Flex Services for EDI and B2B Integration

Flexible services for when you need to augment staff, fill in for staff that is on leave or vacation, or assist your in-house team to get a project back on track.

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Are Your EDI and B2B Integration Resources Stretched Too Thin?

IT departments typically operate in very lean environments.  Your resources are stretched too thin, and time off can be challenging to manage and coordinate – particularly during peak vacation periods or around holidays.

Whether or not there is adequate staff on hand, the business must continue to operate and systems must be fully functional.  A failure at any point can mean a significant impact on finances and partner relationships.

Skilled EDI and B2B Consultants
When You Need Them

Lightwell offers a flexible consulting program for businesses that need to augment staff, fill in for staff that is on leave or on vacation, or need to assist their in-house team in getting a project back on track.

With EDI Flex services, you’ll gain access to our highly trained EDI and B2B personnel to assist you during these times, without incurring the costs associated with hiring and retaining additional full-time EDI personnel.

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Our EDI and B2B Flex Services will keep your EDI and B2B operations running smoothly and meeting service level expectations during these demanding times.

Our EDI Flex Services are highly adaptable to your needs and are configured on a company-by-company basis. You can leverage our consultants and services for:

  • Small projects or short time periods
  • Operational support including routine day-to-day support processes and procedures
  • The full scope of day-to-day EDI operations
  • Proactive system monitoring for both EDI and B2B applications including error and alert checks
  • Extended project work for highly complex enterprise-level implementations.
  • And more

Our consulting team specializes in the IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including IBM Sterling Gentran, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM Transformation Extender, and the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions. Let us do the same for you.

Full-Time or Part-Time EDI and
B2B Integration Resources

Our EDI resources are available for full-time or part-time engagements, for time periods that may vary from a few days to weeks or months.  Our structured engagement process allows for immediate response to your business needs and expedited ramp-up of resources when necessary.

Who Should Consider EDI Flex Services?

  • Companies with limited internal resources
  • Departments that need to supplement resources during business integration projects
  • Companies who need to augment resources while EDI or B2B staff is on vacation or temporary leave
  • Companies that have less-experienced EDI and B2B staff that need guidance from skilled EDI resources
  • Organizations that require expert skillsets to bring operations processes up to compliance
  • Departments that need resources to perform specific configuration tasks for new trading partner implementations
  • Organizations who seek a long-term strategy for effectively managing peak EDI operational support periods without incurring the expense of traditional EDI consulting resources
  • Companies who need short-term qualified EDI support personnel in order to allow internal staff to focus on project backlogs in other areas

Adaptable to Your Changing Business Needs

Our EDI and B2B Flex Services have flexible engagement terms that can adjust to your business needs. You can move quickly to address resource issues without being concerned about long term contractual obligations, displacing staff to fill in for other workers, or suffering another delay in a business integration services project.

With Lightwell as your business partner, your EDI and B2B operations can keep moving even when internal staff resources are limited.

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