B2B Integration Solution Upgrades and Migrations

We go the extra mile to make sure your business realizes the full benefits from its B2B and EDI system upgrade or migration.

EDI and B2B Integration Software Upgrades: Many Variables to Manage

When planning any type of system upgrade or migration to a new system, there are many variables to consider. Is the hardware adequate? Will there be performance issues? How will interfaces be affected? What benefits should be realized? What if there are system issues…is there a failover or reversion procedure?

When B2B integration software upgrades or migrations are involved, your business and IT implementation teams must consider the impact to trading partners as well as internal systems. With important order and invoice transaction processing at stake, your business cannot risk a failed upgrade or migration. And no matter what size your business may be, every B2B transaction is critical.

Completing Seamless B2B Integration Software Upgrades and Migrations

Guidance from an experienced partner is key to managing these variables and ensuring a smooth upgrade or migration. Our B2B integration consultants have extensive upgrade and migration experience with B2B integration solutions across multiple industries.

They have completed hundreds of successful upgrades and migrations for the IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including IBM Sterling Gentran, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM Transformation Extender, and the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions. Let us do the same for you.

IBM Platinum Business Partner of Year

Our B2B integration solution upgrade and migration services include:

Upgrade and Migration Planning

Our experienced team members will create a well-defined strategy and plan for you.

Upgrade Assessment

We work with your team to understand your existing implementation, hardware, software, processes, transaction volumes, and requirements for growth.

Architectural Design

We produce an architectural plan that includes infrastructure and process recommendations.

Project Management

We provide a dedicated project manager that can manage the entire implementation from end-to-end.


Our configuration experts bring their technical expertise to your project to make sure every setting is reviewed, checked, and tested properly.

Upgrade Testing

We execute a stringent process to ensure all process flows are validated and functional. We’ll test your new system to ensure the transition is smooth and that interruptions to your business are minimized.

Knowledge Transfer

We’ll advise you on leveraging the latest features and help you minimize the need for customizations.

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Lightwell knows how valuable every transaction can be. Our B2B integration solution upgrade and migration services go the extra mile to make sure your B2B and EDI systems are optimized and that your business realizes real benefits from an upgrade. We will tailor an upgrade or migration solution to meet your unique business objectives.

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