud environment.

Cloud B2B Integration and B2B Integration SaaS

We’ll implement your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Sterling File Gateway solution in our cloud or your preferred cloud and will manage and optimizing all aspects of it. From the initial discovery of your needs, to design, setup, and implementation, to trading partner onboarding and management, to proactive monitoring and support—we’ll handle it all for you. Learn more about our Cloud B2B Integration offerings.

Comprehensive B2B Managed Services, Numerous Benefits

  • Reduced IT infrastructure and internal resource costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Support and scalability for growth
  • Better focus on your key initiatives and core competencies
  • Faster response to changing supply and demand
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Our managed services for B2B integration and EDI will reduce the need for additional infrastructure investments while reducing costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and retaining skilled EDI and B2B resources.

Through high-performance technologies, increased automation, reduced errors, and expert management of your complex B2B processes; you and your partners will achieve exceptional levels of operational efficiency.

Through rapid trading partner onboarding and greater scalability, you will be able to enter new markets quickly, support higher transaction volumes, and achieve faster time-to-revenue.

By offloading all or part of your B2B management tasks to us, your internal resources can focus on initiatives most critical to your company.

With greater visibility across your value chain and the ability to communicate seamlessly with your entire customer and business partner community, you will be able to better manage inventory levels and costs.

By reducing errors, ensuring on-time and accurate orders, delivering higher customer service levels, and becoming more demand-driven; you’ll exceed the expectations of your customers to build lasting and profitable relationships.

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Let’s Get Started

By outsourcing all or part of your EDI or B2B integration solution management to Lightwell, your company is provided with a superior level of B2B and EDI managed services that will meet or exceed your business needs… and make your trading partners very happy. 

You can rest assured that both you and your trading partners will be in the best and most capable hands. Contact us today to learn more.

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