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There are many good reasons to consider
moving B2B integration to the cloud.

Today, organizations are trying to keep up with unprecedented demands around B2B integration and collaboration, while simultaneously supporting a growing number of trading partners and transactions, numerous legacy systems, and complex business processes.

At the same time, they’re facing a scarcity of B2B integration experts, tighter budgets, and a staff that is working beyond capacity. For many, a compelling solution for these challenges is to leverage a B2B integration solution in the cloud – and get help from a partner in managing their B2B operations.  

We can provide you a comprehensive, flexible cloud B2B integration solution, including efficient provisioning, infrastructure, business process management, support, and reporting. With our cloud-based B2B integration solution, we can manage part or all of your B2B integration and EDI infrastructure in your preferred cloud our ours, enabling you to:

  • Reduce the TCO of your B2B operations
  • Increase the reliability and performance of your B2B operations
  • Improve the onboarding and management of your trading partners, resulting in improved satisfaction

Expert services and industry-leading solutions for B2B Integration in the cloud.

Over the last two decades, we’ve assisted thousands of companies across the world with their B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer initiatives through our comprehensive B2B integration services. We’ve helped with everything from developing their strategies, designing and implementing their solutions, managing and supporting their operations, optimizing their processes and performance, and helping them analyze and leverage their data more effectively.

We truly understand the pressures and challenges they face around changing requirements, rising costs, disparate legacy systems, resource limitations, risks, and customer demands – and help to overcome them.

More and more often, companies are seeking our guidance around cloud technologies, including how the cloud can help them address specific challenges, evaluating cloud vs. hybrid vs. on-premise, integrating cloud and legacy systems, and determining which applications to migrate to the cloud.

They recognize the potential benefits of moving solutions like IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Managed File Transfer to the cloud – including greater scalability, modernized capabilities, improved customer support, and more predictable costs.

The right approach, right people, right solution.

However, because B2B integration and MFT capabilities are the lifeblood of their business, it’s critical they weigh their options, develop a solid plan, and take the right steps now to avoid significant problems down the road.

We help companies optimize the success of their cloud initiative by providing the right approach, people, expertise, tools, and technologies to address their needs throughout every stage of their cloud journey.

We assist them through expert guidance, an experienced team, extensive support, modern capabilities, and end-to-end visibility needed to support growth and changing requirements.

20+ years Successful Implementations

A comprehensive cloud solution with
extensive capabilities

Our solution consists of multiple components that are flexible based on your needs.

A proven, reliable B2B and MFT Cloud solution

built on industry-leading software

World-class cloud infrastructure

with flexible options to accommodate your needs

Managed by a team of highly experienced professionals

with in-depth knowledge of B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer solutions, years of hosting and B2B managed services experience, and cloud integration expertise

Automates and secures

exchanges and file transfers, supporting all major protocols and formats

Consolidates and centralizes

disparate centers for integration and file transfer activity

Comprehensive, proactive support

and monitoring

Extensive visibility and governance

over processes and activity at your fingertips

World-class, end-to-end security

to protect your networks, systems, transactions, and partners

Self-service portals

for partners and business users

Together these components help you achieve many benefits, including:

Improved reliability, performance, and scalability

to support growth

Reduced complexity and costs

of B2B operations

Reduced risk

of downtime and penalties

Accelerated time-to-revenue

through improved trading onboarding and management

Satisfy quality

Increased customer satisfaction

through elevated responsiveness and service levels

Greater visibility and actionable insights

for improving operations, relationships, and business outcomes

Flexible cloud offerings to meet your
needs now and in the future

We offer multiple levels of B2B cloud services to meet your needs now and in the future.
These are designed to enable you to move as your needs change.

Migrate Your Current B2B Integration Solution to the Cloud

If you have an existing IBM Sterling B2B integration solution in place at your location, such as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Sterling Gentran, we can help modernize and migrate your current solution to the cloud – your preferred cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM) or ours. We will engage in an initial discovery process, freshen up your existing implementation, apply best practices, determine how to leverage your IP and investments, and more. We can become an extension of your staff, share management responsibilities, or even proactively manage and monitor your application and environment for you.

Manage Your Existing B2B Integration Solution

If you wish to migrate to the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution from another EDI or B2B integration solution, upgrade to the current version of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, or acquire B2B Integrator as a brand new solution for your organization, we can implement and manage part or all or part of it in your preferred cloud for you. For companies that prefer to retain some management and maintenance responsibilities – especially for companies that have very specific and quickly changing needs – this is ideal.

Fully-Managed Cloud B2B Integration Solution

We’ll implement your IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Sterling Gentran solution in our cloud or your preferred cloud, and will manage and optimize all aspects of it. This is a single-tenant, dedicated, highly-customizable offering for companies that have demanding, specialized, and frequently-changing B2B needs. It’s ideal for companies that manage large B2B transaction volumes, many document types, and a large and growing trading partner community. From initial discovery of your needs, to design, setup and implementation, to trading partner onboarding and management, to proactive monitoring and support—we’ll handle it all for you.

B2B Integration SaaS

This cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is ideal for companies that want to reap the benefits of a modern, cloud-based B2B integration solution and turn the management and support responsibilities over to our team. We’ll explore ways to leverage what IP you may have from your current instance of Gentran or B2B Integrator, so we maximize the value of your investments. This is a comprehensive but cost-effective option that works well for many companies.

It’s very challenging to determine the right cloud approach up front.  We understand the importance of flexibility and ensuring the right fit, and have helped many of our clients determine the best approach for their needs now and in the future. Get in touch with us to explore these options and more.

Our world-class cloud solution components

Lightwell hosting and support

Industry-leading technologies


Expert Implementation and Managed Services

In addition to working extensively with the IBM B2B and MFT solutions over the last two decades, our experienced team has been hosting and managing IBM solutions for leading, global companies for well over a decade.

We have assisted our clients with everything from architectural design, to complex conversions and migrations, to robust security and contingency planning. Our B2B Integration Managed Services consists of these services and more:





To ensure a smooth and rapid transition to the cloud, we follow our proven setup, onboarding, implementation, and ongoing support process. This comprehensive process ensures that we’re in lockstep at all times and that our goals, teams, and timelines are aligned.

We start by working closely with your team to assess your needs and determine which cloud model is the best fit for you. We document your environment, design, and plan your document flows, and connect with the application owners your organization. Following this, we provision the environment and implement the solution, using our pre-built assets, tools, and frameworks. This accelerates the process and ensures best practices are followed throughout your implementation

Before go-live, we conduct extensive testing, including security, resiliency, and scalability. After a successful go-live, we transition to the support team, where collaboration, program management, and daily monitoring and support processes begin.

From there, we provide comprehensive, ongoing B2B integration managed services, including:

  • Administration and management of EDI / B2B tasks
  • Mapping and production support for all EDI transaction sets
  • Management and monitoring of all scheduled and special run jobs
  • Troubleshooting processes and systems
  • Incident creation, escalation, and resolution
  • Coordinating with trading partners to address and resolve questions or issues
  • Monitoring overall EDI activities with reports and statistics

World-Class Hosting and Support

We can accommodate your needs whether you choose a private cloud, IBM cloud,
our cloud, or another cloud platform. Our solution provides:

A fully redundant architecture, removing any single point of failure
Exceptional uptime, reliability, and performance
Continuous, active monitoring and alerting with industry-leading, proprietary monitoring tools
Multiple layers of monitoring and notification
Comprehensive support including best practices, cost optimization, real-time monitoring and alerting, and 24x7x365 helpdesk availability

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