UX and UI Development

Create a winning user experience by developing applications with your users' behaviors, ease-of-use, and efficiency in mind.

Turn user experience into a competitive advantage

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Sleek. Compelling. Responsive. Build the experience you envision, your users want and your business needs.

Developing applications that meet the technical requirements of your business and remain flexible in the cloud is an exact science.

But building an application that meets the expectations of your users and customers is just as much an art as it is a science.

Bring together the technical and the tangible for a winning user experience.

Good applications serve up the resources and connections you need, when you need them. Great applications make getting what you need an easy, seamless process.

Let’s build a great application together.

Create a winning user experience

Whether you want some final UX/UI touches on your application or you’re looking to partner with developers well versed in user experiences, we’re here to help.

Security and scalability aside, the success of your application ultimately depends on how easy it is for users to accomplish what they want to do.

Develop applications with your users’ behaviors, experience, ease of use and efficiency in mind.

That’s where we come in. Our team is made up of technical experts, architects, and UI/UX designers.

For both customer-facing and internal applications, we emphasize a modern, compelling, and responsive user experience.

We round out the development team with UI/UX developers and designers to create the experience you envision and that your end-users want.

UX/UI services that make an impact

Each engagement with our customers is a unique opportunity to make a difference in how their enterprise applications are used.

To ensure our services have the highest impact possible, we will:

Determine Your Needs

Conduct user and stakeholder research to define requirements.

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Establish the Baseline

Analyze and test the usability of your current applications.

Resolve Quick Fixes

Address any issues we uncover for smooth sailing down the line.

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Develop a UX Strategy

Layout a roadmap that aligns with your goals and capabilities.

Create the Big Picture

Design and optimize interactions for each application.

Run the Experience

We prototype new ideas and experiences to go deep on usability.

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Build the Experience

Develop a new front-end user interface that meets original guidelines.

Test and Resolve

Perform multi-device, multi-browser testing.

With talented UX/UI specialists and a dedicated team for your initiative, we develop fresh interfaces and portals that match the rest of your business.

By partnering with Lightwell, you are committing to creating experiences that give fast, easy access to the information your customers, employees, and partners need.

Develop applications with your users’ behaviors, experience, ease of use and efficiency in mind.

Bring your users back — again and again.

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Extend Your Application Development Capabilities

Looking for more application development services? Lightwell provides application strategy, end-to-end application development, web and mobile application development, cloud migration, and more. 

Whether you need short-term technical staffing or DevOps consulting to help optimize your delivery, we’re here to help.

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