B2B Integration Solution Architecture

We'll establish a solid B2B solution architecture that addresses your technology needs now and in the future.

B2B Integration Solutions: Don’t Go it Alone

Before embarking upon a B2B integration solution implementation, it’s critical to examine your business needs in detail and define how the technology will support your specific operations and unique business processes.

And during this process, having a partner who will offer you honest, objective, and expert guidance with recommendations built around experience can have a significant impact on the success of your project.

Lightwell will establish a solid B2B integration solution architecture for your organization that addresses your technology needs now, is specific to your business and environment, is aligned with your business goals, and will prepare you for the future.

In addition to most major B2B integration solutions, we can help you architect B2B integration solutions that include the IBM Sterling B2B Integration solutions portfolio.  This includes IBM Sterling GentranIBM Sterling B2B IntegratorIBM Sterling Transformation Extender (ITX), and the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions.

Our Proven Approach to B2B Integration
Solution Architecture

Understand and plan

Our B2B integration solution architecture process begins with gaining an understanding of the current state of your business and your goals.  Our team will document your requirements in detail, evaluate and analyze core solution options, and select a high level solution (if one hasn’t been selected already).

We’ll generate a project plan with resource allocation requirements, timelines, and concrete estimates, followed by sign-off from your business and IT team members.  We’ll storyboard the flow of your new business processes, and generate functional requirements and solution definition documents. In addition, we’ll document and illustrate your data flow and integration points.

Design and configure

During the next phase, our solution architects will perform a gap analysis between the solution’s “out of the box” functionality and what is needed to meet your requirements.  They’ll determine which specific configurations should be utilized to meet these requirements.

Next our solution architects will exercise the solution in various scenarios and iterations, evaluate functionality and performance, and determine if the solution is meeting expectations.  They will then address and resolve any gaps so that there is a sound development environment to build upon. Upon completion of this phase our team will:

  • Build and test interfaces
  • Finish unit testing
  • Complete customizations
  • Deliver functional and technical documents
  • Deliver test scripts and training materials
  • Establish recovery and failover plans
  • Prepare production and QA environments

Validate and confirm

During this phase, our consultants will bring your production environment online, confirm user acceptance, and test end-to-end system performance.  We’ll ensure that the configuration and functionality meet the expectations of the business goals that were originally set. And from here, we’ll finalize all documentation and initiate the next phase – deployment.

B2B Solution Architecture Experience
and Success

Our approach to solution architecture has been successfully utilized in thousands of projects ranging from small business implementations to large scale global enterprise operations. We will develop the architecture that fits the needs of your business precisely. Learn about our comprehensive B2B integration consulting services, and contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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