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Why companies partner with us

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There are many reasons why companies trust us with their critical application development initiatives.

Here is just a handful of reasons why companies choose to partner with us.

Quality Focus

Our team members have ensured the success of hundreds of critical application development engagements. We apply standards, proven processes and best practices to ensure our solutions are scalable, high-quality, secure, and easy to maintain.

Application Development

Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Capabilities

Our capabilities span product design, development, implementation, support, and optimization.

We understand what it takes to build high-performing applications from end-to-end, and have the right skills to assist you throughout your entire initiative.


We can provide individual team members to integrate into your current development team, provide a number of resources in a “hybrid” environment, or a full team to address your complete development efforts. We can also provide IT staff augmentation services to support your specific needs.


Agile Approach

By employing Agile methodologies in our application development projects, we can help you respond quickly to changing demands.


Our team can help you scale when needed. You’ll gain access to an extensive team of skilled professionals backed by an industry-leading recruiting and screening process.

Development Team

Extensive, Well-Rounded Team

The Lightwell team consists of experienced IT architects, analysts, developers, and IT project managers that work together to provide the skills, knowledge and best practices needed to ensure the best possible solutions.

Technical and Business Expertise

With extensive experience developing solutions for numerous companies and industries, our team brings valuable business and technology knowledge to your project. Your technology solution will be well-aligned with your business needs and goals.


Local and Near-Shore Resources

We have team members across the US and UK, enabling us to easily provide onsite resources when needed. In addition, for work performed remotely with our team, you’ll enjoy fewer time zone differences, geographical proximity, and better overall communication and cultural alignment with your internal staff.

Standards and Adherence

Our internal IT policies and procedures meet or exceed various industry and regulatory standards—including our Corporate Information Security, IT Change Management (RFC), Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Security Controls, and Web Application Security policies.

In addition, we work closely with our clients to meet or exceed their existing IT standards when appropriate. Furthermore, we customize processes to adhere to our clients’ internal project delivery and governance requirements.

Customer Focus


We strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients by consistently delivering high-quality, high-value services and solutions that are customized to their needs. 

This is a critical part of our mission and core values at Lightwell.

Exceptional Value

We have consistently gone above and beyond with our clients to create value while minimizing costs. Leveraging experience, best practices, and Frameworks that we have developed, we have helped our clients save a tremendous amount of time and money on their projects—while achieving faster ROI.

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