B2B Integration Solution Training

From a knowledge transfer session during
your project, to full-scale end user technical training

Training is a critical part of your EDI or B2B Integration Solution’s success. Let us help you empower your team.

Even the best B2B Integration and EDI solutions can fail miserably if there is insufficient training or knowledge transfer. 

Your support team, administrators, and end users must have the ability to utilize and support the B2B systems so that the business realizes the value of its investment.

Unfortunately, training is often overlooked or is viewed with a diminished value during many projects. If a budget runs tight, training is often the first item to be trimmed. Reducing training can adversely affect the success of any project, and can be particularly corrupting for B2B and EDI operations because of the closely-coupled process relationships between trading partners.

Flexible EDI and B2B Training and Knowledge Transfer Options

Lightwell offers B2B integration training as a key component of each of our services offerings.  The training can be as simple as a weekly knowledge transfer session that occurs during the project, or full-scale end user and technical training during and after project completion.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we can deliver training on the IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including:

We’re able to adapt our training regimen to your particular business needs so that your users and your business can recognize the greatest value.

Application Development Solution IMplementation

As part of our B2B integration training services, Lightwell provides a wide variety of training options, including:

Knowledge transfer sessions

that can last as long as 2 to 3 hours and held weekly throughout the duration of the integration project. This ensures that your team members are adequately acquainted with the solution setup, core functionality, performance management, and troubleshooting.

Technical training sessions

that encompass detailed configuration management steps, integration architecture, mapping, and translation processes as well as new trading partner communications setup.

Detailed documentation

that can be tailored to specific configurations and include functional as well as technical information.

Hands-on training sessions for individuals or groups

of support, technical, and/or end users. We use real scenarios and exercises to ensure they comprehend how to use the solutions.

End user training

that can be conducted as a “train the trainer” exercise or with Lightwell instructors.

A B2B Integration Solution Training Program Tailored for You

As part of the initial project plan, our experts will work with your implementation team to structure the appropriate B2B integration training package and timing for your specific business needs.

The project scope will clearly include and allocate a reasonable amount of time to training services so that your business will not be caught with a knowledge gap that can cause a loss of business.

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