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Evolving market conditions are accelerating the need for advanced EDI and B2B Integration capabilities

Changing conditions include:

  • Rapidly expanding partner ecosystems
  • Higher expectations of real-time visibility and transparency
  • Geographic expansion and the rise of global supply chains
  • Compliance demands from government agencies and industry regulators
  • Increased mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial pressure to reduce costs and increase return-on-investment

Our B2B Integration solutions and services can help you:

  • Simplify complexity
  • Improve reliability
  • Onboard partners quickly
  • Leverage the power of the Cloud
  • Adapt to change
  • Enhance visibility
  • Assure security
  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate speed to market
  • Ensure compliance
  • Adhere to SLAs
  • Enhance ROI

Connect and manage diverse and numerous partners, formats, and business processes – quickly and effectively.

75% of companies exchange data with external ecosystems across two to five business processes. And the typical organization needs to manage large files in many different formats. To make matters even more complicated, the average company has well over 500 partners and suppliers in their ecosystem – and that number continues to increase.

Lightwell has provided B2B Integration consulting services to thousands of companies worldwide for over two decades, helping them integrate and streamline their growing partner ecosystems, and reduce the complexity of their B2B processes.

Minimize outages and protect data loss to ensure the wheels of business keep turning.

Unplanned outages are costly. They not only disrupt the flow of business, but they also wreak havoc on customer and supplier relationships while adversely impacting revenues. Most organizations cannot afford to operate secure, globally dispersed back-up passive data centers.

Lightwell implements superior quality, high-availability B2B Integration solutions that assure always-on performance and fast recovery. In addition, through our B2B integration managed services capabilities, we provide extensive management and support that helps keep systems running smoothly around the clock.

Automated onboarding and self-service support let you leverage trading partner relationships faster using fewer resources.

59% of surveyed companies indicate that they onboard new trading partners weekly. This can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process that requires constant monitoring to ensure contact data and certificates are up to date. Organizations may also be challenged to incorporate new business units into their ecosystems that result from mergers and acquisitions.

Lightwell has extensive experience helping global organizations select, implement, and leverage B2B Integration solutions to onboard and manage their expanding business partner networks highly efficiently. We can empower and train your staff, and help you accelerate trading partner onboarding in multiple ways.

Deploy and scale to meet growing business demands with flexible hybrid deployment capabilities.

Cloud-based deployment models are an essential part of any business strategy. But cloud and on-premise applications must be integrated and managed effectively, with strict adherence to security policies.

Through our Cloud B2B Integration services, we collaborate with you to determine and deploy and manage the scalable cloud or hybrid cloud solution that meets your specific requirements for security, agility, and cost containment.

Respond quickly and efficiently to new requirements throughout your B2B processes.

Organizations are under pressure to adapt to changes in internal and partner processes quickly. Despite the need for speed, operations can be stalled by time-consuming configuration changes, conversions, and transformations.

Whether you’re still limited to basic EDI capabilities or have modernized B2B Integration operations to adopt innovations such as B2B Visibility and Insights, Lightwell can help you adapt to rapidly changing needs. We work with clients to implement a wide array of B2B Integration software and solutions to improve agility and flexibility.

Mitigate risks and expose opportunities through better visibility into processes and performance.

Remarkably, only 54% of organizations claim to have full visibility into their supply chain. But supply chain visibility is critical to avoiding disruptions, understanding costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

We believe that the best way to manage risks is to prevent them. We help you deploy B2B visibility and reporting solutions for identifying errors and aberrations – with tools to help you remediate them they become costly problems. Our solutions also help you uncover opportunities and identify new ways of improving your performance.

Build trust to solidify partner and customer relationships.

Data breaches can cripple an organization. Fines, reparations, and damage to relationships and brand equity must be prevented through increased security. Most organizations surveyed believe they need to increase visibility within their organization to reduce risk.

We’re passionate about protecting the integrity of our clients’ data. Before we deploy any solution, we conduct a thorough assessment of their security requirements and risks. We then recommend the systems and processes needed to ensure reliable, secure file transfer and B2B data exchanges.

Lower costs and increase efficiency to improve gross margin.

When business needs to move quickly, organizations can’t afford to waste the most precious resource of all: time. Slow partner onboarding, complicated processes, and lack of reliability not only impact productivity – they ultimately reflect on the bottom line.

Fast, streamlined B2B processes that provide dependable, uninterrupted service are essential to your organization’s financial success. With Lightwell, you can achieve these benefits through an experienced partner that is committed to helping you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and get the best value from your investments.

Gain a competitive advantage resulting from faster B2B processes.

To gain competitive advantages, organizations must get up and running fast and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

The quicker you get new products, services, and enhancements to market, the sooner they generate revenue. This is just one of the reasons why our team considers our clients’ overall business initiatives – from strategy to execution to optimization. We don’t only focus on technology. We help you improve results through solutions and services that accelerate time to market, enable better collaboration and innovative thinking, and facilitate real-time insights and action.

Simplify compliance with new and changing regulations and mandates.

The global business environment is experiencing a dramatic expansion of government regulations and industry mandates, forcing organizations to support multiple, changing standards. 71% of organizations indicate they must deal with new or changed standards at least once per quarter.

With clients worldwide, our team understands and addresses the complexity of regulations for global and multi-national companies. And with experience in so many different industries , we know how to ensure compliance with myriad changing standards issued by regulatory bodies.

Ensure top-notch performance and receive alerts for process exemptions.

What if a critical file wasn’t delivered on time? Would you and your business partner know? What would the impact be? To maintain positive relationships, businesses need to ensure that data files are delivered where and when they’re intended.

Lightwell delivers multiple solutions that provide unprecedented visibility into B2B integration and file transfer processes. Solutions, including the Lightwell Visibility Portal and IBM Sterling Control Center, ensure the seamless and error-free flow of data that is essential to the health of your business and its relationships.

And reduce total cost of ownership with a single B2B integration platform.

Multiple, inefficient legacy B2B integration and EDI systems are still operating in most organizations and need to be integrated into new systems. Additionally, many organizations want to eradicate the continual need to deploy and maintain multiple new B2B integration software platforms by introducing a single, centralized solution.

Some organizations have investments in legacy EDI system installations that they’d rather leverage than abandon. Others want to reduce the cost of maintaining multiple B2B integration platforms and dealing with multiple vendors. Lightwell is a single source of expertise and support to help you select and maintain affordable the right approach to B2B integration and EDI, and transition to a modern, centralized B2B integration solution.

Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you perform better.

Most industry leaders report that their B2B Integration modernization and cloud B2B Integration initiatives are well underway, and already generating substantial performance improvements.

Partner relationships are more transparent and trustworthy. Increases in visibility and agility accelerate decision making and drive faster time to market. Better use of resources enables more significant innovation. The benefits of B2B Integration modernization are often realized long before anticipated and frequently result in substantial competitive gains.

Whether you’re developing your initial B2B Integration strategy or have already implemented a foundation and are ready to embark on B2B Integration modernization, it’s time to consider how new and improved technologies provide greater opportunities to optimize processes and enhance your overall business results.

B2B EDI Consulting

We provide comprehensive B2B Integration consulting services to help you every step of the way.

Learn more about our full range of B2B Integration services, including:

Trust Lightwell expertise for every aspect of your B2B Integration initiative

Adopt modern B2B integration technologies

To succeed in today’s highly competitive, and often volatile business climate, you need to adopt B2B Integration technologies. But which ones do you choose? And how do you implement them? Most importantly, how do you accomplish your goals without expending excessive IT budget, wasting your staff’s time, and straining your business partners’ patience?

Lightwell experts are ready to help

You depend upon industry leaders who will help you navigate a sometimes-treacherous path to full connectivity, collaboration, and cognitive advancement.

Lightwell experts are ready to help you accelerate your strategic B2B Integration initiative and optimize your benefits and results.

Optimize your benefits and results with these solutions and more:

connect integrate

B2B Integration Modernization

Modernizing B2B Integration is essential to your organization's future success and that of your business partners. We’ll help you modernize, transform, and optimize your B2B integration and EDI capabilities successfully. Our comprehensive B2B integration services and solutions will help overcome numerous challenges and realize the benefits of B2B modernization.

B2B Collaboration and Connectivity

Good communication with your network ecosystem is essential to your success. Learn how you can improve processes and relationships with business partners – large and small – with well-planned, properly applied technologies.


B2B Insights and Visibility

Can you confirm that every file you send is received in full at its intended destination? Discover the depth and breadth of comprehensive visibility and monitoring that’s now possible, and learn how they can deliver actionable information to help you mitigate potential problems.

360 degree view

Cloud B2B Integration

Leveraging the cloud for B2B Integration can help you improve performance, strengthen collaboration with partners, reduce complexity, and increase agility. Organizations that have made the transition to Cloud B2B Integration report faster results than expected, and they’re reaping the benefits with competitive power and preparedness for the future. We help you achieve these benefits and more.

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of Lightwell with capabilities of the IBM Sterling B2B Integration solutions

There’s more to software than code. That’s why you need professionals with deep technical knowledge to deliver scalable, secure, and cost-efficient end-to-end B2B Integration solutions.

We use a combination of tools and techniques that include our proprietary innovations plus superior quality solutions developed by IBM. We’re proud to be an IBM Platinum Business Partner whose outstanding performance was recognized with the 2020 award for IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year.

ibm excellence award

Honored During Think 2020

IBM Sterling Business Partner of the Year

We have extensive experience all the IBM Sterling B2B Integration solutions, including:

Based on best practices gained from thousands of successful B2B integration solution engagements, we have also developed solutions to accelerate and enhance the value of these solutions, including:

Lightwell guides your journey to better partner relationships

For over 20 years, Lightwell has built a reputation for excellence in the strategic planning, implementation, and optimization of B2B Integration software and services. We are proud of the achievements and successes we’ve achieved by partnering with our clients throughout the world, spanning virtually every industry.

Contact us to learn more about what our experienced consultants can do for your organization and its growing ecosystem of business partners.

What we can do for you:

  • Bring specialized knowledge to your transformation initiative so your staff can focus on revenue-generating strategic endeavors
  • Assess your current situation and future needs to recommend scalable solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining B2B connections
  • Install and help manage reliable third party and proprietary B2B Integration solutions that standardize and simplify B2B processes
  • Implement reliable, centralized solutions that onboard partners quickly so you can enjoy the benefits immediately
  • Give you the tools you need to increase collaboration and visibility, and strengthen partner relationships
  • And much more

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